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  1. help 2005 mvp baseball

    What stats are you referring to? Are you talking about a dynasty?
  2. Homer's Classics

    That's what I am hoping for on my "new" PC. It's been years since I reformatted the hard drive on our office PC, and even though I regularly run tools to keep it clean, I can definitely notice that it's slowed down. With nothing but MVP and maybe a few other tools on this PC, I'm excited to see how it performs.
  3. Homer's Classics

    Very nice. I too am in the process of building an XP machine just for MVP2005. Our IT department at work replaced a number of old Windows XP PC's on the manufacturing floor and raffled off the old ones for free. I was able to get one of them so I grabbed one of the mini-towers and they threw in a keyboard, a mouse and a Windows XP Pro CD. When I opened up the PC, I found (along with a LOT of dust) that it only had PCI slots. Even though it does play the game, at a minimumI wanted a PC with an AGP slot so I could add a graphics card, like our 2004-era office PC at home that I currently use toplay the game. Lately, eBay has been my new best friend. I bought a motherboard (2.8 GHz Pentium with 512 MB RAM) with an AGP slot for $23 and the same video card (Nvidia GeForce 6200 with 512 MB RAM) I have in our office PCfor $5. I bought 2 GB of memory for $10 andsome Arctic Silver cleaner andthermal paste for $10 since the CPU heat sink has to be reattached. All togetherwith shipping, I've spent about $75. I still need to get a monitor, but I've got a 17 inch monitor from work that I can use for a little while. I've seen some used 19" flat screens on eBay for $30 - $40, so I'll pick one up at some point. Now I just need to find the time to put it all together, reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows.
  4. PCI for batters

    What is "PCI"?
  5. MVP 16

    It's not great, but at least they do state that they got files from MVPMods. They could have left that out like some of the mods posted on South Korean sites did.
  6. Mod Request

    Where did you buy the game from?
  7. MVPedit problem

    Bumping threads is against site rules.
  8. Need help,getting started

    It is in the Downloads section: Downloads->MVP Baseball >MVP Baseball 2005->Total Conversion Mods->MVP Baseball 15
  9. MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    No, you cannot use this mod for XBox. It is only for the PC.
  10. Updated schedule

    No problem. I can move it to the proper forum.
  11. Updated schedule

    Your schedule is for MVP2005, which is great, but why did you post this in the MLB2K12 forum?
  12. glove

    What is a "wired catcher's mitt"?
  13. umpires

    You'd have to ask EA Sports. They developed the game.
  14. Will MVP 2005 work on Windows 8?

    Isn't he asking about Windows 8?
  15. Help with Roster

    As I said in the chatbox, that won't work because there have been so many face changes since MVP2005 came out. You would have to edit the roster with MVPEdit and change all the faces to generic faces ( in the range 901 - 915). That way, you wouldn't have to worry about a missing face causing the game to crash. Of course, all your players would have generic faces so none of them would look like the current players. In addition, since you weren't updating the portraits, each player would have the wrong portrait (or no portrait) when he came up to bat.