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  1. Hola bro, dime si cuando puedas hagas los uniformes del juego de las estrellas de este año, saludos y gracias por adelantado.

  2. hi sir can you make 1998 uniform it will be awesome thankyou sir

  3. MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    We ban the space-time countinuum...
  4. MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

  5. BallFour's Uni Mods

    Tremendous job, Ballfour. Covering all those unies is a titanic task.
  6. Hola man:

    Tengo problemas importando los .txt, el Roster Editor me arroja un error de excepción y me bota. ¿Lo habías visto antes (el error)?

  7. Umachines' 2K12 Uniform Rework Feedback Thread

    Yeah. I've been lazy about that aspect . NL-East set is more precise in the buttons locations than the rest.
  8. Fictional 2K Baseball Roster Mod

    In the last days I've been working with Bdoland33 and we want to show you two more team concepts of the league. The Florida Flamingos and the Washington Generals:
  9. Umachines' 2K12 Uniform Rework Feedback Thread

    Eso mismo!. That's right!. Gracias...
  10. Umachines' 2K12 Uniform Rework Feedback Thread

    It means "I accidentally just let the rest know my age". They are going in AL-East review, my friend.
  11. National League East Division Uniform Set 2017

    ... You're right. Check v1.2. Thank you again.
  12. National League East Division Uniform Set 2017

    Let me see that. I sometimes forget those details.
  13. Umachines' 2K12 Uniform Rework Feedback Thread

    In my country I'd say something like ... "oops!, I dropped my ID card". Do you say the same to mean the same?
  14. Umachines' 2K12 Uniform Rework Feedback Thread

    Thanks. In fact I already fixed it, and the uniform in the NL-East set is clean. I just saved this copy because I thought it was interesting. What I did was using my own version of the jersey back numbers in the original Mets DDS picture. I mean I remade the numbers picture, just to see if it solved the problem, and it did so. Although I never knew what really happened, until now that you explain me.
  15. Umachines' 2K12 Uniform Rework Feedback Thread

    OK. The new file is online.... Again!. I'm driving you crazy with this.... It was my mistake. But you know, for a moment I thought It was another example of a paranormal phenomena I experienced with these uniforms. Yeah, I did. I called it: "GHOST IN THE HELMET" It was near mid night, and I was making my Mets gray cursive "New York" uniform. I used my tribute to Nolan Ryan from Rangers as a base for it. It also comes from White Sox Gray uniform, BTW. Then I notieced I had not changed the helmet logo. But I actually had changed it. So I paused the game to take some pictures and I notieced this: Of course I asked a priest for helping me to finish my work and I uploaded the healthy one in NL-East set. I guess. But if anybody dares to deal with unknown forces, I'm leaving you a copy of the possesed uniform: GhostInMetsHelmet.rar