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  1. Agreed. There is nothing wrong with that. Sounds like a great game. And more importantly, a great tradition and memory. The thing that has struck me the most since I've spent the past few weeks researching and trying to understand these card and dice games that had their prime before I became aware of them, is the element of it connecting people to each other. The same can't always be said of video games. And the deeper I dig into the stats and math of these games (because, well, my brain is wired that way and I like to learn WHY things work not just HOW), the more stories come up about variations to the games or house rules shared by siblings, lots of fathers and sons, and longtime friends. It reminds me of the kinds of rules we make here in Canada for our street or driveway hockey tournaments when we're kids or the rules surrounding a button football game I used to play on a table with buttons as players, nets, and a tiny football. These games force us, like board games, to interact. And to my mind, it seems the more video games try to do that, the worse they are and I think it's because the engine of the game, engineered to work in a human vs cpu environment falls apart a little when you add too many people. So, I thought, how is it that I had so much fun playing sports video games with my brother and a close friend that is like a cousin? And I remembered that it was because we shared the controller on one team. One inning you, one inning me, one half period you, one half period me, maybe one of us was better in the clutch with runners in scoring position so he'd take over, maybe somebody else was better as saving penalties, so he'd take over. But there's an interesting story in there somewhere, perhaps because I'm a writer, about the search for logic and mathematical accuracy leading me unwittingly down a path of personal stories and memories that often rise above the thing that created them.
  2. If it's built anything like SMB1, you'd need a way into the game's files to expose all the graphics. But then, you could literally pop in and replace all the team logos. They look like pretty simple image files. Uniforms can probably be done pretty well with just the ingame editor. Player likenesses, again, if it has an editor like the first one had, that's just a question of playing with the cartoony options, stadiums would be impossible but the fun of a game like this is the cartoony settings. I imagine if the game could be cracked open it would have been done for the first one already.
  3. This isn't the appropriate thread for this but I went to the Tabletop Baseball Game forums to talk about PC text-based games and at first people didn't reply at all, probably because of the length of my question. Yeah, I'm wordy in forums, so be it. I'm also really thorough and tend to spark conversation. Anyway, turns out I've had a bunch of regulars now tell me it's one of the best threads they've read. I was trying to understand why people play the PC text-based games they play and how they determine realism and accuracy. You get all kinds of course, the "that's stupid, why would you want accuracy", the "depends what you mean by realistic", the ones that are fan-boys for one thing or another, etc etc. If anyone's interested, I'll share the link by PM. I'm not gonna start a thread to share a thread from another forum.
  4. I thought some of you guys might dig this video...
  5. Ok, interesting. I didn't even know about them being compressed into the .big file so that saved me some time as well. I'd have loved to have just had those games be in one of the minor league parks but I thought Ebbets was semi-fair since I could pretend in my head that Boston was doing repairs that year and had to play their games in Brooklyn. I know, ridiculous.
  6. Thanks so much. Learning a lot.
  7. Yup, ok, problem solved. I had changed the folder name for the files. Didn't know you couldn't do that. Unfortunately, then I found it wasn't a single year for each team but rather a "best of" on each time. Kinda hate those, unfortunately. I don't mind the 27 Yankees playing the 48 Braves but I don't want to see Ted Williams and David Ortiz on the same lineup.
  8. I actually wouldn't care about those black areas. Would be great to see the Rogers Centre with the correct infield. Not to change the subject but is the dirt infield doable in MVP?
  9. Hmm.. are there camera settings tied to specific ballparks? Because I just basically made Ebbets Field the Braves stadium because I'm the Dodgers and, big deal, it's a solution I can live with, and every time there's a hit my point of view is placed behind home but outside the park, so as the camera tilts up, I see the top of the stadium blocking my view temporarily but it's enough to not be able to make any plays on the basepaths. Weird because when I play a real Dodgers game at home, this doesn't happen. Can you recommend a stadium that will work well for replacing the existing Braves stadium?
  10. I'll have to try it again then. I don't get it. Just to be sure, I'm talking about the one called "CooperstwnClass"
  11. Ok, thanks. I'll dig around in the Total Classics mods for something comparable.
  12. Ok, good, I'm not crazy. Plus there was that time I got it to work when I went night then dusk. But then failed again after a reload of the game. So, it's just a thing then. Is there any way in the mod to get Boston's games played in a generic park or one of the minor league parks?
  13. Oh, well, it's dusk I have problems with, not night. I'm running this on Windows 7.
  14. Thanks, man. If anyone else can try booting it up, that would be great too.
  15. Oh, trust me, I believe you. I just can't get to see any in mine. Is there something you're supposed to do to make MVPEdit work properly? Some flash installation, some mscx.... file or something else like that? Running in a certain compatibility mode? Anything like that?
  16. High Heat 2002 mods Has anyone had any problems opening the Cooperstown Collection in the recently uploaded roster files? The game tells me it can't open that .sea file.
  17. Well, if and when the testing gets to a point that it proves definitively to be a stadium thing, then maybe I'll do that. Personally, I'd rather just sim those games as long as they're not important ones. With my luck I'll end up having to play them later though in an important game. Yes. I did that. So it's in data--database, right? Or just data? Either way it doesn't work.
  18. Update Recap of crash: Brooklyn Dodgers at Boston Braves. Braves Stadium, Dusk. TESTS: Exhibition of the same scenario - crash Exhibition with different teams - crash Exhibition original teams, Braves Stadium at night - no crash Exhibition new teams, Braves Stadium at dusk - no crash Retry original teams at dusk, IN the season save - no crash Officially confused. Close the game, reload. Try original test again - crash. Any solution for not seeing faces in MVPEdit? I never have seen faces come to think of it.
  19. Ok, I'm on version 2006.2, and no player in the entire roster shows a face when I do this. They all say "no picture found" in red. Lineups and rotations are fine. No errors found and I checked them all myself too. I'll try running the exhibiton match tests. Thank you for the thorough help.
  20. This is fantastic, thanks! This will help with the teams I've been wanting to create.
  21. Actually, Jim didn't mention anything about simming or not simming at all. It's fine, I just didn't want it to look like I was asking a question and then not listening to the advice. It's when playing, not simming, and it's always right when it goes from the intro graphics, stadium sweep, views of the park, etc and then goes to focus on the batter or pitcher for the first time to begin the actual game. Actually, simming through the games caused no problem at all, the next series was against the Cubs and it worked fine. Thanks for the help!
  22. Yeah! Cause that's the only way I play, with everything off. I don't even like "variable stuff". The onyl thing I've done is change MY batting orders a bit, never moving players within the organisation. Let me ask you, I've noticed the percentage of energy has been changing during my season. Well, a) Do those varying numbers show up even when you turn off energy level changes and b ) would that be something like roster moves that could cause problems?
  23. I'm one month into my 1951 season, but every time I try to start my next game it crashes. I know nothing about how these Total Classics are built but is there any way to troubleshoot this or is it the kind of thing where there are a million variables and no way to know what's wrong in my particular install? Thanks, if anyone can help. Really sucks I was having an awesome time. UPDATE: If it makes a difference, I'm playing as Brooklyn and it seems to be the Braves at home that causes crashes. Any ideas?
  24. tinpanalley


    I remember, I was there I was running it on an emachines PentiumV (before I started building my own systems) with like 4GB of RAM. I think it was even on CPU graphics, not even a separate GPU. I just dual boot because I have lots of stuff as I said before that runs better on Win7.
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