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  1. You cannot use MVP2005 files in MVP2004, so none of the MVP2005 mods will work for you. To get the current active rosters and players into MVP2004, you would have to manually enter all of the players. There is an MVP2004 editor that allows you to edit players in a dynasty, however, that is different the the MVP2005 utility MVPEdit, which allows you to create rosters, edit player attributes, assign portraits and player faces, etc.
  2. Just because you know how to do it doesn't mean he does. It's easy enough to do if you've done it before, but how would he know how to extract it or where to copy it if he had never done this before? Talking down to people because they don't know how to do something doesn't help.
  3. What roster are you trying to use? It sounds like the roster is trying to use a cyberface that is missing from the models.big file. This will cause crashes like you describe. When you said that you reinstalled the MVP15 and MVP16 mods, did you reinstall them on top of a "clean" install of the game (i.e. unmodded or patched version)?
  4. If you create rosters by importing teams from the Lahman Database, it will pull in batting and pitching stats. You can only do that when the rosters are first being created. You can't get batting or pitching stats after the rosters have been created unless you want to manually edit them, and even then, I've had issues when trying to do that.
  5. Most mods come with a Readme file that explains how to install them.
  6. I noticed that myself when testing it this afternoon. If I didn't put the cursor exactly in the right spot, the check mark would not appear in the box.
  7. You can do that now. Go to the Inbox, hold down the CTRL key and then with your mouse, click on the small box next to each PM you want to delete. Once you have selected all of the ones you want to delete, click on the trash can icon that in the small popup that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  8. A split screen setting is not possible because the game only shows one view at a time. You would have to modify the game executable file (mvp2005.exe) in order to add an additional view setting. All of the mods on this site are created by changing data files (models, uniforms, audio, etc.) and not the executable file. The camera settings can be tweaked by editing the datafile.txt file. This file is embedded within the datafile.big file. As you noticed, the datafile.big file is a binary file. That's why you saw the strange characters. You have to extract the datafile.txt from datafile.big and then uncompress it. This can be done using the eazip utility, which is available in the downloads section. To extract datafile.txt from datafile.big: eazip -e datafile.big datafile.txt To uncompress datafile.txt: eazip -u datafile.txt You can then edit the datafile.txt file with a text editor. Once you are done editing it, you need to compress the file: eazip -c datafile.txt At that point, you can reimport the datafile.txt file back into the datafile.big file: eazip +a datafile.big datafile.txt Alternatively, you can just copy the updated datafile.txt file to the data folder. If the game finds a datafile.txt file in the data folder, it will override the file that is in the datafile.big file. This makes it easy to test changes or try out other data files available here. If you don't like it, just remove it from the data folder and the game will go back to using the one in the datafile.big file.
  9. Version


    Total Classics 1934 By Jim825 & dennisjames71 In the 1934 baseball season, Bill Terry's New York Giants had another good showing, scoring 760 runs, second-best in the league, and allowing only 583, the fewest of any National League staff. Young Mel Ott hit .326 with 119 runs scored (second only to Paul Waner's 122) and drove in a league-leading 135; Ott also drew 85 walks and tied with Ripper Collins for the home run title at 35. It was, however, the rough and tumble St. Louis Cardinals, nicknamed the "Gashouse Gang" after the street gangs of one of Manhattan's worst neighborhoods, that won the pennant by two games in an exciting race. New York had led for 127 straight days, when on September 28, ace Dizzy Dean defeated the Reds 4-0 to bring the Cardinals even with New York. The next day, Dizzy's younger brother Paul won 6-1, while the Giants lost to Brooklyn. The day after that, the elder Dean shut out Cincinnati again, 9-0, to give St. Louis a lead it never relinquished. Dizzy had been ridiculed for his preseason promise that the Dean brothers would win 45 games. By season's end, they had exceeded that total by four, and the 30-7 Dizzy was voted National League MVP. The other principal "Gashousers" were second baseman/manager Frankie Frisch, who hit .305; Collins, who batted .333 and drove in 128 runs; Leo Durocher, the league's top-fielding shortstop; Pepper Martin, the league's stolen base leader (23); and Ducky Medwick, who hit .319 with 18 triples. Hard-hitting Detroit batted .300 -- the only major league team to do so -- on its way to a 101-53 record, seven games better than a New York Yankees team that finished second in runs scored. The 39-year-old Babe Ruth gave only a .288, 22-homer season performance; Lou Gehrig carried most of the weight, winning the Triple Crown with a .363 average, 165 RBI, and 49 homers. The New York pitchers rebounded to post a league-low 3.76 team ERA courtesy of titlist Lefty Gomez (who went 26-5 with a 2.33 ERA), 19-game winner Red Ruffing, and 14-game winner Johnny Murphy. The Tigers lineup featured an awesome five 100-run men (including Charlie Gehringer, the league leader with 134), and four 100-RBI men (led by first baseman Hank Greenberg with 139). MVP Mickey Cochrane hit .320 and was credited with turning around the Tiger pitching staff, which finished second in team ERA at 4.06. The Dean duo was the deciding factor in the close-fought, seven-game 1934 World Series. The brothers each recorded ERAs under 2.00 and won two games. The 1934 World Series ended on a bizarre note, when in the midst of a St. Louis rout, the Detroit crowd interrupted the game to shower left fielder Medwick with garbage to protest his sixth-inning hard slide into Tiger third baseman Marv Owen. Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis ruled that the Cardinal outfielder leave the game for his own safety. The departure made no difference to the Tigers, who went on to lose by a score of 11-0. ------------------------------------------- The Total Classics 1934 mod brings you the sights and sounds of the 1934 baseball season. Besides rosters, portraits, uniforms and audios, the mod provides themed menu and loading screens, stadium select screens with actual stadium photos, 1934 jukebox and batter walkup music, an accurate 1934 schedule and correct 1930's era stadiums for every team. The mod also includes OTBJoel's great Legends from the Booth audio. ------------------------------------------- *** INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS *** - After you download the total_classics_1934.7z file, double-click to open it. - Extract the contents of the file into a folder. - Double-click the explodeme.exe file - Find the location of a CLEAN (or patched) copy of MVP Baseball 2005 and click "Extract". - Allow the program to extract all of the new content. - Play the new Total Classics 1934 mod. NOTE -- You MUST use an "unlocked" profile in order to have access to the 1934 uniforms ------------------------------------------- *** VERSION HISTORY *** v1.0 Initial release
  10. Thanks Homer. I'll try poking around a bit but if I can't figure it out, it won't hold me up from releasing the mod.
  11. Oops - I just found this in the Tutorials section of the MVP2005 Downloads: I'll read through this to see if it provides the info I need, but would still welcome any input that others have to share.
  12. I'm currently working on another Total Classics mod and have included OTBJoel's Legends from the Booth player and stadium audios. Although these all work great, I did notice a few cases where the stadium audios aren't always correct. For example, when I play at Detroit using his modified Detroit stadium audio file, I sometimes hear "Welcome to Detroit", but other times I still hear "Welcome to Comerica Park". When the Phillies play in Philadelphia, sometimes I hear "Welcome to the historic Baker Bowl" or "Welcome to Philadelphia" but other times I hear "Welcome to Shibe Park". I've installed audio files often enough that I know that I did install them correctly. From what I've read, the stadium audio file actually contains multiple audios, and when the game starts it randomly picks the audio to use. I noticed this because if I pause a game and restart it, I will hear a different audio. I want to see if I can correct the issue myself by replacing or removing the unwanted audios, however, I have never done any audio modding. I have searched the forums and the tools and haven't found any real information on how to do audio modding. I did find the following tool that OTBJoel said he used for editing stadium audios: I will try using this, however, once I extract the individual files, I don't know where to go from there. If any of the audio modders here could point me to the tools they use for audio editing or provide any tips or tricks, I would appreciate it. I'm always interested in learning new skills that can make my mods even better.
  13. I used a Saitek P880 controller and then switched over to a wired XBox 360 controller a number of years ago. Both work great.
  14. No, I wasn't referring to you.
  15. ZERO cracks, because any more than that and you will get no support here. As far as getting "no damn answers", you're trying to get a 12 year old game running on 2016 hardware and the latest operating system. How many other games from 2005 can you run on your PC?