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  1. You may want to rethink your design. Having the President's face on the uniforms is going to open up a nasty can of worms here, as the Trump detractors will like the uniforms but the Trump supporters will not. One of the rules here is to stay away from politics, religion, etc. There was a rather heated discussion last year in the Chatbox that got out of hand quickly and I don't want to see that happening again.
  2. It's all set, and from now on, your mods should appear as soon as you post them.
  3. MVPEdit is for editing MVP2005 rosters. It does not work with MLB2K rosters.
  4. We've gone over this enough. Things will be released when they are complete. There is no need for further discussion.
  5. Because the mod couldn't get completed, you blame the modders for "screwing up"? And then you blame the modding team for monopolizing the time of the modders and thus preventing them from releasing separate mods for MLB2K??? Let me look through the MLB2K17 thread to find where you or anyone else tried talking the modders out of creating a 2K17 mod because you felt like it was monopolizing their time. I do not own MLB2K nor do I create mods for it, so I have no stake in this discussion other than as an observer. As an MVP2005 modder, however, I can understand and relate to scottybilly's point of view. I believe that the way that this new mod was presented is the real issue here, and not the mod itself. If the end result is a mod that will satisfy the MLB2K gamers, that's great. The steps leading up to the announcement of the mod should have been thought through a little better. I guarantee that it would have gotten a much better reception from the modders who have already spent months working on enhancements for MLB2K.
  6. No they cannot. It is against site rules. If you have no audio files, you must have installed it incorrectly. Where did you get the game from?
  7. You're talking about 10 or 11 year old rosters. It's doubtful anyone is going to remember the details about a roster that old. Look through the descriptions of the rosters in the Downloads section and see if you can find the roster you want
  8. As scottybilly suggested, this thread is now locked.
  9. We don't discuss cracked versions of the game or answer questions regarding them.. It's against site rules. You agreed to those rules when you joined the site. Please don't ask any more questions like this.
  10. Is this the schedule you downloaded?: If so, did you follow the instructions included with the mod (both on the description page and the Readme file in the .7z file)? As far as the stadiums, backup the existing Pro Player stadium files, delete them from the stadiums folder and THEN try installing Marlins Park. When you say that Citi Field installed, does it show up in the game?
  11. The schedule file goes in the data\database folder. It is the same folder that contains the roster files.
  12. You can usually just extract the stadium files to the data\stadiums folder. Is this the Marlins park you downloaded?: If so, then you can just extract the files from the .rar archive and copy them to the data\stadiums folder. Or did you download this one?: If you downloaded the CAS stadium, you can't simply copy the file to the data\stadiums folder. You have to use the Create-A-Stadium option in the game and then assign it to a team. It looks like the various Citi Field mods are all Shea Stadium replacements (i.e. the files are named sheaday.big and sheanite.big). These should just be able to be installed into the data\stadiums folder once you extract them from the .rar or .zip file. You said that you tried playing in Dynasty mode. First, make sure that the stadiums were actually installed into the data\stadiums folder, and if so, try playing an exhibition game with them. Note that the stadium select screens will still say Shea Stadium or Pro Player Stadium, since these mods change just the stadiums themselves and not the stadium select screens.
  13. That's a pretty generic question. You need to provide some more information -- What stadium(s)? Did you follow the installation instructions? Where did you install them? Are you trying to use them in an Exhibition game? in a Dynasty game?
  14. A few people tried charging for mods in the past and it was not received very well. It's not really what this site is all about. As far as modding for "no payoff", I don't know of any modder here who create mods to make money.
  15. That's what it looks like when an Aaron Judge home run is coming at you!