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  1. Not sure... but you definitely want to take all of the messages from me and put 5 stars on them ! And change that avatar already! It's creepin' us out!
  2. It is worded oddly I'll agree. For Pitch Meter Difficulty, minus is harder, plus is easier. Same for Pitch Control. Batting is straight up. Plus is better contact and power and vice versa. There are some slider threads out there, but it's gonna depend on which difficulty level you start with.
  3. Nose still seems too large and head too long..... from that pic he has a rounder type head it seems.
  4. Is this supposed to be Gleyber Torres?
  5. I think your noses tend to be too bulbous.....
  6. Ok, if faces are not released by start of season, I won't put the new ID's in the roster.
  7. Are the Diaz, Neris, etc. faces available somewhere as of yet?
  8. Ricky Nolasco file is not correct. Contains 2 .fsh files. New faces do not contain the official IDs..... all need to be changed.
  9. Jeremy Hazelbaker needs an official cyberface ID no. Josh Rutledge needs an official cyberface ID no. Tommy La Stella needs an official cyberface ID no.
  10. Neris! Very nice!
  11. Doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong. Not sure what the norton studio icon is about....seems like something your computer has assigned for some odd reason. Maybe unzip with winrar instead.
  12. 1. Depends on your PC's capability for outputs, but I would imagine HDMI. PC controllers are widely varied. I've used a Saitek P2500 for years. 2. Most all downloads have install instructions on the download page, within the zip file , or both. 3. I wouldn't play on anything above W7.
  13. Do you know about making cyberfaces for mvp baseball 2005 on the xbox.  I have downloaded some that were uploaded and would like to have more.

  14. Sorry, this was the first time I saw the question.
  15. You would get them where we would all get them.... from the downloads section. If someone makes them, then they're available to all of us. If someone doesn't make them, then you'll have to learn to make them and then maybe you can share them with the community.