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  1. i know you keep updating but was wondering if you have a time you might think it may out to use? love the way its looking and ofcourse are very excited to try it out
  2. dumb questions will this update the rosters as well?
  3. im getting backinto this can you help me by pointing me to some good updated rosters
  4. awesome job sir looking forward to it, now just some updated rosters
  5. Dumb question are there new pc rosters yet for 2021?
  6. Will there be new rosters as well? Might be a dumb question
  7. Have a dumb question? It's been a long time since I've installed one of these mods will it change the uniforms and stadiums or is it just for the front end such as where the logos would be? Thank you for your work
  8. This thing rocks......!!!!! Thank g-d a new hockey game is here!!(even though its old) 3 questions: Does it work online with the original disks? Any way to get the trapezoid penalty ion the game. Why do my desktop icons reset after every game?
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