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  1. MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    Vader, if you read this thread, you'll get your answer. Basically W10 and MVP 2005 are not a good marriage. Partition your drive and install XP or 7 and have at it.
  2. Is there a use your controller in the menu mod?

    If you mean instead of using your mouse, not really. You can use joy2key, but you're still basically using mouse movements.
  3. 2015 Xbox Rosters

    Regular Xbox or modded Xbox?
  4. Team Changer Help

    You can't or maybe you can't easily. The only thing that would be possible is to have a schedule where the times are different. So technically, you could (and I would experiment with the first day of the season to start): Open schedule.dat with bigGUI Decompress the 3 MLB Export to your desktop Open each .dat file with WordPad Change the first date of the season to cascading times (11:00am, 12 noon, 1:00pm, etc) Import back to schedule.dat via bigGUI Compress those 3 files Rebuild / Close bigGui via the tab,not the X. This way you know the Rebuild is done if it lets you close Start a new season (you may have to write down what teams you set for what times Play or sim the 1st game to end; then determine if you can use Team Changer and play the next game The only thing I don't know is if the game simulates while considering the length of a game. For example, if you use Tampa Bay for your first game at noon, and a game normally runs 2-1/2 hours in real life, does the game start to simulate all of those other games up until 2:30pm or does it only take into consideration the start time. You'll have to figure that out and let us know. I may have to try this myself P.S. Everything for the initial season seems to be in mlb dat 1. Why there are identical dates in dat 1 and dat 2, I have no idea.
  5. Kyle Crockett

    Give this a try Kyle Crockett Face 010.rar
  6. XBOX 2016 updated rosters, etc.

    All of the information I already put in that thread I placed a link to above. There isn't going to be any other new information any where else. The short answer is, yes, you can do it, but it will take some modification.
  7. high heat 2003 info here?


  8. NCAA 2016 ROSTERS

    Thanks man! Nice work boss!
  9. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    A modded xbox takes the shipping cards back and forth out of the picture. The Xbox is accessible through an FTP program on a computer. You're then just transferring files. The FTP program lets you see what's inside the Xbox like it would on your computer. Not difficult at all.
  10. having trouble installing mods

    It's been a long while since I tried to install mvp 15. In your descriptions above, things are a bit overlapping. You're saying you can't install it but then you go into the properties of the game. Do you mean properties once you installed the native 2005? Also, what OS are you using? If Windows 10, you're shooting yourself in the foot. If not, try installing MVP 12 and see if you can run that. Don't add anything else to it. As far as the mvp 15 archive, I can't recall how it is compressed. You may need to download/install 7zip and run it from that. Report back what you find.
  11. Uni Mods coming

    Nice going on these..... will be good to incorporate into next year's edition. So what makes the difference between a 1x and a 2x version beyond the pixel ratio?
  12. MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    What other mods have you installed to MVP 15?
  13. can't play game after patches and mvp15

    I don't know if it's going to make a difference, but what I would do is: 1) Look at the 1st 4 posts in this thread: 2) After following the above, install MVP 2005 with official patch #3 (others not needed) and try to run it. If ok.... 3) Install MVP 12 TC mod according to its' instructions. If ok..... 4) Install MVP 15 TC mod according to its' instructions. Report back what you find. If Windows prompts you to re-install the updates you did away with in step 1, hide them. Google how to hide Windows uppdates. It's not difficult at all. P.S. After you install MVP 2005 with the #3 official patch, copy the entire folder and zip it up and store it somewhere on your PC. If you ever need it, you can copy it to another location. This is one way you can have multiple installs of the game on your PC with the various mods.
  14. MVP 16 End of Season Rosters

    2016 is not an official mvpmods TC mod. I can't attest to the rosters working with a TC mod that is not of this site. I'm sure some of the faces are off as some of their guys don't use the official IDs. Windows always asks to overwrite files for any program. That's just how Windows works. Manipulating dynasty files (SAV files) is risky. My advice is try it in MVP 12, 13 or 15. But again, you'll need to have your faces up to date.
  15. Cyberfaces For Beginners

    How about Hector Neris? He is probably going to be the Phillies closer. Great sinker!