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  1. Jim825 added a post in a topic Lost a Player   

    That's enough of that, so just let it drop.  Your comment is no more helpful than Y4L's and in fact is worse.  He was making a joke.  Your message is clearly a personal attack by bringing up things that occurred in the past.  If you don't like someone's comment, just ignore it.
  2. Jim825 added a post in a topic How do I apply the mods to the game?   

    Most mods have a Readme file with them.  Have you looked at these instructions after extracting all of the files from the mod?
  3. Jim825 added a post in a topic hello   

    Welcome back!  It's great to see you here.  
  4. Jim825 added a post in a topic Two Quick Questions from a Prospective Modder   

    The file you downloaded is a Zip archive file.  It contains a number of other files.  You need to extract the contents of it with a utility like WinZip or WinRAR.  I just looked in the Zip file and it contains a number of other folders and files, including a set of instructions on how to install the files in the mod.
  5. Jim825 added a post in a topic Next Total Classics?   

    You're right, I misspoke. You DO get the current year stats. Making trades like you suggest will work. You will just have to create from scratch any rookies that appeared in 1971 or keep two copies of MVPEdit running, one with 1970 players (the one you are making trades on) and one with 1971 players. When you create a rookie in your 1970 roster, you would manually copy all of his attributes from his entry from his 1971 roster. 
  6. Jim825 added a post in a topic Two Quick Questions from a Prospective Modder   

    It can be done, but you would need to change a number of different things:  In-game text, uniforms, logos, the default stadium, stadium name audio and team name audio.  Some things are easy to change.  Others take more work to do.
  7. Jim825 added a post in a topic Next Total Classics?   

    There's an easier way to import stats rather than doing it manually and it is how I start all my TC rosters.  When you want to start creating rosters, grab the teams from the Lahman Database in MVPEdit.  For each team do the following:
    Open a roster file in MVPEdit (it can be any roster)On the top menubar, select File->Import->Team from Lahman DatabaseA scrolling list of teams will appear from 1871 - to the present (or at least to the present when the version of the Lahman Database in MVPEdit was created)Select your team (for example, 1971 Baltimore Orioles)Select the option to "Import Stats to Current Year" (and not "Import Stats for All Years").  This will insure that only stats through the 1970 season are imported.Select the option to "Replace Existing Team" (and not "Add Team")Select the team you want to overwrite (in this case you want to replace the Baltimore Orioles in MVPEdit with the 1971 Baltimore Orioles)Click OKYou have now imported the 1971 Orioles into MVPEdit.  You will note that there will be more than 25 players on the roster.  That's because if a player gets one at-bat or pitches one inning, Lahman includes him on the roster for that year.  You then have to trim your rosters down to 25 players using whatever method you want.  I use www.retrosheet.org to get the 25 players (15 position players and 10 pitchers) who played or pitched the most games for the team that year.  No player appears on more than one roster and if he played on multiple teams that year, he shows up on the one where he played the most.
    As far as TC mods, I am working on another project, however, I'm following my standard practice of not giving out any details until it is released.  This way, I can work on it at my own pace and not feel any pressure to rush something out.
  8. Jim825 added a post in a topic Two Quick Questions from a Prospective Modder   

    Many of the Total Classics mods (Total Classics 1969, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1984 and 1994) include the Expos.  There is also at least one Expos team (1980, I think) in the original Total Classics mod.
  9. Jim825 added a post in a topic Controller support for MVP15   

    Look in this thread:  http://www.mvpmods.com/forums/topic/15434-controllercfg-for-xbox-360-controller-for-mvp-on-the-pc/
  10. Jim825 added a post in a topic Help with MVP Edit   

    Even though MVPEdit does allow you to have up to 255 players on the FA pool, I've found that having a large number of players in there will cause crashes.  I always keep mine below 50 and have not had any problems. 
  11. Jim825 added a post in a topic Darryl Strawberry   

    You will find him in a number of the Total Classics mods - Total Classics 10 and Total Classics 1984 are a couple that come to mind.  I believe that there is a Strawberry cyberface in one of Homer's face packs.
  12. Jim825 added a post in a topic Mile High Stadium?   

    I could be wrong but I don't think Mile High was ever created.  It was on the stadium "wish list" at one point.
  13. Jim825 added a post in a topic Ketchup vs. Mustard on a Hot Dog   

    Mustard and sweet red pepper relish (or regular green relish if the pepper relish isn't available).
  14. Jim825 added a post in a topic Global Edit   

    Please do not bump your posts to get them back to the top of the list.  It is against site rules.  If someone has an answer, they will post one.  Asking again if someone has an answer to your question won't get one any quicker.
  15. Jim825 added a post in a topic MVP Legends Beta.   

    I think they need a few more years of playing time before they can be considered Legends.