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  1. In any language, the most up to date roster is found in the roster section at the top of the list with the latest date. Only logical.
  2. So you want people to look up over 700 photos for you? Seriously?
  3. And maybe partition your drive and install XP as it will run smoothly on there, that is, if you're really needing to keep 98 running on what you have.
    Thank you sir for your ongoing dedication!
    Thanks for the update here... at least I think it's an update?! Gotta be!
  4. All you can do is give it a shot. It's not likely many people with 04 visit or here or even post. Good luck and post what you discover.
  5. Version 1.1.0


    NOTE: THIS IS AN MLB ONLY ROSTER! End of April update Rosters include moves and relevant call-ups/send downs. Updates made to many rookie and young fielders' hitting attributes. Note: rosters do not reflect this actual date as they may have players who are still currently on 10 day DL lists, etc. If you notice any correction needs, please PM me. **If you're going to give feedback, please make it intelligent. Thanks.
  6. I may need to try my hand in cyberfaces. FSH files always gave me a problem though.
  7. Sorry, but that was misleading. You download from another location.... you install from a disk. What OS, etc., etc.?
  8. Downloaded mvp from where?
  9. ^^^Avatar of the year award!!
  10. Very nice tutorial. It should be said that sometimes a mod is simply installed by substituting the existing file in place, like a datafile.txt (which modifies various things like camera angles, game play behavior, etc.) and rosters (which are typically best installed by first deleting the existing 19 .dat files found in the database subfolder and then simply unzipping to that same location. Thanks Y4L!
  11. Not sure which way you mean that! hehe
  12. Can't vouch for MVP16 as it is not from this site. Faces probably won't match.
  13. Disturbing? I guess I have a different definition of disturbing (smirking). Well, just play seasons/franchises..... stats for the season will show up then. OR...have at it and start making a roster set and add in those stats for us!