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  1. It's especially fun to change the manager comments on the mound visits!
  2. Well, maybe I was asking too much here, but this website does now allow me to put in more statistically driven numbers for the speed attribute in the MVP rosters. However, the few teams that I have converted base on their numbers leaves me scratching my head. For example, Altuve and Maybin end up being an 83 for speed in the game, yet were in the top 10 for stolen bases.
  3. What I did when I changed them was wrote down from within the game what I wanted to change and then opened the file to change in LocLook. I doubt anyone is going to have what you want.
  4. Not sure where else to put this but I'm looking for feedback on MLB pitchers who can run well. This is for future roster updating purposes as currently all the pitchers are set at 43, typically, for run speed. I'm not looking to do anything ultra-specific, but unfortunately pitchers are not included in the present StatCast sprint speed page (which is pretty interesting): https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/sprint_speed_leaderboard I'd be looking at maybe 5 categories: Gazelle: 85 Respectable: 70 Average: 55 Slow: 40 Lardass: 25 Something like that. As I posted in the chatbox, a bit of feedback from reddit for fast pitchers are: Joe Kelly, Stroman, Travis Wood, Edwin Jackson, Arrieta, Chapman, Carlos Torres, DeGrom, Samardzija, Clay Buchholz (though that may have changed).
  5. And this is the other problem we're encountering sometimes. This is not to sound racist (as people can easily take comments these days and make them so), but my observation. Some guys here are perfectly fluent in both English and Spanish. And being that this is predominantly an English speaking site, when some guys who are not fluent in Spanish attempt to translate their thoughts and explanation, something gets lost in translation. And I think this is in part why we're having a few problems on this site. This would be like me trying to post something at MVPCaribe. Knowing it is predominantly a Spanish speaking site, I wouldn't venture into posting anything or ask questions as my Spanish is less than that of Kindergarten level.
  6. My 2c is you should take this down and post it over at the MVP Caribe site.
  7. Database: Gordo? I don't recall being asked or agreed to anything.
  8. You still lost me a bit. Are you saying these rosters are causing a problem?
  9. I'm sorry..... something was lost in translation there.
  10. Kumula ... I would set up a dual boot situation and run the game from Windows 7 or XP.
  11. When you use TiT, it needs to be in the main folder. You don't unzip the install, just place it in the main folder as well and point TiT to it.
  12. TiT
  13. Dont unzip. Place the file inside your main MVP folder. If you dont have the total installer thingy in there as well you'll need to download it from this site as well as any of the support files/installs it needs. Then open TiT and point it to the face file or any other TiT compatible file you want to install and let it run. Rosters are not recommended to install with TiT.
  14. No comprendo. ¿Te refieres a este Avilan? No creo que hayas instalado las listas correctamente.
  15. I had no idea what this game is and looked it up briefly on YouTube. Yikes..... it really seems dated! I mean it looks like something ported over from the original NES. If you're looking for classic mods, why not simply use what's here and place on top of multiple installs of MVP?