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  1. Gordo answered your question in the other thread you created. You install the files with Total Installer Thingy (TiT). Check the Downloads section for it.
  2. MVP 2018???? Where is this mod?
  3. Which Total Classics mods do you feel have period inaccurate soundtracks? The music in the mods that dennisjames and I worked on are pretty accurate. We look online for lists of the top songs for the year we are modding (Billboard charts, etc.) and select songs from those years to include in the mods.
  4. You can help me, I need the license of the REDitor II program, in case you can not or do not have it, there is a possibility that you can edit my roster the manager id, you would appreciate the help.

    1. Jim825


      I do not have this program and I do not have MLB2K, so I am not able to help you.

    2. Karelaf
  5. Enough with the name calling. Just let it go.
  6. This is getting WAY off-topic and venturing into territory that is frowned upon at this website.
  7. What are you talking about???
  8. You move the little slider under his text left or right . . .
  9. Looks like you'll need a new cyberface for the Yankees as well.
  10. This fix is not specific to MVP07. It was created when MVP07 was the newest Total Conversion mod. It will work fine with MVP15.
  11. This is what you need to fix the issue:
  12. Since the Astros have never won the World Series, I'd like to see them win. I like seeing teams win their first World Series. Or their 28th. . .
    Those look amazing. Great job!
  13. We need more info. You didn't specify which game and you posted in a generic forum so that doesn't help either.
  14. You can get by with patch #2 (at least for the TC mods I released). That's the only patch I installed. Also, you won't see some uniforms without a profile that unlocks all uniforms.