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  1. Triple Play Baseball Series!

    The last post in this thread before yours was 16 months ago, so I would say that it's safe to say that there is no news. The only games still being actively modded are MVP2005 and MLB2K12.
  2. mvp2005.exe has stopped working

    It sounds like it might be a cyber face issue. Have you tried multiple teams to see if if happens all the time? What are your system specs (version of Windows, etc.)? Did you install the original game from disc or did you download it from the Internet?
  3. Also, adding a facepack won't actually add players. It just adds the faces to the models.big file.
  4. 1976 Mod Problem

    The MVP2005.exe file included with TC1976 has the 4 GB fix described in the following thread: This fix allows for the game to work on monitors with higher resolution.
  5. Another Friendly Reminder About Duplicate Accounts

    I just had the same problem both times when I tried changing the username.
  6. Problems with downloading mods

    You need to specify the folder where MVP 2005 is installed.
  7. Editing pitch meter size

    Here's another file. Extract the Excel file from the Zip archive and open it up. If you look at the batterpitcher tab, you will see a small picture of the pitch meter with explanations of which setting changes which area (accuracy, etc.).
  8. Mickey Mantle

    It was included in this mod, however, when you try to download the file, an error message pops up stating that the file can't be found: There is a comment in The Total Classics Legends from the Booth mod that states that it also contains the Sheppard audio:
  9. Editing pitch meter size

    There are a couple of spreadsheet mods on this page:
  10. Editing pitch meter size

    Check out my Combo data file. It includes SerialMike's smaller (less green area) pitch meter. I may have included which lines were modified in the datafile.
  11. It's got nothing to do with site protocols and your not-so-subtle jab is not appreciated. There is already a Windows 10 support thread that contains 184 posts in it. All I was doing was pointing out that it is better to keep all the Windows 10 posts together rather than having them scattered about.
  12. Rather than starting a new thread, it would have been better to have added this to the Windows 10 support thread.
  13. what file do i did to find

    Oops, you're right. Change it back to .dat.
  14. what file do i did to find

    If you change the file extension from .dat to .csv, you can edit it in Excel. Just make sure you save your changes as a .csv file and then after exiting Excel, change the file extension back to .txt.
  15. Modding naming conventions?

    The specific mods you refer to are mods that were created as add-ons to the MVP12 mod. The last MVP game with major league teams was MVP2005. All of the post-2005 seasons (06, 07, 08, 12, 14, 15) were what we call "Total Conversion" mods. They change things like music, audios, rosters, faces, portraits, menu / loading screens and stadiums, but the basic game engine is still the original MVP2005 game. The MVP12 add-on mods will work with other Total Conversion mods or with the original MVP12 game. Some mods, however, mainly rosters, will not work without also updating cyberfaces because if a cyberface is referenced but does not exist in the data\models.big file, the game will crash. Does this make sense?