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  1. Have you tried just copying the modified datafile.txt file to your data folder? That will override the settings in the datafile.big file.
  2. You don't like the music we included? You must not be a child of the 70's. In order to edit the datafile to turn off the walkup music, you must first extract the datafile.txt file from data\datafile\datafile.big. I use the eazip tool to do this. To extract datafile.txt from datafile.big: eazip -e datafile.big datafile.txt To uncompress datafile.txt: eazip -u datafile.txt You can then edit the datafile.txt file with a text editor. That's where you can find and edit the line you mentioned in your post above. Once you are done editing file, you need to compress it: eazip -c datafile.txt At that point, you can reimport the datafile.txt file back into the datafile.big file: eazip +a datafile.big datafile.txt Alternatively, you can just copy the updated datafile.txt file to the data folder. If the game finds a datafile.txt file in the data folder, it will override the file that is in the datafile.big file. This makes it easy to test changes or try out other data files available here. If you don't like it, just remove it from the data folder and the game will go back to using the one in the datafile.big file.
  3. It's not supposed to be a folder. It's a file. As Yankee4Life said, you install the .fsh files with TIT. It will install them into the portrait.big file.
  4. That's not true. Look for a file named portrait.big in the frontend folder. That's the file that contains the portraits.
  5. What rosters did you install? Did you also update cyberfaces? If not, then that explains the crash. If the roster uses a cyberface that is missing, the game will crash.
  6. You're going to need a lot of luck since not many have been able to get the game to run on Windows 10. See this thread:
  7. Have you tried sending a PM to KC? He's still here as an Admin.
  8. Gordo is planning to create an end of season roster. That is probably the next roster that will be released since I don't think that anyone else is working on rosters for MVP2005.
  9. Which "MVP mod" are you referring to? There are thousands of them in the Downloads section.
  10. Can you be a little more specific???
  11. He's asking a valid question. He's not asking or expecting someone to create a roster for him.
  12. If all you did was upgrade the roster, the game is probably crashing because the rosters use cyberfaces that do not exist in the game. You need to install the missing cyberfaces.
  13. MVP2005 does now work well (or at all) on Windows 10. See this thread:
  14. There are problems getting the game to play in Windows. There is an entire thread devoted to Windows 10. Your best bet is to go back to Windows 7.
  15. Have you tried cleaning up the disk drive, defragmenting it, etc.? What stadium are you playing in? Do you have mods installed? Some mods, especially stadiums, can be graphics intensive. Does this happen in every game you play?