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  1. lalo77

    controller cfg. for Xbox one

    Does anyone know of a controller cfg. For the wireless Xbox one controller to use on 2005mvp for the pc. Appreciate any info.
  2. lalo77

    Total Classics Phase 10 Teams List

    Thanks for the team breakdown.
  3. I have a original cd version of 2005 mvp baseball. I was able to install the total classics file 10 fine and the game works smooth , then i installed the TC - 70's and 80's and 80's and 90's files with no problem but when I try to play with either file the game crashes when it's at the loading screen. It gets to 50% loaded before the game crashes. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. lalo77

    Total Classics 2005 Phase 10

    Great file. All the greatest teams. Thanks for the file.