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  1. Simulation game recommendation help, please

    If he's into board games check this one out, totally different take than most stats based card and dice games. Lots of good youtube vids out there and you can even order a manual to make your own players. https://plaay.com/baseball.html
  2. Classic 2K Rosters

    I'm enjoying these rosters, even got them working on my xbox360 using Reditor. One of these days I might attempt to try and get season stats into the game.
  3. Fielder's range

    The roster was updated yesterday with proper range settings.
  4. MLB THE SHOW 17: Pitch Edit Talk

    17 is the best effort by far for the show. Great game.
  5. how to adjust pitch speed in MLB15 the show

    In 16 at the main screen you need to use R1 or L1 to navigate from settings to online stuff etc. There should be 3 or 4 tabs at the top of the page and then use the R1 L1 to go to the section you want.
  6. how to adjust pitch speed in MLB15 the show

    Have you figured out how to access the slider settings? I know it can be a real bitch navigating around the settings screen. As far as how its actually listed I forget haven't played the game in months.
  7. how to adjust pitch speed in MLB15 the show

    I don't own 15 but in16 there are actually two sliders for pitch speed one for fastballs and the other for off-speed pitches. They are located under the sliders section. Not much more to say.
  8. Classic 2K Rosters

    Thanks for this it's great. Few questions. Wondering about player stats I'm not seeing any show up in the rosters? Do we need to import them ourselves or am I doing something wrong here? Using Reditor by the way. Also I did read the write up in the mlb 2k12 ratings calulator v26 but can't quite figure out how to use the modified lahman access. I'm also trying to use this on xbox360 seems to be working so far.
  9. Pitches turning yellow then red?

    Yeah I know it was a feature of the game for that reason but only certain players had this bug that caused the icon to go red after one or two pitches. I think it was just a few pitchers that had this bug, Darvish was one and Drew Smyly was another.
  10. Pitches turning yellow then red?

    No but this this has been a problem for some time and I had remembered reading about giving pitchers an extra pitch or something to help with the issue but can't remember for sure. It could have been a bug in the game using 2k's rosters.
  11. I remember reading about this before, when pitches turn yellow then red after only a few pitches, was there ever a fix for this?
  12. 2K15

    To run as an admin you need to right click on the program then select the option.
  13. Need some tips on hitting Home Runs

    There is a slider that controls how often the text thing pops up telling you what pitch is coming, turn that up all the way then you'll know whats coming.
  14. Need some tips on hitting Home Runs

    I thought 2k was strictly timing?
  15. REditor

    I just checked my full version and i can still access everything. I did switch my PC to windows 10 a while back so had to re-do the keys and then it worked fine, have you tried re-entering them?