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  1. Homer's Classics

    Right now, I'm still using a regular hard drive. Maybe at some point in the future I will look into an SSD, but for now, I'm really happy with the current system.
  2. Homer's Classics

    Finally got around to putting together my "new" Windows XP PC that I mentioned in my post above from April. After installing my "new" hardware over New Year's, I reformatted the hard drive yesterday and reinstalled Windows XP on it. Tonight I installed MVP2005 along with TC1956 and TC1976. I had forgotten how nice the game plays on a clean system! Everything is very smooth; even using hi-res uniforms in the detailed, hi-res stadiums in the TC mods. This PC will just be used to play MVP2005, so it shouldn't get bogged down with extra applications and junk files.
  3. DISC 1 Only

    Yes, since you need both discs to install the game and typically disc 2 needs to be in your CD / DVD drive to play the game.
  4. Missing texture on pitchers

    You need to provide more information -- Are you playing the out of the box version of the game or have you installed mods? If so, which mods?
  5. Change username?

    Send me a PM with the new name you want to use.
  6. having trouble installing mods

    The explodeme.exe file should be saved somewhere besides the game folder and run from there.
  7. having trouble installing mods

    When I created the Installer for MVP15, I used 7-Zip to create the archive file and the explodeme.exe file.
  8. When you say "every single team", do you mean all 120 teams or just the major league teams?
  9. I set everything up last night and observed the crash on May 15th when simming a season. The game didn't actually crash for me. It just hung on May 15th, so I had to stop it with the Task Manager. I looked at the rosters in MVPEdit and noticed that most of your minor league teams are filled with "x.x" for the player names. I did find that it is the same in TC1997, however, I could sim a full season with that mod with no problem. If I have time tonight I am going to try (and you may want to try this as well) to export all of the major league teams with MVPEdit and then re-import them into the default, out-of-the-box, rosters. This may not fix the issue, but it it will take one more variable out of the equation, so that every player in the game has a unique name.
  10. I'd be glad to take a look. I will let you know if I find anything.
  11. Hi there,

    I'm a newbie and just installed the Total Classics 1974 mod.  Are the appropriate uniforms supposed to be locked ?  So far great otherwise.  I know the Yankees played at Shea that year.  Is there an old Yankee Stadium compatible that can be downloaded ?

    1. Jim825


      As the installation instructions state, you must have a profile that unlocks all uniforms in order to use the uniforms in TC1974.  There is an older version of Yankee Stadium in the TC1971 mod that you can use.

  12. can't play game after patches and mvp15

    What I meant was install the original game from the discs, install the patches and then see if the game will start. If it starts fine, then the problem is with the MVP15 mod, or with the mod and the Windows 7 update issue that Gordo mentioned.
  13. can't play game after patches and mvp15

    Did you verify that you could start the game successfully BEFORE installing the MVP15 mod? That would rule out the MVP15 mod as the issue.
  14. Roster Issues with Mods

    You did not do anything wrong. That's just the way that the rosters were created. You CAN still play these mods in dynasty mode. You just need to make sure that before starting your dynasty you turn off some of the settings, specifically, injuries, suspensions and computer-initiated trades. In other words, you don't want the game to make changes to your rosters. The only allowable rosters changes should be the ones that you make, and even then, you should be very careful, since most of the Total Classics mods only contain updated major league rosters and do not have modified minor league teams.