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  1. Jim825 added a post in a topic Game alters rosters once i start a dynasty   

    When you set your dynasty, you probably left the "Allow computer initiated trades" option enabled. If you also have budgets enabled, it could explain why star players, who have larger salaries, are not moved. 
  2. Jim825 added a post in a topic Problem with Classics 1915   

    Please do not repost the same question multiple times so that it stays on the first page.  That's against site rules.  You already asked this in the Support section on Sunday.  If someone has an answer, they will post one.  
  3. Jim825 added a post in a topic Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 10-4   

    I think the problem here is the use of generalities that label an entire group of people rather than a subset of the group.  That may not have been the intent (although I will not make any assumptions on this), but I can see how some would see it it that way.  Rather than saying "Muslims", it would have been better to say "Muslim Extremists", because in my mind, that is who you were really talking about.
    As for badmouthing New Englanders, you and I have had plenty of conversations on that, as I fall squarely in that group.  I've learned to just filter out those comments.  
  4. Jim825 added a post in a topic WBC or BWC Mod   

    "Anyone? " is not exactly a question that is going to get you a lot of answers.  You may not have liked slydude's post, however, he did nothing wrong and he made a valid point.  He was pointing out that unless you ask something meaningful, you are not going to get any help.  Think about it.
  5. Jim825 added a post in a topic MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread   

    A number of years ago during the Great MVPMods / EAMods Flame War, tywiggins asked us to remove all of his mods from this site, which is why the only way to get his mods is if they are bundled with other mods (e.g. at least one tool bundled with the MVP 1994 mod).
    EAMods has been shut down for years now and ty has not been on this site for even longer, so I suppose it's OK to upload the tools again.  If he ever does come back and requests that his tools be removed, we'll honor his wishes.
  6. Jim825 added a post in a topic WBC or BWC Mod   

    You can find a WBC 2013 mod here:  http://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/7694-wbc-caribe-2013/
    It was created by the guys at http://www.mvpcaribe.com
  7. Jim825 added a post in a topic Question About MVP 2005   

    I can speak for the TC mods, however, I'm biased since I created or worked with others to create most of them.  I'm very proud of them and if you look at the comments, others seem to like them as well.  When creating the TC single season mods, I (or we) tried to make them truly immersive (is that a word?) so that you feel like you are back in that particular year.
    In other words, you get authentic stadiums, uniforms, jukebox music, walkup music, game intro music, rosters, player portraits, player faces, etc. from the particular year being re-created.  Stadium select screens, menu screens and loading screens also reflect the particular year.  The announcers say player names and stadium names.  For some of the mods (TC41, TC46, TC51, TC56, TC58), the default MVP announcers have been replaced by a broadcasting team of Vin Scully, Mel Allen and Ernie Harwell.  This audio was a project called "Legends from the Booth" and it took a modder named OTBJoel 3 years to complete.
    Try any of the TC mods and you won't be disappointed.  In addition, it's very easy to have multiple installations of the game on your PC so you can have multiple TC mods installed.  Just take a clean (or patched) version of MVP2005, make a new folder and copy all of the MVP2005 game folder (including subfolders) to the new folder.  After that, you just install the TC mod of your choice into the new folder.  I keep a patched version of the original game in a folder on my PC that I never touch.  It is solely there so that I can copy it to a new folder and start fresh whenever I want to install a new single season mod.
  8. Jim825 added a post in a topic WBC or BWC Mod   

    What exactly are you asking for?  What is the BWC mod?
  9. Jim825 added a post in a topic emulators.   

    Just don't upload it to this site.  It's against the rules.....  
  10. Jim825 added a post in a topic Condolences to DeuceBlades   

    Let me add my condolences as well.
  11. Jim825 added a post in a topic Rewards and Classic Jerseys/Staduins   

    Based upon your answer to question #1, I'm afraid we cannot help you.  One of the basic rules of this website, which were in the terms you agreed to when signing up for an MVPMods account, is that we do not promote nor provide support for illegal copies of the game (i.e.  downloaded versions of the game, no-CD cracks, etc.).  
  12. Jim825 added a post in a topic help   

    The roster and uniform mods should include instructions on how to install them.
  13. Jim825 added a post in a topic edit tool for datafile   

    That's only if you want to pay for support. It will work fine without paying for support. The only thing you deal with is that after every 6th file you save, you get a pop up window asking if you'd like to purchase the fully supported version. You click "No" and then you won't see the message for 6 more saves. I've been using Sublime Text without paying for support for almost two years with no problems. 
  14. Jim825 added a post in a topic edit tool for datafile   

    Sublime Text is great.  It's the editor I use for software development at work and also at home. 
  15. Jim825 added a post in a topic edit tool for datafile   

    You can also use eazip to uncompress and compress the file:
    eazip -u datafile.txt to uncompress
    eazip -c datafile.txt to compress