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  1. I would love to learn how you did this. 6 months ago, that same FIFAFS error stopped me from being able to continue updating my player audio. So as it stands, I have several that are wrong throughout the league because of this. How did you figure it out?
  2. Hey, thanks so much for the thorough breakdown. I really appreciate it. Probably wouldn't have know about the games you've mentioned without you explaining about them. I have OOTP19, I wonder if it can ever be stripped down completely to the point that it becomes like an Action PC or Strat. I have a feeling it really wants to create a "fantasy" experience over a purely stats one. But I'm not sure.
  3. Hmm.. Must be my browser then.
  4. The digital control pad (not the sticks) is what is used to advance or return runners. It may be as @Yankee4Life said, that something bad with the button is causing the 'right' direction to be activated. The only thing I can think is to try another controller or open it up and clean it.
  5. Ok, so only when you've reached a certain number of posts? Or are you being sarcastic? Sorry, I'm lost fellas.
  6. I don't get that option in messenger. Only in threads.
  7. I know you can just drag files or images into a thread comment but how do you do it in a private message?
    Worked perfectly. Being a player of older sports games, I've grown used to seasons not being correct and years being wrong but it is really nice to see the actual schedule AND the year 2018 listed in the game. Well done. I can't imagine how long it took you to do this. Thanks!
  8. This probably involves infinite numbers of steps but I need a rough idea of whether this is possible. I've asked about this before but I've since downloaded a bunch of Total Classics mods to study how they're built. I'm looking into making an Independent League that exists where I live. There are 7 teams. So, at first I thought I could just take the American League East and Central and just plop those teams in and then worry about uniforms later. I'm not wasting my time with faces. Maybe portraits. But then upon closer inspection, I noticed mods like the 1951 that I'm playing sometimes only puts 2 teams in a division so there can be a playoff. So questions... 1. Can I spread the 7 teams around the MLB divisions so that at the end of a season, 2 in each League go to a semi final and then the winners end up in a final? Or is that division series always going to be there? 2. I imagine there's nothing wrong with just overwriting existing MLB players in MVPEdit and dissociating play by play ids, or is it best to do it a different way? 3. A detail for when this is far far further along, but can I also "disconnect" team name audio? I'd rather hear "Home Team" and "Visiting Team" than the MLB names I built the teams on top of. Any guidance on this would be great. Knowing the answer to these questions will help me determine whether it's worth it and if I even have the time. Thanks!
  9. While I'm not as young as most video gamers today, I am completely unaware of this type of game and I'm also completely shocked because with my limited knowledge, I was convinced that OOTP was the quintessential simulation 'replay of a season' type game. And so I couldn't understand why you needed to do so much franchise managing which I really can't stand. I play simulation/action baseball games (MVP, High Heat, 2K) and only do single seasons with every single managerial function turned off. I want a mathematical reproduction of a season game by game. I would have thought that outside of OOTP, no text based sim could do that and for some reason in my head thinking of Strat and others as "dice-based", I figured it must involve very detailed stat-keeping, sure, and accurate rosters, but with rolls of the dice randomly selecting outcomes of players rather than in any way being statistically accurate. I'm doing some reading and finding that Strat-o-matic and others like it and, in fact, not OOTP are more stats-rich, if you will. Is it possible for someone to explain to me how a game like Stratomatic works, then? Just to get an idea of how a few at bats work? In the text based/dice based world, I'm much more interested in something that is what people call "season replays without progression" because that's how I play all my sports video games anyway. Thanks, guys.
  10. It's not so much that the older games have more tools as such, it's that being written in code that's easier to reverse engineer made them take less effort to get into and for modders to play around with. 2K were essentially porting over their console game and so it wasn't really made in an easy way to crack open. By the time MVP 2005 came along, getting into EA Sports games had become pretty well known about in the modding community particularly with the NHL series. Not related to the discussion or thread, but worth mentioning: the fact that there is a paid editor for the 2K series is, I'm sorry if this bothers anyone, but in my opinion just flat out arrogant. If that person really cared about the community they'd open up the editor to everyone. It's not like they're some Hollywood studio missing out on millions in sales by leaving it free. AT most you'd have a few dozen people who would bother downloading it. What good is it doing, locked on some harddrive not being used by anyone? Sorry, but I have a massive pet peeve with modders who invent editors and then charge for them. Just my opinion. And I'm part of several sports modding communities and I've never seen this. Yes, I know the argument about developing software, how hard it is, etc etc. Then don't offer it. Do it for yourself. Can you imagine if everyone around here, just with these baseball games, started charging for HHEditor and MVPEdit, and TiT? The community wouldn't exist. Period. Anyway, just how I feel.
  11. There may be hiccups along the way (number of players on rosters, uneven lineups, etc) but it should be doable if all teams are filled in.
  12. It's never occurred to you?! That surprises me. I have this dream of one day putting my top 8 Jays teams into a playoff and playing it out in MVP or something. But I've also always had this dream of playing a full 162 game season with a league filled with some of the greatest teams of all time. Would be so fun to play that out. I imagine if there's no contemporary roster, HH could probably do that in 2002 where there are so many rosters of classic teams. Somebody once told me to do that with OOTP but I just don't get the same fun from OOTP as I do from sim games you actively play out yourself like HH, MVP, etc.
  13. Oh sure, but if I understand correctly, tools and mods (though few) did come after as well, so I thought maybe somebody had developed a way to do this. In the PC NHL Series, modders have ways of moving things around all over the place in those games and it's usually because the games are actually quite easy to modify and toy with. So, just thought by now, with the love for the game, someone would have figured that out. That's all. No big deal. Not gonna stop me from playing a season with 2004. And in most cases, would you say High Heat's Classic rosters can be used in a Season mode to have a fun league with teams from history?
  14. This question probably applies to all the High Heat Series. Has anyone ever figured out how to move Houston to the American League or is that just something people live with? I want to play a season of HH2004 and it would be cool if this could be done with a tool. I imagine it's tough because it means rewriting how the game keeps track of the season, schedules, etc etc etc.
  15. tinpanalley


    If you've read thoroughly, you'll have come across the pages of posts that conclude that the game will not run on Windows 10 no matter what. I'm saying that because they are the same pages of posts I came across when I tried playing it again about a year ago. In short, summarising all the threads here, you either get yourself a way to run Windows 7 or you use a virtual machine set up. Virtual machine set ups didn't work for me and I still had a license for Windows 7 so I installed it on a separate hard drive and I now dual boot to Windows7 when I want to play old games or even use old software that won't run with Windows 10 at all like the Canon software for my Canon scanner.
  16. Fantastic, thanks man. I was looking at my HH2004 manual and that wasn't helping. That at least gives me something to work with. I do keep hearing this sound of a bat hitting the ground. Maybe that's the activation sound that you've selected a pitch?
  17. Not sure if this should go here or in its own thread because it's rather specific so feel free to move it if needs be. Questions about HH2003... 1. What is "Attract Mode"? It's in preferences. 2. In any of the High Heat games on PC, how exactly do you guess at a pitch? The manual says you pull the left trigger then select, but I get no confirmation of anything. Then on top of that, the screen only displays keyboard commands for the pitcher on the CPU team. So there's no way to know what button for what pitch you want to guess. Does that make sense? And how do you guess location rather than pitch type? Can someone help me out? I'm lost.
  18. Cool thanks for confirming anyway.
  19. Yeah, I'm aware of that now. Anyway, it surprises me that with so many editable elements, the sliders aren't able to be set in a file somewhere. Thanks anyway.
  20. Well the thing is, I tried punching in your sliders into All-Star but I did it in my Season. So, then when I wanted to play with them again in Exhibition mode, I had to sit in and punch them all in again and I imagine you'd have to do the same for EVERY playoff or season you're running unless they take the exhibition ones when you start a new game mode? Anyway, I just thought, this is nuts, there has to be some way to type these up in an ini or txt file somewhere in the game or maybe to control them from some editing application. But I guess not. Anyway, you are clearly much better than me. I struck out more than 10 times in all three games I played today using your sliders. I guess I'm not ready for the show and have to stay in Pro mode. My biggest problem is that all my games tend to be very low scoring pitchers duels. Fun once or twice but it gets old.
  21. Has there never been an application that allows for sliders to be edited from outside the game so you don't have to kill your mouse button? Are these numbers not in some text file somewhere?
  22. Ok, my mistake, for some reason I took that to mean.. only where there isn't audio from the legends guys and that otherwise it's always the legends guys. Let me phrase it as a question: is there a setup where Kuiper and Krukow call the game in its entirety like the stock game and also have been edited to call every individual player as well as thoroughly as the database of names in Legends From The Booth?
  23. Wow. Ok, but I literally want to identify all of Krukow's lines and cut them out. I know they're obviously not labelled, but I would hope they'd at least be isolated and not tied to Kuiper's lines. Where would I find them, maybe I can just have a look.
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