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  1. New observations on TC71

    I can understand wanting to put something out there after spending months (or years) working on it.  What he should have done was put a "Beta" label on it and list the areas that still needed to be worked on.  This way everyone would know that it wasn't a finished project and it would allow them to overlook things that might not be perfect just yet.
  2. New observations on TC71

    This is from a readme file that BRobby sent me last week regarding this first release of TC71: He acknowledges that the mod is still a work in progress.  While I will probably do some cleanup and take on a few of these tasks, I definitely won't do all of them.  For example, I won't do anything with the minor league teams.  
  3. New observations on TC71

    Perhaps when I finish my current project, I can take a stab at cleaning up the ratings a bit and creating an easier to use installer, with just a single file to download. 
  4. New observations on TC71

    I can probably give a little perspective on how those speed ratings came about, since I've got plenty of experience with TC rosters. When you import historical teams from the Lahman database into MVPEdit, which is how I create historical rosters, the ratings are automatically setup for you.  One of the trickest and most confusing is the speed rating. I don't know how those are calculated.  That being said, just because a player has a rating of 100, that doesn't mean that he is going to lead the league in stolen bases.  For example, if you were to look at the TC1977 rosters in MVPEdit, you would find over 20 players with speed ratings of 100, yet only a few are near the top of the stolen base list at the end of the season.  After I create my rosters and run the set of Global Tweaks that stecropper gave me years ago, I run countless sims and at the end of the season look at the league leaders in multiple categories for hitters (Batting Avg., RBI, HR, triples, stolen bases) and pitchers (wins, strikeouts, saves, complete games).  I compare the results I get to the actual historical results I find on baseball-almanac.com:  http://www.baseball-almanac.com/yearmenu.shtml I also look at my final standings (wins / losses) and compare them to the actual standings.  I then go back and make individual or team tweaks (increase or decrease player settings) and run more sims.  This cycle continues until I get league leaders, team won/loss records and season award winners that are close to the actual results from the year I am modding. This is can be a time consuming process, depending upon how many sim-tweak-sim cycles I want to run, but being the perfectionist I am, it is the only way to end up with results as close to real life as possible, and that is what I aim for with each of my TC mods.  Once I am satisfied with the results, I stop tweaking, even if it means that some of the ratings (e.g. speed) may not make sense. BRobby told me that the files he uploaded were only an initial release, and he had more work to do on them.  I'm guessing that he didn't run a lot of season sims or look at things like season stats, won/loss records, etc.
  5. MVP Baseball Monitor Resolution Recommendation

    Great info -- Thanks Dennis!   I've pinned this topic so that it's easily accessible.
  6. Problems with mvp71

    Guys - Let's calm down here or we'll need to lock this thread. BRobby - As far as the screen resolution, Gordo is right.  If you go into the game's Visual settings, I believe that the maximum resolution you can select is 1024 x 768, which was the top monitor resolution when the game was released back in 2005.  When you try to play the game in a monitor with higher resolution, or a widescreen monitor, it will usually have a "boxed" effect, namely that there will be black bars on either side.  When I create graphics for my mods, the largest ones are no bigger than 1024 x 768 because I had crashing issues when I tried to use them on my Windows XP PC or Windows 7 laptop. When he refers to "specialty stuff", (and he can correct me on this) it's not an insult, it's a fact.  Most of the people who come here look at playing modern baseball (i.e. with the current major league players).  Total Classics has always been, and will always be, a niche market on this site.  That's not a bad thing.  There is a particular audience that these mods cater to, but it's not realistic to think that everyone who visits here wants to play single season mods from seasons 30, 40 or more years ago.  I grew up in the 70's, so that decade is near and dear to my heart.  That's why I enjoy creating mods from that era.  I also am a fan of baseball history, which is why I created mods for the 40's and 50's. While you and I can can debate who the better catcher was in the 1970's - Johnny Bench, Carlton Fisk or Thurman Munson, some people have no idea who those guys were.  It's much easier, and more relevant, for them to debate and discuss whether Mike Trout is better than Bryce Harper.  Again, neither discussion is better or worse than the other.  It's all a matter of what you are familiar with. As far as installing mods, you will find that if it is hard to install, or not so hard but time consuming to install, then people will be less apt to install it.  That's just the way it is.  People aren't going to feel like unzipping 50 individual files to install a mod.  When I get some time and can download your files, I can look at creating something that is easier to install.  That would at least solve one issue that might keep people from installing the mod.  
  7. Problems with mvp71

    If you took my comment as a complaint or criticism, I apologize.  That was not my intent.  I look forward to checking out the mod when I get a chance.
  8. Problems with mvp71

    Just my 2 cents -- Not everyone knows how to use Paintshop Pro or Photoshop (me included), so telling people that they need to edit files in the mod to get it to work is not going to go over very well and you're going to limit the number of people who can use or want to use your mod. I've always tried to make sure that my mods behave properly on the lowest supported system (Windows XP, standard monitor), because there are still plenty of us using those types of systems. I'm not trying to criticize your mod.  I know how much work it takes to put one of these together.  I'm just trying to help it to be successful for you.
  9. mlb 2k12 1998 yankees

    It's been moved to the proper area.
  10. Question on Getting an MVP 05 Game

    It all depends upon the laptop.  My 4 year old HP Windows 7 laptop with integrated graphics runs MVP2005 just fine, even with everything set at high resolution. 
  11. New arm and shin guards in 2016

    It was spelled out in the rules you agreed to when you joined the site.  You need to wait and try to be patient.  If people are willing to help, they will respond.  If not, then it wasn't meant to be.  Making the same request multiple times doesn't help anyone.
  12. New arm and shin guards in 2016

    That's fine, as long as you aren't purposely bumping the thread so that it stays on the main page.  If you do that, it's a violation of site rule.
  13. Question on Getting an MVP 05 Game

    You need the disk in order to play the game.
  14. Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 2-7

    Yes, I was watching that game (I was 14 at the time) and I still have vivid memories of that play.  I remember the feeling I had, thinking that the Vikings were going to win, only to see the Cowboys win it at the end.  It was like a kick in the stomach.  During last night's Vikings - Giants game, they mentioned that it was the 40th anniversary of the play and they showed a replay of it.  Luckily, The Vikings were up 49-17 at the end of last night's game, so I didn't have to worry about deja vu.    Last night's game was the first nationally televised Vikings game that I've seen them win in 3 or 4 years.  It seemed like every time there was a game broadcast in our area, the Vikings would lose.  It already happened with two earlier games this season.  Hopefully the Vikings can make it two in a row next Sunday night when they play the Packers for the NFC North title.
  15. 2015 Biloxi Shuckers

    To be fair, I just downloaded the file to look at it and there are no installation instructions, so his question was a valid one.