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Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 11-19


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..One of the best books I've ever read was To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. If you've never read it, you don't know what you are missing.

I like that she wrote one of the most critically acclaimed novels of the 20th Century, but has yet to write the follow-up, 50 years later. I'd like to meet her.

Harper Lee grew up with another acclaimed author, Truman Capote, and served as his assistant during the years he was researching In Cold Blood. I assume they show this in the new Capote biofilm (though she's probably referred to by her first name, Nelle), but it hasn't come to theaters anywhere close to me.

I hate living in the mountains sometimes.


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Got to get in on this!

- It's really good to be working again. I'm starting my new job tomorrow night at 10pm, and I can't wait. 9 months of inactivity is more than enough to drive one insane.

- I hate fireworks. Actually, no. I hate the senseless idiots who use them. They are still going off here.

- Water is teh rule.

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Last weekend was Guy Fawkes Day!

Well, I never heard of this guy so instead of pulling a NYM91 and asking someone to find out for me, I went to google and found out for myself.

Here is a Guy Fawkes information site that tells you who he is and why the British people make bonfires and blow off fireworks in honor of the capture of this guy. The British, it would seem to me, have very long memories. Kind of like my ancestors in Sicily. This event with Fawkes happened in 1605.

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Updated to 11-20

..Man I miss the days when Axl Rose and Guns n Roses were together.

..Beavis and Butthead cartoons still crack me up.

..Britain's Winston Churchill was a brilliant leader. I just finished listening to an audio book about him and this man was a great leader.

..I think MarkB's off season signature this year should say "Keep Brian Giles away from the New York Yankees." Maybe we'll have better luck with that Mark?

..I dread the cold weather every single year. Sometimes I wish I never should have left Oahu, but that's life.

..Again we are forced to watch the Dallas Cowboys on TV this Thanksgiving. As a Raider fan, I'm thrilled about this. :evil:

..I'll watch anything with Estella Warren in it.

..Lex Luthor is the greatest criminal mind of all time.

..I forgot, some of you don't watch Smallville. But some of you do so you know what I mean.

..I know it's early, but since I won't be here this weekend, everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

No random thoughts next week because I won't be home to access my computer. This will resume two weeks from now.

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My turn.

Chest infections suck. Like, really suck. This is my second this year.

I miss baseball.

Working is one of those strange things. Money = good, time spent = bad. Especially when you turn up for Saturday night overtime at 10pm in the freezing cold and hang around for half an hour with the gates locked only to give up and go home again via taxi, then send an e-mail requesting a response for the next day and know exactly the same amount of information at 4.20pm the following day as you did when you were in the taxi home.

British TV scheduling is horrible. At various points tonight, there are 4 shows interlapping which I want to watch. Boxing, Lost, 30 Days and XXX 1 - the movie. ;)

I'm sure that in some weird way, coughing fits trigger some kind of chemical response from the brain to make you feel happy for a few minutes until the next one. Either that, or the paracetamol I took this morning is still in my system.

Why haven't the Yankees re-signed Mike Vento yet?

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Guest JWClubbie

I can't wait for Spring Training. I am making my decision on which team to Sign with, or better which team will hire me soon.

My sister betrayed me today. She repeates a conversation we had.

(She is 19, married with a kid, what can I expect?)

Bengals lose a close one today to Colts.

Top 5 QB's right now






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Random thoughts before bed:

Birthday present.





20 inches long, 2 ounces, 9 carat.

I need to watch Lost and 30 Days tonight. Missed both during the week.

Anyone got any advice on getting rid of chest infections, other than prescribed medicine?

My baseball urges have worn off a little. It's been replaced ith a combination of music, gaming and DVD's, but I'm sure it will return.

I'm looking forward to the 4th of December, when I'll be getting my hands on a 1GB MP3 player. Should be cool. A Medion MD81018 with expandable memory, so I can take my SD Card from my camera and slam some extra beats into it.

Goodnight, all!

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I think Lost is better

Lost is a fantastic show, has been getting better with each passing week! Nice to see it wasn't hit by the sophmore slump!

Y4L...Lex Luthor is the greatest criminal mind of the DC Universe! Lex Luthor on Smallville is a tragic figure....you know what he is going to become, but part of you wishes it wouldn't happen! Michael Rosenbaum, up to this point is the best Luthor ever, although I look forward to Kevin Spacey's interpretation...all hail Kaiser Soze!

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Updated to 12-4

...The current baseball contract with the players ends after the 2006 season. I wonder how close they will come to strike again?

...I can't wait until December 14th when that King Kong movie comes out. That looks like the best movie for this holiday season.

...One thing going on this week that I'll be paying attention to is the baseball meetings. Here's hoping the Yankees don't do anything stupid.

...Thank you Brian Giles for re-signing with San Diego.

...and also thanks to the Florida Marlins, who are demanding Robinson Cano from the Yankees along with Sean Henn and Scott Proctor for the immortal Juan Pierre. Is there anyone else you want too?

...Going back a bit for anyone on here older than 21, do you remember the Prodigy service? I wonder what happened to this? I used to have that when I had dial up before Windows 95. (Prodigy was a online service similar to AOL, but at the beginning did not have internet access. I had this for DOS)

...Here's hoping the Colts go undefeated this year. I still have a hard time saying "Indy" when I refer to them. In my mind they still are the Baltimore Colts.

...Something tells me that the Cleveland Browns next year will be as good as the Bengals are this year.

...New Smallville episode this week after a two week hiatus. Thank God.

...Three full shopping weeks left until Christmas. Let's get this over with.

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...Going back a bit for anyone on here older than 21, do you remember the Prodigy service? I wonder what happened to this? I used to have that when I had dial up before Windows 95. (Prodigy was a online service similar to AOL, but at the beginning did not have internet access. I had this for DOS)

Prodigy was founded in 1984 as Trintex, a joint venture between CBS, computer manufacturer IBM, and US retailer Sears. CBS left the venture in 1986 during a period where CBS CEO Tom Wyman was divesting of properties outside of CBS's core broadcasting business. The Prodigy service was launched regionally in 1986 in Atlanta, Hartford and San Francisco under the name Prodigy. It was launched nationally in 1988.

In 1996 Prodigy was acquired by the former founders of Boston Technology and their new firm International Wireless with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim as a minority investor. Slim brought the brand to Mexico. IBM and Sears sold their interests to this group for $200 million. It was estimated that the two companies had invested more than $1 billion in the service since its founding. Prodigy went public in 1999 and in November 2001 its USA operations were bought out by SBC Communications, which essentially shut down the brand Prodigy and rolled all members into its new online venture with Yahoo.

In Mexico, Prodigy Internet is the main ISP with an estimate of 80% of the market share, also is the leader in WiFi access (hotspots) and broadband (DSL) access which is called Prodigy Infinitum available in speeds of 512 kbit/s, 1024 kbit/s, 1300 kbit/s and 2000 kbit/s. The installation and DSL modem are both free, if the service is purchased for at least 2 years. Prodigy Internet in Mexico is part of Telmex (Telefonos de México)

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Me and some friends 'break into' (the building is supposed to be locked) a classroom and use the digital projector to watch old MST3K episodes. 6 people actually came yesterday. It's awesome that so many people taped the old episodes and distributed some.

The best episode I have ever seen was the "Timechasers" one.

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