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    Absolute mastery! Perfect for the playoffs!! Thanks so much
  1. Not exactly doing me any good though. I'm trying to get the casing off the battery packs to see if I can get the actual rechargeable batteries swapped out and this thing is harder to get into than my iphone was to replace my own battery in that. I loved Logitech controllers for my original Xbox when I had it, but I really like the 6 button config on my Saitek and don't think I wanna drop down to 4 again.
  2. Usually because vid game console and accessory reviewers are making it seem like their reviews are more important than they are. You use what's comfortable. I've seen a lot of PS4 wireless reviews praising its glory. But if the PS4 controller is anything size and feel wise like the PS3, then imo that's made for girl hands. I need something with bulk and heft. Relatedly, my Saitek P3000 came in but as fate would have it, none of the rechargeable battery packs you need work/are chargeable. The internal batteries do not seem easily found and I'm getting my money back. This is the 2nd wireless Saitek charger I got on ebay that didn't work out. At least this guy gave me a full refund and basically said "keep it".
  3. 1) What is the Knee Cap Fix? kcstar put this out as a universal fix to the indented knee look on all players. It's a great fix. 2) The grass changer it´s this file: And I should extract directly at the MVP Folder or to a new folder in the MVP Folder. You can try that and/or Trues grass/field fix. I would back up your stadiums file first though. I believe these are older installs needing gfxpak.exe, which I think are within the zip files. The install is done at the main MVP folder level. 3) With te HDR Bloom which of the 4 options do you prefer? I believe I'm using "B", gtguy's.
  4. Hey Muller... good to "see" you around these parts again. Y4L is right, this is not something you install like a program/app. It's a stand alone that should be residing in the main folder of your MVP game. It also has to have the correct .ini file. Not sure if you have that so I attached here. This is how my MVP folder looks. According to kraw's download submission, he indicates: Make sure to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package and .net framework pack first. Personally, I don't use 7-zip. I've always found it to be a hassle. Maybe rename a 7-zip or rar file to zip. Or a particular file may just be damaged. TiT.ini
  5. I should get it over the next couple of days. I'll let you guys know how it responds.
  6. I just bought this puppy on eBay for $15 shipped. Been wanting one for years. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Saitek-P3000-Wireless-Gamepad-PC-Controller-and-Docking-Station-/332397524783?nma=true&si=nzTCkYoJKd%2BFHcbS22hpA2hBrX0%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 If you don't like used, there's a brand new one for about $30. Been using Saitek wired one for years. They are beasts.
  7. Sounds like you'd be in a better position to tell us. I would say if it doesn't work, make sure you have a rollback of your PC done first.
  8. Well we got Morton (WHIP: 1.193; ERA: 3.62) vs. Porcello (1.397 & 4.65) going against each other. Stats wise I like that, but of course anything can happen. Didn't realize 4 games today and I am off! Woohoo!
  9. Sorry, I though patch 3 included some type of bug fix and wasn't just a roster update ... is that wrong?
  10. The Bosox are now starting to make me nervous. Though I feel better with Verlander possibly getting another shot to pitch. However, would love to save him for game 1 of the next round.
  11. After the clean install, you must patch with official patch #3.
  12. Sometimes that "packs" of faces, either for faces or portraits, aren't always tagged in the file and therefore you're not sure what you're getting.
  13. This is a very inconvenient way to download a mod, even a TC mod.
  14. There should be a sliders file inside that SIM pack. Also, check the thread for updates since then, then tweak to your liking: I actually game across the pics I put together for someone for my most updated offline silders (All-Star level). These are for the Sim Game Play pack I put together w/ the 1P batting view that I use. I have no idea how they'll respond with other batting/pitching views: