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  1. I can confirm the models.big rebuild worked, at least based off a small sample size. Target Field looks great!
  2. I'm having the same issue as Y4L, but I'll admit I only had time to try a few times last night before I gave up. I've been trying to play as the Twins at Target Field, and I'm having the same CTD issue -- I tried different away teams, different uniforms, and both the Day and Night stadiums, and I get the same "MVP2005.exe has stopped working" each time. I've tried two installs over a clean install, although I noticed from Y4L's post that I wasn't running it in compatibility mode (I'm running on 7). One additional thing I noticed is that the splash when starting up the game is still the R
  3. This is interesting. I've never played the Show (despite almost buying a PS3 for nearly the exclusive purpose of doing so), so it's curious to see the disparity between contact and power numbers. I had to laugh a little when I saw Trevor Plouffe had higher power against LHP than Justin Morneau against RHP, but I know that's on Sony, not you -- thanks for the roster, good sir, I'll be interested to see how the numbers turn out over a season of play.
  4. Got it. I've never gotten far enough into a season to know that... maybe it's from my old Fantasy Draft days playing Madden, but I my attention span doesn't last longer than a couple of seasons, haha. That in mind, though, if you're going to just start a new dynasty to play with this roster -- like I said, I'd probably just recommend you make a new install with the MVP '12 TC as long as you have the hard drive real estate to spare. Yankee4Life has a really easy guide on how to do this here: http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=43843. If you're dead-set on sticking with your MVP
  5. Based on the fact that you said you'd wind up starting a new dynasty (although I'm not 100% sure what you meant by your team not letting you leave), I'd assume you'd probably just have to knuckle under and make a separate install for MVP '12, since I think the cyberface changes -- in addition to the fact that GoRedSox34 used KyleB's ID list to generate the roster -- would be too difficult to go in and fix piece by piece. Or, well, maybe not difficult, but certainly a lot more time than I'd say it's worth. I'm no expert, though; can anyone back me up on this?
  6. The stadium looks outstanding, Nani. Fantastic work. Looking forward to see the improvements!
  7. I can send you corrections for the Twins' system after they're out. How deep in the system are you thinking? MLB/AAA, like the rosters are focusing on, or down to Single-A?
  8. A huge wholehearted thanks to Kyle and everyone else who put this together. I wish I would've had enough time (and talent) to help out, but no matter -- it looks and plays great!
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