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  1. Sounds good. I look forward to seeing the finished result.
  2. Great job. You now have an appreciation of everything we have to do when creating Total Classics mods.
  3. Not really much at all. It's just a title.
  4. FYI, I tried changing his status earlier but something is going on with the site because it wouldn't save the changes. I've sent an e-mail to Trues to see if he knows what is going on.
  5. All good stuff. When you upload your files, could you remove the cryptic numbers from the beginning of the file names?
  6. The red and green texture typically means a file is corrupted or too graphics-intensive for your graphics card. I remember seeing this in the past on some stadiums. The text "Missing Texture" would appear in red and green text, typically in the outfield. If you search the forums for "Missing Texture", you will read about this.
  7. If you are playing a dynasty, what settings do you have enabled? It is recommended to turn off CPU initiated trades, suspensions, injuries, etc. -- i.e. anything that could change the rosters without your consent.
    Another very well done Total Classics mod from kyleb. Keep up the great work!
    Looks great!
  8. Very nice!
  9. This screen appears:
  10. Right now, I'm still using a regular hard drive. Maybe at some point in the future I will look into an SSD, but for now, I'm really happy with the current system.
  11. Finally got around to putting together my "new" Windows XP PC that I mentioned in my post above from April. After installing my "new" hardware over New Year's, I reformatted the hard drive yesterday and reinstalled Windows XP on it. Tonight I installed MVP2005 along with TC1956 and TC1976. I had forgotten how nice the game plays on a clean system! Everything is very smooth; even using hi-res uniforms in the detailed, hi-res stadiums in the TC mods. This PC will just be used to play MVP2005, so it shouldn't get bogged down with extra applications and junk files.
  12. Yes, since you need both discs to install the game and typically disc 2 needs to be in your CD / DVD drive to play the game.
  13. You need to provide more information -- Are you playing the out of the box version of the game or have you installed mods? If so, which mods?