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  1. Ya, you've done your part for sure. It's weird though. I installed every uniform again over the 2008 uniforms and every thing was fine. Went to install the D'Backs again and it crashes at the uni select screen. Addendum: changed gears; I went back to my stable models.big and uniforms.big backups. This time I installed the uniform selector file separately from the uniforms files for Arizona and it was all stable with good installs. So now I'll re-install the 29 Ballfour unis and report what happens. So odd.
  2. It is very odd. I didn't realize that they installed to models.big; thought they installed to uniforms.big. Leave it to program developers. The same thing happened now with the DBacks uniform (jef's). Got the fifas.exe error, but they installed and showed up in game. Just so odd.
  3. Very odd.... got the fifas.exe command error, but it seemed like it installed. Computers.... pffffftttt.
  4. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems that the KC Royals uniform select screen is crashing the game. I'm finding the same with the latest 2 versions of the DBacks uniforms are doing the same thing. By the way, I got confused at first, but I like the way you took out the default select screens on some of the teams where necessary. I'll attempt a reinstall with the Royals and let you know. Addendum: reinstall attempt .... still crashing.
  5. Again, tremendous stuff! Between these and jef's D'Backs uniform we are set for '17!!
  6. Unmodded Xbox needs the .SAV file. Modded Xbox needs the .dat files, which can then be saved to a SAV file if wanted.
  7. But this is a Windows 8 thread. Your posting multiple responses for help. Look through the Windows 7 threads. Others have posted the same symptoms.
  8. There already is one at They have a much larger Show community than here.
  9. Wow, bonus! Cha ching!! Thanks for all the work
  10. Thanks for all this skill and effort! Do these packs contain the uniform preview selector pics as well?
  11. Don't mind me about the red. I'm a Chiefs fan.... I'm still salty!
  12. The new font is good, but the red bands everywhere are too intense. Thanks for fixing the shoutbox entry field too.
  13. My 2c is that since it is so early in the year, releasing fragments of portrait packs may not be worth it. Maybe just work on them along the way and then release a pack closer to the start of the season? It would be like releasing a roster right now. Wouldn't make sense as there are too many changes yet to happen.
    Thanks for the contribution!!
  14. Don't tell me Espinosa is gonna actually go with his own face for a change!