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  1. It's got nothing to do with site protocols and your not-so-subtle jab is not appreciated. There is already a Windows 10 support thread that contains 184 posts in it. All I was doing was pointing out that it is better to keep all the Windows 10 posts together rather than having them scattered about.
  2. Rather than starting a new thread, it would have been better to have added this to the Windows 10 support thread.
  3. what file do i did to find

    Oops, you're right. Change it back to .dat.
  4. what file do i did to find

    If you change the file extension from .dat to .csv, you can edit it in Excel. Just make sure you save your changes as a .csv file and then after exiting Excel, change the file extension back to .txt.
  5. Modding naming conventions?

    The specific mods you refer to are mods that were created as add-ons to the MVP12 mod. The last MVP game with major league teams was MVP2005. All of the post-2005 seasons (06, 07, 08, 12, 14, 15) were what we call "Total Conversion" mods. They change things like music, audios, rosters, faces, portraits, menu / loading screens and stadiums, but the basic game engine is still the original MVP2005 game. The MVP12 add-on mods will work with other Total Conversion mods or with the original MVP12 game. Some mods, however, mainly rosters, will not work without also updating cyberfaces because if a cyberface is referenced but does not exist in the data\models.big file, the game will crash. Does this make sense?
  6. How do I install game if my laptop doesn't have a DVD ROM?

    It's similar to how all desktop PC used to have floppy disc drives.
  7. How do I install game if my laptop doesn't have a DVD ROM?

    Many of the new laptops are so thin that CD drives will not fit.
  8. How do I install game if my laptop doesn't have a DVD ROM?

    Many new laptops, especially the ones that can also be tablets do not have CD drives. One of my daughters has an ASUS laptop and another has a Macbook without CD drives. In order to watch movies or install anything from a CD or DVD, you have to buy an external drive that connects via a USB cable. They are fairly inexpensive. This is the one they got at Best Buy:
  9. MLB 2K12 Download

    It is against site rules to promote or discuss ways to get pirated copies of games. If you continue to do so, you will be banned from the site. This topic is now closed.
  10. 1993 Total Classic Mod – Nearing Completion

    I think it's the way you made your "suggestion". It came across more as a criticism rather than a request. If a cyber face modder sees this, perhaps they can make the face for you. Not too many of them are still around that mod players from older decades.
  11. 1993 Total Classic Mod – Nearing Completion

    Because one face is not to your liking, it means that the Phillies are not accurate? You clearly have no idea how much work it takes to create one of these mods.
  12. My Problem playing Owner Mode

    As Yankee4Life indicated, we donor provide support for illegal copies of the game. To answer your question - Yes, he and the rest of us on the site have the actual discs for the game that we purchased. This thread is now being closed.
  13. My Problem playing Owner Mode

    Windows XP is probably the best version of Windows to play MVP2005 on.
  14. Jerseys in Skydome

    Wouldn't they close the roof if it was that cold? It is a dome with a retractable roof, after all.
  15. Total Conversion Mods

    Cool, thanks! After all these years, I'll STILL learning new things about MVPEdit!