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  1. You violated our rules twice in one week. You can't keep saying "I didn't know" and expect to keep getting away with it.
  2. It's been moved to the Support Forum. As Gordo said, explain what editor you are using, the steps you are using to edit the rosters and the issues you are having and then we can see about helping you.
  3. It's possible that the rosters you are trying to use require cyberfaces that are not already installed in your game. What roster are you trying to use?
  4. I don't know if you can. You may have no choice but to uninstall the other version and then reinstall. Once you do that, make a copy of the installation folder and install the TC mod on top of the copy.
  5. Official EA patches can be installed but no other mods. Installing a TC mod on top of an already modded game can give unexpected results.
  6. It's powerful enough, however, the problem is most likely Windows 10. There have been a lot of problems getting the game to run on this OS. There is a whole thread dedicated to trying to get MVP2005 to run on Windows 10:
  7. What are your system specs - OS, graphics card, RAM, etc.?
  8. Certain MVP2004 files (faces and uniforms) can be used in MVP2005, however, you can't necessarily use MVP2004 files in MVP2005. The MVP game developers didn't put backward compatibility high up on their priority list during development of MVP2005. I seem to recall that each time a new game came out, it took the tool modders here a few months to decode the file formats and create new tools.
  9. You cannot use MVP2005 files in MVP2004, so none of the MVP2005 mods will work for you. To get the current active rosters and players into MVP2004, you would have to manually enter all of the players. There is an MVP2004 editor that allows you to edit players in a dynasty, however, that is different the the MVP2005 utility MVPEdit, which allows you to create rosters, edit player attributes, assign portraits and player faces, etc.
  10. Just because you know how to do it doesn't mean he does. It's easy enough to do if you've done it before, but how would he know how to extract it or where to copy it if he had never done this before? Talking down to people because they don't know how to do something doesn't help.
  11. What roster are you trying to use? It sounds like the roster is trying to use a cyberface that is missing from the models.big file. This will cause crashes like you describe. When you said that you reinstalled the MVP15 and MVP16 mods, did you reinstall them on top of a "clean" install of the game (i.e. unmodded or patched version)?
  12. If you create rosters by importing teams from the Lahman Database, it will pull in batting and pitching stats. You can only do that when the rosters are first being created. You can't get batting or pitching stats after the rosters have been created unless you want to manually edit them, and even then, I've had issues when trying to do that.
  13. Most mods come with a Readme file that explains how to install them.
  14. I noticed that myself when testing it this afternoon. If I didn't put the cursor exactly in the right spot, the check mark would not appear in the box.
  15. You can do that now. Go to the Inbox, hold down the CTRL key and then with your mouse, click on the small box next to each PM you want to delete. Once you have selected all of the ones you want to delete, click on the trash can icon that in the small popup that appears at the bottom of the screen.