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  1. That Active Green and Ross sign in left field is just a Blue Jays sign now.
  2. Yeah, see the problem here is that the instructions say to paste a layer from the main dds you're working on over the alpha to get the hair to show up with texture and not reflective but you can't paste anything over the alpha copied from the layers. At least I can't. Maybe there's a setting?
  3. Hmmm.. still not working. See when it comes time to select that "beard" layer, it refuses to let me pick which layer to copy. It picks another layer automatically. It's infuriating! In fact I just noticed that I can't actually COPY any layer to place it into the Alpha?
  4. Cool, I'll definitely try that. I had everything looking great and I was sure I was gonna have a really good cyber for Arencibia. But it was getting SO frustrating and I quit.
  5. So I guess nobody's had this problem huh?
  6. Question... In cyberface editing, whenever I go to copy-paste a layer into the alpha, I can't seem to select the layer I want. It's like a layer becomes automatically selected. Any idea what might be causing that? It makes no sense! I clearly select the right layer and it still picks this other one.
  7. Awesome. I already made the crowd edit I wanted in Toronto, now I'm going to take a shot at making a cyberface. Just need to figure out a face number from the roster editor. Is there a specific set of instructions for MLB cybers editing? The NBA instructions don't seem to be working for me. No .dds to export?
  8. Sorry, I'm a little lost. Which FAQ? On NLSC?
  9. I'm following the instructions but I can't get any of the images to open in Photoshop. Do I really have to use gimp?? Hate that program.
  10. Hmm. Can't get Photoshop CS3 to open dds files. Clearly I must need a plug in or something right?
  11. Does anyone have a list showing exactly where to find all the different graphic elements in the game during gameplay? Overlays, scorboards, people in the stands, stadium signs, etc? I'd like to try editing some of those and I don't know where to begin looking. I thought there might be a way to figure that out or maybe an already compiled list somewhere. Thanks!
  12. You guys must be waaaaay better than me. I couldn't play the game without all those things you've taken out.
  13. I replaced a bunch of Blue Jays cyberfaces and don't like any of them. Of course, being an idiot, I didn't back up when I applied them. Can I get them from the install disc somehow? Or do I have to reinstall the game?
  14. Sweet. Thanks. Just been thinking about things like Pettitte coming back, and lots of my Jays having terrible faces. I used to make a few for MVP years ago just for myself and they looked pretty decent. I'll see what I can do with this and my Photoshop knowledge.
  15. Can someone direct me to a tutorial for making cyberfaces? I'm good with these kinds of things and would like to give it a shot. Thanks!
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