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Total Classics *61


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"*61 was a very Special Season in Baseball History:

Expansion had begun, Ruth's 60 home run record was broken (although with an " * ") and perhaps even most noticeable was the coming of the '60s ------

Yes, it was a Special Time in Baseball as well as a Special Time in America"


MVP 1961 will be available shortly.




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Oh awesome.

I'd made a half-assed attempt to get people interested in working on a mod like this a while ago, but it never developed into anything.

Here are the main issues I think you'll run into, unless it's already been solved:

1). Obviously, to be accurate, every park would need serious modding, though mostly on the graphical front.

2). LA Angels at LA Wrigley, and there are very few pics available of this place unless someone has Home Run Derby on video.

3). Candlestick Park for the Giants, but it's at least pre-expansion.

4). Comiskey Park.

5). the LA Coliseum needs a ton of work if you want to add the crowd.

6). Baltimore Memorial needs some serious work on the 1954 version, but it should be feasible.

7). Milwaukee County Stadium had a completely different bleacher layout, and the 3rd base side was different.

8). KC Municipal Stadium.

Those are the main issues. I think I figure out that 1956 would be the easily, because you would just need to make Comiskey and KC Municipal.

If you can make this work, I will be truly in awe. Obviously, you don't need to ask to use anything I might've worked on, especially if someone wants to improve it, which shouldn't be too hard.

Rock on!

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i dont think those stadiums were included.

candlestick,coliseum, or the the angels at wrigley.

overall, i think you're still going to be incredibly impressed sean-o.

No doubt there, I can't wait. Just wish I had more time to help out on the park front, but it's going to be freaking incredible.

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Nice! 1994, 1961 :)

Were you able to eliminate divisions?

Unfortunately, no

The 162 game AL schedule is historically accurate however the 154 game NL schedule is not because the season must have 162 games

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Unfortunately, no

The 162 game AL schedule is historically accurate however the 154 game NL schedule is not because the season must have 162 games

yeah horster, i was just explaining that up above. sucks couldnt set it to 154. maybe one day.

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Yes, the work of the entire "Total Classics" team is heavily incorporated into the *61 Season Mod. The audio is basically unchanged with the exception of Hory's work to make certain the team names are announced correctly such as Milwaukee Braves; Kansas City Athletics & Los Angeles Angels.

The uniforms were redone to be a bit more precise for the *61 Season and also the Flapless Helmets are completely done for the 18 original Teams from 1961. Sandman, who did many of the uniforms for the Total Classics Mods, did all of these uniforms as well. Not one of them remained unchanged.

Portraits were redone by Sandman as well along with Logos and such.

The real beauty of this *61 Season mod, in my opinion, is all the 61ish stuff that Sandman included which starts right at the begining CTS screen and flows consistently throughout the entire game. Even the Top Hits from 1961 are part of this mod.

Once you log on you really feel you are back in '61 which really has made this a fun project for all of us.

This mod is geared toward Dynasty Mode in that Hory has realigned both leagues to incorporate those original 18 '61 Teams as well as providing the 1961 complete schedule as it was in '61. Although, Exhibition play is available with other '60s era teams based on the Early '60s Classic Roster set that was first introduced here at MVPMods for MVP 2004. But those teams were not tweaked with a fine tooth comb like the original 18 teams from '61 were. The *61 Roster in this mod has been reworked without a single element overlooked.

We think many of you will thoroughly enjoy this trip back to *61. I was in my early teens in *61 and this is a close to how I remember it all that I have ever seen.

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Hats off to all you fellas

(and a special tip of the cap to Stecropper for his motivation

to re create the 1961 season)

With the click of a button we can have: 'MVP TC' or 'MVP 1961'

Not to mention soon to be 'MVP 1994'

Thats 'Baseball' :!:

And 'Thank You' to MVP Mods

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Thanks to you all! This mod will last for many years. Been playing some 61 Bobby Darin music have a DVD of the 61 World Series in the lap top and last week enjoyed a 61 movie with my wife on TCM "Come September" (Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin). TC's just brings me back to a quiter time when baseball was pure.

Can't wait to see how the 61 season ends in 2006.

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MVP'ers like yourself are the primary audience for this Mod - but hopefully it will generate your level of appreciation for that time in American history for many others as well.

"Thanks" - Hope you enjoy it and be sure to point out any inconsistencies; errors or potential improvements as we will continue to enhance it with the welcomed input from anyone wishing to provide any.

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We click on the .exe file to install.

My destination folder is shown as:


Is this where I should install? Or should it be "Total Classics 2005"?

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Hi Albie,

On the Installer "Destination" folder you should probably use the Browse button to the right and point to the folder you wish to install this mod to.

Example might be "C:Program FilesEA SPORTSMVP Baseball 2005" or it could be something like "C:Program FilesEA SPORTSTotal Classics V5 MVP Baseball 2005" if you created a directory for Total Classics with that type of name.

Then hit the Extract button on the bottom right to begin the installation.

Once that is complete you should go to the folder you pointed the installer to and look in the main directory of that folder for the TC1961 application exe.

Click on TC1961 to complete the installation of the *61 Season Mod.


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Thanks so very much! That is why we do these mods. We hope people enjoy them as much as we do and it sounds like you are doing just that.

Let us know how things go with your Cubs in *61. We certainly would be interested in hearing from you.

I hope you noticed Mr.Cub himself was selected as our Cover Player! Perhaps you can play two tonight yourself.

It is a great day for a ballgame - Ain't it?

Take Care,


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