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  1. Ok, good, I'm not crazy. Plus there was that time I got it to work when I went night then dusk. But then failed again after a reload of the game. So, it's just a thing then. Is there any way in the mod to get Boston's games played in a generic park or one of the minor league parks?
  2. Oh, well, it's dusk I have problems with, not night. I'm running this on Windows 7.
  3. Thanks, man. If anyone else can try booting it up, that would be great too.
  4. Oh, trust me, I believe you. I just can't get to see any in mine. Is there something you're supposed to do to make MVPEdit work properly? Some flash installation, some mscx.... file or something else like that? Running in a certain compatibility mode? Anything like that?
  5. High Heat 2002 mods Has anyone had any problems opening the Cooperstown Collection in the recently uploaded roster files? The game tells me it can't open that .sea file.
  6. Well, if and when the testing gets to a point that it proves definitively to be a stadium thing, then maybe I'll do that. Personally, I'd rather just sim those games as long as they're not important ones. With my luck I'll end up having to play them later though in an important game. Yes. I did that. So it's in data--database, right? Or just data? Either way it doesn't work.
  7. Update Recap of crash: Brooklyn Dodgers at Boston Braves. Braves Stadium, Dusk. TESTS: Exhibition of the same scenario - crash Exhibition with different teams - crash Exhibition original teams, Braves Stadium at night - no crash Exhibition new teams, Braves Stadium at dusk - no crash Retry original teams at dusk, IN the season save - no crash Officially confused. Close the game, reload. Try original test again - crash. Any solution for not seeing faces in MVPEdit? I never have seen faces come to think of it.
  8. Ok, I'm on version 2006.2, and no player in the entire roster shows a face when I do this. They all say "no picture found" in red. Lineups and rotations are fine. No errors found and I checked them all myself too. I'll try running the exhibiton match tests. Thank you for the thorough help.
  9. This is fantastic, thanks! This will help with the teams I've been wanting to create.
  10. Actually, Jim didn't mention anything about simming or not simming at all. It's fine, I just didn't want it to look like I was asking a question and then not listening to the advice. It's when playing, not simming, and it's always right when it goes from the intro graphics, stadium sweep, views of the park, etc and then goes to focus on the batter or pitcher for the first time to begin the actual game. Actually, simming through the games caused no problem at all, the next series was against the Cubs and it worked fine. Thanks for the help!
  11. Yeah! Cause that's the only way I play, with everything off. I don't even like "variable stuff". The onyl thing I've done is change MY batting orders a bit, never moving players within the organisation. Let me ask you, I've noticed the percentage of energy has been changing during my season. Well, a) Do those varying numbers show up even when you turn off energy level changes and b ) would that be something like roster moves that could cause problems?
  12. I'm one month into my 1951 season, but every time I try to start my next game it crashes. I know nothing about how these Total Classics are built but is there any way to troubleshoot this or is it the kind of thing where there are a million variables and no way to know what's wrong in my particular install? Thanks, if anyone can help. Really sucks I was having an awesome time. UPDATE: If it makes a difference, I'm playing as Brooklyn and it seems to be the Braves at home that causes crashes. Any ideas?
  13. tinpanalley


    I remember, I was there I was running it on an emachines PentiumV (before I started building my own systems) with like 4GB of RAM. I think it was even on CPU graphics, not even a separate GPU. I just dual boot because I have lots of stuff as I said before that runs better on Win7.
  14. tinpanalley


    How'd you swing it on that budget? Just curious. Did you go with a rpi?
  15. Yeah, he'll be better off exporting a file via FTP from a modded console. I think the only other way is with an Action Replay. And then you have to find the homebrew software from like 14 years ago that allowed you to access those files on your computer so you could send them to someone or post them online. Way easier probably to just soft-mod a console. But we won't talk about that here.
  16. I think the play by play audio problems I have may be caused by having gotten to 2018 via MVP 15 instead of 12. I've troubleshooted every other possible source of problems. Nothing makes sense. Basically when I try to add play by play names, TiT gives me that FIFAFS error. I might just give it a go with MVP12, I keep a fresh MVP05 with patch 5 installed at all times. As far as the video hosting goes, I'd just throw it on Vimeo. I put videos on there. It's not a gaming community but it's got good tools for uploading.
  17. Well, it was the bat hitting the ball that sounded like someone had whacked a brick wall with a sopping wet head of a mop. But that was it really. Funny thing is, people (I'm not saying anyone in here, just online in various places) always have a lot of smack to talk about 2K from '02 to '06 like the cartoony look, etc but actually, they never did NHL, NFL, or MLB better than in that period and that period with Visual Concepts and Kush also produced some of the best baseball, hockey, and football games even til today. I'd put NFL 2K5, NHL 2K6 and MLB 2K5 and 2K4 on any list of the best 10 of each of those sports any day of the week.
  18. I know, I know... Interesting games interest me and I always think there's gonna be that ONE person who still thinks that game was fun. I so wish games still added in modes like 2K5's World Series Moments. So much fun. Anyway it plays a great game of baseball and if I had a PC editor, I'd probably go flesh out the whole league just by overwriting existing players because they're all editable but there are so many ratings for every player and I simply don't have the knowledge let alone the time. The answer to the question by the way is 25 players. That's the create player limit.
  19. This is probably a question whose answers are lost in time and space but does ANYone remember playing MLB2K5 and if there was a player creation limit in that era's 2K games? For XBOX, although it only ever came out on XBOX and PS2.
  20. The game alone will not know what to do with a PS2 controller. It isn't a controller it has been programmed to communicate with for obvious reasons. So, you'll have to find software that gets between the controller and the computer and tells Windows what kind of controller you have or at least how to map it. To do that, I'd go find gaming forums or even tech forums and ask there how to get a Windows 7 computer to interact with a PS2 controller. I'm sure there's one or two main programs people who do this play with, you'll just have to ask those communities what they use. Check reddit as well, that can be useful.
  21. If anyone is interested, and still plays these games like I do, I've got a 360 2K8 trade deadline and playoffs updated roster I can share that I worked on. The 2K10 version isn't mine but I know the guy that made it and he'd be fine with sharing it.
  22. Does anyone happen to know if there were ever any mods for the Tony La Russa series? I know that Old Time is essentially an official mod of it but I meant if years later there were any updates to teams, stadiums, rosters etc.
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