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  1. Those are the schedules that I included with the mod. I forgot that I had done that. One is just the actual 154 game schedule and the other is the modified schedule that adds the additional 8 games for each team. Copy whichever one you want to use to "schedule.big" in the database folder and that is the one that will be used in the game. As I said, if you use the 154 game schedule, you will need to use the Short Season Projector utility once you finish all 154 games.
  2. Technically, there IS a way to play a shorter schedule, but you would need an extra tool to do this. There is a tool called the Short Season Projector. Here is info for this utility: The utility is included in this mod: I have never used the utility myself, but others have. You would also have to find and install a shortened schedule into the game.
  3. When you say "right" schedule, do you mean a 154 game schedule? A modified 1951 schedule was included because if you play a dynasty, the game expects there to be 162 games. The actual 1951 schedule was modified by adding 8 games for each team and then that modified schedule was put in the mod. In other words, once you get past those first 8 games, you will be playing the actual 1951 schedule.
  4. The description of the Walk Through History mod specifically states that you can use it for dynasty play: This mod was put created before any of the single season pre-1950 mods (1934, 1939, 1941, 1946, etc.) mods were released. As far as playing dynasties in Total Classics 10, you can do it BUT you must specify whether you want to do this when you install the mod (there is an option on the installer page). The reason for this is that if you play a dynasty, the game expects all of the teams to be in the major league slots and they must be listed in the schedule. Only 30 teams can be in the major league slots. When you do this, however, you do not get historical stats to show up in the game for teams in the minor league slots. To get around the stats issue, if you install TC10 in "Exhibition mode", it modifies the team.dat file to make all 120 teams major league teams. Stats now show up when players come up to bat, however, you now can't play a dynasty. Rather than forcing one mode or another on users, I just added the Exhibition Play / Dynasty Play options to the installer.
  5. Did they work before you reinstalled Windows 10?
  6. I haven't seen Gamecube mods on this site in quite a few years (if ever), so it's pretty unlikely that you'll be able to get a roster update.
  7. I've never used that utility.
  8. Yes, it is.
  9. To change the intro music and the between-innings music, you need the In Game Music Importer utility:
  10. You will need to extract all of the walkup music files from the walkup music file, run the 'sx' utility to increase the volume of each file and then re-import the modified files into the walkup music file. You will need the NHL07AsfStudio utility to do this. You can find it here: Also, below is a post I made a number of years ago on how to create batter walkup music. It includes a Word document describing the process and has my notes at the end based upon my experience using the NHL07AsfStudio and sx utilities. Ignore the part of the post where I state where to find the NHL07AsfStudio utility. The link specified there no longer works. Instead, use the one I just posted above.
  11. I do all my modding on a Windows XP laptop, so I can help. Send me a PM with the clips and let me know where you want them. IGMusIm gives the following options for importing music: Intro Music First Innings Trans Innings Trans a Innings Trans b Innings Trans c
  12. 99.5% of the content here is for the PC. The other 0.5% if for Xbox. No one had done anything for or talked about PS4 in years.
  13. I sure will! The Vikings are playing their best football in years. Like the Yankees, the Vikings are playing better than I or the experts predicted. I'll enjoy the ride as long as I can.