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  1. AH that makes sense....i get lost on here sometimes. i will think i am in the 2k side...and i end up on the 'home' where we all chill. before i know it im somewhere i shouldnt be.
  2. This is awesome. 2 questions. 1. are these coming in the 2k17 total mod conversion? 2. if not are you planning on compiling a pack with all of them in one location?
  3. do you plan on adding these to the 2k17 total mod conversion?
  4. this has my vote for the 2k17 total mod conversion. lets add this in with that. that would be NICE!!!
    man best title page so far.....help me get rid of my previous titlepage. i replaced my titlepage.iff with your file but upon launch there is about 3 seconds of my old 2k16 image pulling up i know why im using the 2k16 global.iff This has my vote for the 2k17 mod conversion!!!!
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a batch file that you can run to change the date on your pc. we can convert the batch file to a exe file in order to launch in steam and use the steam overlay, OR you can just use the batch file to launch your game. Some tweaking with the batch file will be required on your part. mainly typing in the directory of your mlb2k12.exe step 1. Unzip/extract the zip file. open the TIMEBATCH folder, right click on mlb2k.bat and left click on edit. (you should open this in notepad) Step 2. Half way down is my game directory "C:\Game Clients\library\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12" replace this line with your game directory. IF you do not need to launch through steam you do step 3. IF you need to launch through steam or want to create a exe file skip step 3. Step 3. exit notepad and save .bat file in your desired location. Right click on the .bat file and create shortcut. right click on the shortcut choose properties. click advance on the 'shortcut tab' check the box that says run as administrator. click ok then ok again. Now launch the mlb2k.bat shortcut and voila enjoy. Step 4. for us that want to take it a bit further, two lines below the game directory you will see "mlb2k12.exe' change this to mlb2k12original.exe. exit and save the .bat file in your desired location. i saved it inside my game directory. Step 5. Go to your game directory and change your mlb2k12.exe name to mlb2k12original.exe. (do this by right clicking on the .exe and then left clicking rename) Step 6. Go to the "bat to exe" folder in the zip file you downloaded from me. launch "Bat_To_Exe_Converter_(Setup).exe" follow setup prompts. i got this program from http://www.f2ko.de/en/b2e.php Feel free to use any bat to exe converter you are comfortable with. (if you use another converter than this one just make sure you name the .exe mlb2k12.exe) for those that use this one......after downloading and running the setup launch the converter. on the top choose your .bat file. then choose your .exe location in the "save as" box this needs to be your game directory and your .exe needs to be mlb2k12.exe leave the default settings alone, feel free to change the 'version information' to your 'company' or product name etc. this is optional. While under the version information feel free to use the icon file i included in the zip file you got from me named baseball.ico. or use any other .ico file you want. this is optional. click compile on the bottom left. Step 7. right click on the newly made mlb2k12.exe go down to properties, choose the compatibility tab, check the box that says 'run this program as an administrator' click ok. Step 8 use the mlb2k12.exe to launch the game. feel free to add this .exe to steam or whatever program you use to launch your games....or send a shortcut to your desktop. Go win a worldseries!! (i did not write this batch file i found it online, this is not my material this is only a tutorial) compiled from sources including but not exclusive to http://pcgamesbeat.blogspot.com/2012/10/mlb-2k12-freezing-heres-workaround.html https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/225173/steam-launch-commands-a-way-to-launch-a-little-script This is my first post on here, if i need to edit anything let me know.
    Looks wonderful!! for some reason i cannot use a higher resolution than 1080p however, it makes the screen to large that it becomes unable to view. if you know of a fix to this or a setting i can change to fix this shoot me a message please.
    one helpful criticism a readme.txt would be nice. other than that amazing mod work i cant believe i didnt know of this sooner. for those having issues first download all of the files. once they are all downloaded then open the first one in each 'pack' example. Total_Uniforms_2K15.7z.001 is the only uniforms file you need to open with 7z. This is the beginning header and 7z grabs the others automatically. this is confusing i agree took me some time to figure this one out. You get the archive error when the beginning file or the ending file is missing. so if you grab Total_Uniforms_2k15.7z.002 then 7z is confused because it is looking for 001....and 001 is what tells 7z to look for the others. once you open the file in 7zip then extract the contents of the file to your game directory do this for each 'pack' uniforms, faces, stadiums, etc. place the roster file under C:\Users\*yourusername*\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12\Saves I hope this helps anyone else that may get this while waiting on the 2k17 total conversion to be completed. and yes if you get these files you should be able to get the 2k17 total conversion mod on top of this one.
    This is great, would be nice to have a readme.txt included in the download for us who have never used powershell or are not used to scripting. Do i just place the powershell file in the folder directory?
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