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  1. IFF Editor Beta9

    The tool is the same as NBA 2K9 IFF Editor and I change the title of the software and replace the icon.

    Enjoy it.

    If you don't know how to use it, there's a video tutorial


    Sorry for my bad English

    And I empower MVPmods.com to release this tool if we update it.

    I think maybe the modding tool can be released someday.

    Thank you.

    Discuss it here:

    By the way, if you use this tool to make patches, I can post it in MLB-2K.com ,of course i'll add the author information.


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  2. 2k9 Stadium Guide Video Part 1 Ads


    This is a quick tutorial on modifying MLB 2k9's ads using IFF Editor. The download includes some templates and an HD video. Or you can just watch it from the youtube video. You may need the xvid codec to play, www.xvid.org, or just download VLC player, http://www.videolan.org/.

    IFF Editor can be found at 2kmods.com

    You can probably substitute Gimp for Photoshop and Inkscape for Illustrator if you do not want to try the adobe product demos. Illustrator is optional also. I prefer it because of the flexibility in using vector files. Photoshop can import .eps files but if the background is set, then you'll be stuck with having to cut it out manually.

    2k9's textures can be modified and swapped with new ones. This also works with other .iff files. 3d modeling hasn't been figured out yet. Dealing with doubled ads is currently a problem making parks impossible to be 100% accurate. Remember to backup the original files just in case your computer farts.

    Good texturing can save bad modeling. Bad texturing will always look bad.

    Huge Thanks to Showfom for making IFF Editor Beta9!


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