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  1. Got it. Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks i'll give it a try.
  3. oops I was refering to the 2017 mod. Sorry. You might have known what I meant by the 12 parts (rar), but I whatever. Any help? Thanks for the info. I will try again but I did what you suggested and got the broken files message like I said before. I am extracting each of the 12 rars , one at a time, into an empty file. Is there a way to extract all twelve at once? A little confused.
  4. After I download the 12 rars, how do I "run" it? Don't I have to extract them to a folder first?
  5. oops I was refering to the 2017 mod. Sorry. You might have known what I meant by the 12 parts (rar), but I whatever. Any help?
  6. I am sure that I am being inept here but I can't seem to get all the 12 parts (rar's) to extract to the game folder. I extract in order and let it overwrite files but I get all kinds of messages about broken files and when I try to run what I get, the game crashes. Can someone give me some tips/ instructions about how to extract/install this mod? Thanks.
  7. Thanks.
  8. Downloaded the new models.big. Thanks. Question. If I replace the old file with this new one will it affect seasons already in progress? Thanks again.
  9. Ok, I did not know that I could not just overwrite the files. New one for me. Why does it ask if I wish to overwrite files???????????? I deleted the .../data/datafile files and extracted the .rar to that location. Are the .big files needed? I started the 2016.exe and tried to start a new dynasty (using the new rosters) after removing my previously adjusted 2016 roster dynasty file (in docs). Crash. Tried to completely re-install 2016 using the multiple downloaded files but they all ask for overwrites. Confused as to how to reinstall................. Transfered original dynasty file (docs) back to docs and restarted. Crash. Would love to use your, hard earned, surely excellent, mod. Just stupid :} and confused............ Does this make you feel better? Any help would be appreciated as I am an avid Mairners fan. Go Cubs???????
  10. Those are definitely not the rosters that were in the download I got.
  11. Your a real class act man...... He is on the Mariners roster as I said. It will be a pleasure ignoring the ignorant in this case. Great job.
  12. Benoit was traded long before the end of the season. Guess we just disagree on what "end of season" means. Your right, I should just shut up and do it myself.
  13. Mariners....
  14. Hey danc, waiting for you to contact me for feedback on the MVP roster since I did ask for that.  Still haven't heard from you . What's up?

  15. Then apparently you didn't read the description of the roster.  First of all, everyone's end of season rosters are 40 man teams.  The game limits you to 25 man rosters.  So what would you like me to do?  Secondly, in light of the fact that it is reflective of service time given to the organization, let's take a quick look.  

    • The top 5 starters (Fernandez, Chen, Conley, Koehler, and Nicolino) starting the most games are on the rosters.
    • Phelps was chosen as the LRP over Urena, because frankly,  Urena sucks.
    • Cashner is not included because he doesn't have enough service.
    • Barraclough, Wittgren, McGowan, Rodney, Dunn and Ramos are the 6 remaining short relievers who have also given the most relief service to the Marlins.
    • There are 13 slots for fielders.  Each of the 13 players reflects the most plate appearances of the real Marlins.

    So unless you have some magical way to make the game use 40 players instead of 25, then please enlighten us.

    Outside of that you don't know what you're talking about and you're welcome to make a roster for us.