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  1. Jacobs Field scoreboard error

    That worked, thanks!
  2. Jacobs Field scoreboard error

    Does anyone know how to edit scoreboards? This Jacobs Field duplicates the hit total in the run column. Jacobs Field day.7z
  3. Kyle Crockett

    Here you go. Kyle Crockett by Jogar.7z
  4. 1994 TC Mod models.big problem

    Alright, I've resolved this problem. Your generic faces somehow became corrupted in models.big. I figured this out by switching Darwin from a beard to a mustache in MVPEdit. The beard crashed, the mustache didn't. I zipped up the generic faces from my installation, installed with TiT and switched Darwin back to a beard. No crash. Install this zip file with Total Installer Thingy and you should be fine. generics.7z
  5. 1994 TC Mod models.big problem

    Yeah, sure thing. Zip up your entire installation and send it my way.
  6. Uni Mods coming

    Another good stream man, thanks a lot! One minor thing I noticed - I saw you imported files directly via BigGui. I usually recommend installing files into Models.big only via Total Installer Thingy. Models.big seems to be way more sensitive than any other of the .big files - would hate to have you end up with a corrupted models.big.
  7. 1994 TC Mod models.big problem

    If he updated a player with an existing cyberface to a new cyberface, yes. Players that have a generic face but were upgraded to a proper cyberface will not be updated. Player equipment and ratings changes will also not be updated.
  8. Uni Mods coming

    Very excited for the next stream, although I'll have to watch it after. The first one was very informative. One request - when you're switching between tools, can you make it extra clear what tool you're using and where to find it?
  9. 1994 TC Mod models.big problem

    Possibly? Have you changed any portraits? Does your portraits.big file look fine? Anything noticeable with Darwin's portrait? Is it uncompressed? I'm able to view Darwin just fine in my version.
  10. 1994 TC Mod models.big problem

    I took a quick look at the files you uploaded. Darwin is assigned a generic face, so there's no good reason for him to crash the game. Did you change the face assignment before uploading?
  11. Uni Mods coming

    Hey man, Finishing up watching the stream from the other night. Big thanks for that! My Photoshop skills are pretty basic and picking up on your tips has already been fruitful - I've updated three cyberfaces for Total Classics 1995 tonight. I had no idea about the clone stamp tool!
  12. Uni Mods coming

    Will the stream be archived? Not sure that I'll be able to watch at 5.
  13. Uni Mods coming

    More great work!
  14. Yo man, you want some '95 Orlando Cubs jerseys? Shouldn't be too difficult to get those up. Just gotta find a high res of the home uni (it's with the large Cubs script all the way across the chest).

  15. Uni Mods coming

    Awesome work you've been putting out man. I'll see if I can come up with more random combinations/oddities!