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  1. I can confirm the models.big rebuild worked, at least based off a small sample size. Target Field looks great!
  2. I'm having the same issue as Y4L, but I'll admit I only had time to try a few times last night before I gave up. I've been trying to play as the Twins at Target Field, and I'm having the same CTD issue -- I tried different away teams, different uniforms, and both the Day and Night stadiums, and I get the same "MVP2005.exe has stopped working" each time. I've tried two installs over a clean install, although I noticed from Y4L's post that I wasn't running it in compatibility mode (I'm running on 7). One additional thing I noticed is that the splash when starting up the game is still the Roger Clemens Astros picture from the initial install; is this indicative of doing something wrong? (And this goes without saying, but your efforts are IMMENSELY appreciated.)
  3. This is interesting. I've never played the Show (despite almost buying a PS3 for nearly the exclusive purpose of doing so), so it's curious to see the disparity between contact and power numbers. I had to laugh a little when I saw Trevor Plouffe had higher power against LHP than Justin Morneau against RHP, but I know that's on Sony, not you -- thanks for the roster, good sir, I'll be interested to see how the numbers turn out over a season of play.
  4. Got it. I've never gotten far enough into a season to know that... maybe it's from my old Fantasy Draft days playing Madden, but I my attention span doesn't last longer than a couple of seasons, haha. That in mind, though, if you're going to just start a new dynasty to play with this roster -- like I said, I'd probably just recommend you make a new install with the MVP '12 TC as long as you have the hard drive real estate to spare. Yankee4Life has a really easy guide on how to do this here: http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=43843. If you're dead-set on sticking with your MVP '08 dynasty without the need for an additional MVP installation, I'm not sure if that's possible (or even how to start to fix that). I do know that, when I've had old saves from previous rosters/TCs that have carried over to newer installations, the rosters have stayed the same (I believe the roster data is preserved in the Dynasty/Owner file). For example, before nani1379's awesome rehashing of Target Field, I used dennisjames' CAS version, which was just an owner mode save with the stadium fully upgraded. When I've loaded that Owner Mode save, the MVP '08 roster is preserved, even though I've used the CAS Target Field on the MVP '12 install. You *might* be able to just copy your Dynasty save from your MVP folder in My Documents to the MVP '12 directory, but I'm not sure how that would handle crashing/cyberfaces and whatnot.
  5. Based on the fact that you said you'd wind up starting a new dynasty (although I'm not 100% sure what you meant by your team not letting you leave), I'd assume you'd probably just have to knuckle under and make a separate install for MVP '12, since I think the cyberface changes -- in addition to the fact that GoRedSox34 used KyleB's ID list to generate the roster -- would be too difficult to go in and fix piece by piece. Or, well, maybe not difficult, but certainly a lot more time than I'd say it's worth. I'm no expert, though; can anyone back me up on this?
  6. The stadium looks outstanding, Nani. Fantastic work. Looking forward to see the improvements!
  7. I can send you corrections for the Twins' system after they're out. How deep in the system are you thinking? MLB/AAA, like the rosters are focusing on, or down to Single-A?
  8. A huge wholehearted thanks to Kyle and everyone else who put this together. I wish I would've had enough time (and talent) to help out, but no matter -- it looks and plays great!
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