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  1. Has any one else noticed this? I hit an inside the park homer but it's scored as a triple next time he comes up or in the season stats. Any fix for this?
    Absolutely amazing mod! One of the best for any game.
  2. Just looking at the Operation Sports forums gave me cancer. I think that forum software is from the 70s and it's hard to find files. footballidiots.com was a little better. I'll give it a try in a bit. What mods do you use/recommend?
  3. Does any one know of a (relatively recent) football game with the type of mods that MVP 2005 has? Like replaying the 1985 season, or 84 Dolphins vs the 75 Steelers. I know Tecmo Bowl has them, and as much as I love that game and the mods, I'd like something with more than 8 plays
  4. I changed the files from Read Only and also my user to full access. And we're good. Hopefully this helps someone.
  5. I create a new patched install in a new folder. I extract the archive to a new folder and run the installer from there. I select the 1951 folder. In both of these, when I try to install I get an error message at the very end: can not open output file c:\Program files(x86)\EA Sports\MVP Baseball 1951\data\database\attrib.dat bstats.dat career.dat careerp.dat fbstats.dat Ihattrib.dat lhbstats.dat lhpstats.dat Am I doing something incorrect here? I have installed 1984, TC10, 1927 with Negro Leagues, 80s and
  6. I have and I've been playing it. Is there an easy way to export them out of that mod into this mod?
  7. Thanks sir! Btw, I've downloaded a bunch of your work and it's awesome. Just wanted to say thanks! Just started to get into the TC Phase 10. Wow! But no 1984 Cubs? lol No worries.
  8. This is just fantastic with 120 teams! I have the 1984 season. Is there an easy way to transfer the 1984 Cubs into the TC Phase 10?
  9. I see the 2 forums and they seem like the same idea to me. What is the difference??
  10. After getting 1984 and 1941 up and running (with broadcaster mod)... If you want some help with the next installment of a Classic year, let me know. Don't know photo-editing, but pretty computer savvy otherwise. Send PM.
  11. Fantastic work!! Got it working with 1984 too. About 85-90% accurate, but just splendid!
  12. Awesome work!! Thx for putting this together. Great to see the 84 Cubs blow it again This is the year! Works great with the Broadcaster mod. Love hearing Scully call the Sat afternoon games (Sandberg anyone?)
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