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An exhibitionists dynasty


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Well, in short, I'm too much of a perfectionist to start a real dynasty, at least for now, so I figure that now that we have a great program by tywiggins that can extract boxscore data, I could post the results of my exhibition games - so that's what I'll be doing.

No set structure, no schedule to speak of. As I play most of my exhibition games with the Trenton Thunder, you could say that this is a Thunder dynasty...but it doesn't really work as I'll play a Clippers or either Yankees game once in a while. ;)

As most of you probably know, I keep up with the Trenton Thunder more than any other team, an I'll quite often play their opponents at the time of the game, so if, like tonight, Trenton played the Reading Phillies, I might play the R-Phils in an exhibition game.

I'm playing all games with updated Ultimate Rosters, meaning that I update the last released version to have updated changes between versions that will be made in the next released version.

My first game is posted here and was played on the 28th of May. Rather than post a pile of links, you can just click the Next button on the page to view the next game. Also, you can sneak some views at the progress of my Waterfront Park 2006 mod by checking the screenshots. ;)

First game to be posted in full is below. Let me know if you have any comments or thoughts etc. :) (BTW, apologies for the pixelation of the images: I resized using the wrong configuration. Others will be much smoother in future.)

Reading Phillies @ Trenton Thunder (Click link for boxscore.)

The Reading Phillies came to Waterfront Park to meet the Trenton Thunder on a windy New Jersey day, with a strong wind heading out to left-center field. Matt DeSalvo got the start for Trenton, his first since being demoted from Columbus, while Scott Mathieson got the start for the R-Phils.

Both teams started out quietly, totalling just 3 hits until the bottom of the 4th inning when Trenton got to the Phillies starter by way of a Bronson Sardinha leadoff single and a no-doubt shot from Randy Ruiz, ex-Reading Philly, to put the Thunder ahead by 2. Mathieson struggled to close the inning as Eric Duncan and Kevin Howard walked to threaten again and Phillies lefty Allen Davis began warming up in the bullpen, but Justin Christian flied out to end the threat and the inning.

The Thunder had another chance to go ahead in the 5th as Omir Santos led off with a single and advanced to second as Gabe Lopez attempted to bunt his way on base, but ended up with a sacrifice as he was thrown out. Santos was then picked off of second base before Bronson Sardinha singled softly to center field which would have scored Santos. Trenton scored again regardless, as Randy Ruiz stepped to the plate and hit a high 385ft home run to left-center to put Trenton ahead 4-0.

Matt DeSalvo scattered just 3 hits until the top of the 7th, when the Phillies started getting to him. After Michael Bourn flied out and Nate Grindell grounded out, DeSalvo walked Curt Miaso and Antoin Gray before John Vanden Berg singled to load the bases. With his pitch count rising, James Brent Cox started warming in the bullpen before DeSalvo induced a ground ball to end the inning, and the Phillies threat.

Francisco Butto started the top of the 8th inning and took just 6 pitches to retire the Phillies. Scott Mathieson's day was also over, as he was replaced by Talley Haines in the bottom of the 8th, who acted in much the same way as Butto, taking 7 pitches to retire the 2 Duncan's, Shelley and Eric, and Felix Escalona.

Then, in the top of the 9th inning, things got interesting. With a non-save situation, Francisco stayed in the game to close it out with Justin Pope warming in the bullpen just in case. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Butto allowed 2 singles before Pope was called on and induced a 4-6-3 double play to leave a man on third base with 2 outs. Pope spotted his pitches well enough to get Gray to ground out to end the game and give the Thunder a solid 4-0 win in New Jersey.

Notes: In the top of the 4th inning, Michael Bourn grabbed a double as the Thunder shifted to the 1st base side on him before Bourn slapped a slow grounder to 3rd base, beating the shift and sprinting to second base.

Randy Ruiz went 3 for 4 with his 2 homers and a single in the bottom of the 1st inning.


Felix Escalona grounds out in the bottom of the second inning - or does he? This was the closest the first baseman's foot got to the bag.


Matt DeSalvo enters the stride.


Gabe Lopez can't beat out his bunt in the 5th, but the sacrifice works and Santos moves to second base...


Only to be picked off 2 pitches later.


Randy Ruiz connects for his second home run of the night, a 385ft shot.


Gabe Lopez snares a liner headed for the outfield to rob Tim Moss of a hit in the 6th.


Matt DeSalvo wants to be left alone after John Vanden Berg singles in the 7th to load the bases.


Francisco Butto watches his pitch before being plunked with a line drive off of Nate Grindell's bat which would go for a single as Kevin Howard couldn't make a play on the deflection.


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Akron Aeros @ Trenton Thunder (Click link for boxscore.)

The Akron Aeros pulled off a one-sided victory in Trenton, as they took a 6-1 decision against the Thunder. Starter Adam Miller was a big reason why, as he limited the Thunder to just 2 hits, both singles, as he pitched a complete game. Thunder starter Tyler Clippard struggled early, allowing 4 runs on 4 hits and a walk in 2 innings, taking the loss.

The Aeros didn't need too much offense to win the game as Miller pitched a gem and they were helped out greatly by 2 errors in right field by Bronson Sardinha which led to 3 unearned runs, but they got it anyway as they combined for 8 hits, 5 of them being extra-base hits on 3 doubles, a triple and a home run. The Thunder, on the other hand, needed as much offense as they could muster, but couldn't do much against Miller as they scraped out just 2 hits. They came alive more in the last 3 innings and made Miller work more in those 3 than he had in the previous 6, as they laid off his outside, high and low pitches and made Miller throw strikes, which resulted in a run in the 8th as Omir Santos hit a sacrifice fly to score Felix Escalona from third base, but Gabe Lopez struck out to end the inning.

Charlie Manning pitched 6 solid innings of relief to save Trenton from a blowout and Jeremy King made an appearance as mop-up man in the 9th inning after another 2 unearned runs scored in the 8th as Bronson Sardinha made another error.


If it was possible, I'd refund the cost of the tickets to the pixelated fans in Waterfront Park for that game. I wasn't patient, I swung at damn near anything in the strike zone, and had a horrible start with Tyler Clippard. Check out the inning-by-inning pitch counts for Adam Miller. The first time he had to throw 10 pitches to end an inning was in the 5th and I wasn't even remotely patient until the bottom of the 7th.

The one positive factor in the game was Justin Christian throwing Hererra out at home plate. Because of his speed, I'm getting good jumps on fly balls hit to center, I've thrown a few guys out at home with Christian now and I'm getting used to getting the throw strength meter just right on thrown home on sacrifice flies.


Omir Santos tags out Javi Herrera at the plate in the 5th inning.


Justin Christian makes a catch at the wall in center field.


Felix Escalona steals a single up the middle from Ivan Ochoa in the 6th.


Adam Miller helps his own cause by snaring a bouncer off the bat of Gabe Lopez.


Bill Masse tries to get some leeway from the 1st base umpire after Eric Duncan grounded into a 1-5-3 double play to end the 7th.


A raging Bill Masse looks on Bronson Sardinha misplays another ball in right field.


The dejected Thunder dugout can't believe their pitiful performance.


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DUnit - It looks like Jim has removed the attachment. He'll probably give you a copy of them if you ask him.

Snepp - Yeah, that's what bothered me - they were all in the bottom of the 7th and 8th! :oops:

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New Hampshire Fisher Cats @ Trenton Thunder (Click link for boxscore)

Trenton relied on a 2-run home run from recently-demoted Eric Duncan and some timely hits to grind out a 5-3 victory over the Blue Jays AA affiliate. On an overcast day in Trenton, New Jersey, with a strong 20mph wind to right field, the hitters took advantage of it to score 8 runs between them.

After another rocky start from Trenton starter Tyler Clippard, who had handed New Hampshire a 3-0 lead halfway through the 2nd inning on a solo home run and 3 hits in the second, the Thunder started their comeback in the bottom of the inning. Eric Duncan led off the inning with a single and started the merry-go-round as the Thunder loaded the bases for Justin Christian. He was called out on an infield fly to take some pressure off of Fisher Cats starter Kyle Yates, but it was back on as soon as it came off as catcher Omir Santos singled to score Duncan and Gabe Lopez hit a sacrifice fly to score Felix Escalona, who had advanced to third base on the Santos single.

Trenton led off the 3rd where they had finished the second as Randy Ruiz hit a sharp single to start the inning before Shelley Duncan struck out. Eric Duncan stepped to the plate again and put Trenton ahead for good with a 2-run homer to right field, taking advantage of the wind which had proved to give the Fisher Cats their lead. The lead was almost extended as Kevin Howard doubled and Justin Christian took advantage of some shakiness from Yates, but Oir Santos ended the inning with a weak fly ball.

It was almost plain sailing from there with only a few threats afterward as both pitchers became accustomed to the conditions and adjusted their pitching styles accordingly. Clippard got himself into trouble again in the 5th and manager Bill Masse almost pulled him in favour of Jeff Kennard, but decided to let him pitch. Clippard was erratic and ended up at 3-1 before he knew what was happening, but came back and induced an infield fly from Chip Cannon for the second out, and induced a harmless fly out to end the inning, and his outing. The Thunder added some insurance in the 6th, although it could have been much worse for the Fisher Cats. Kevin Howard led off the inning with a single and Justin Christian came to the plate. Christian worked the count to 3-1 before lining a single too right field. Howard, however, had started back to first base after being deceived by Yates' pickoff move, and was thrown out at second base by right fielder Ron Davenport. This, however, did have its advantages, as it opened up second base for Justin Christian to steal, and he scored on a Gabe Lopez single after advancing to third base on Omir Santos' fly out to right field.

Charlie Manning entered the game in the top of the 6th and pitched for 3 innings, allowing 4 hit but no runs. Justin Pope provided Sandman duties in the 9th as he started the inning with 2 quick fly outs before allowing a single to David Smith and inducing a ground out from first baseman Chip Cannon.


Pretty good game, all in all. I could have been more patient, but was satisfied with the pitches I swung at and took and laid off of some good curveballs and changeups from Yates.

Eric Duncan had a good day, going 3 for 4 with 2 runs scored and 2 RBI. Kevin Howard also went 3 for 4, but had none of the run support, as Christian and Santos couldn't do anything with him on base.

What do you think of the larger screenshots? Too large?

How about a game of "Spot the changes made to Waterfront Park since the last game"? :p


Gabe Lopez just can't reach Adam Lind's single in the 5th inning.


Tyler Clippard reaches back for something extra as he pitches to Chip Cannon with the bases loaded in the 5th.


Eric Duncan's pitch guide from his 2-run home run in the third inning.


Charlie Manning trots to the mound from left field in the top of the 6th. (Even though the bullpen is actually on the third base side of the infield...)


Justin Christian snaps a wicked line drive just foul of third base in the bottom of the 6th...


...one pitch before he singles to right field and Kevin Howard is thrown out at second base.


Christian takes advantage of the open base...again.


Gabe Lopez is picked off of first base by soft-tossing lefty Jim Bullard.


Felix Escalona avoids the tag as he reaches base on the error by new third baseman Erik Kratz.


Bronson Sardinha, Felix Escalona and Shelley Duncan celebrate the win.


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Altoona Curve @ Trenton Thunder (Click link for boxscore)

Danny Borrell gave the Thunder 6 strong innings and led Trenton to a 3-2 win over the Pirates AA affilate Altoona Curve. In a game almost blighted by strange fielding errors and lapses in concentration by the team manager, it's surprising that the teams only managed 5 runs in total in this game that resembled something in a filming session for "The Outer Limits".

On an average day in Trenton, New Jersey, the stadium staff appeared, the fans appeared, the team appeared, and the game was on. But the game would be the only thing that wasn't average.

27-year-old Danny Borrell took the start for the Yankees AA team, while 26-year-old Shane Youman took the start for the Curve in what was expected to be somewhat of a minor league veteran's outing at Waterfront Park.

Borrell started very well, retiring the side on 3 pitches in the top of the first before being handed a 1-0 lead by the Thunder offense as they took advantage of Youman's early control troubles to grab a double off the bat of Bronson Sardinha, a single from Shelley Duncan and 2 walks before ending the inning on a strikeout by Kevin Howard. The Curve attempted to even it up in the top of the second inning, but some good pitching by Borrell closed that avenue and the inning was ended after 2 hits and 19 pitches.

After this, both sides were retired in order until the bottom of the 4th. Eric Duncan and Felix Escalona both flew out to start the inning. Then, with 2 outs, Trenton added another 2 runs as Kevin Howard and Justin Christian both singled. The runs came as Omir Santos hit a sharp ground ball straight to shortstop Brandon Chaves which should have ended the inning, but Chaves mis-played the ball as Howard ran in front of him, and the ball rolled all the way to deep left-center field. Howard and Christian scored and Santos took second base to give Trenton a 3-0 lead.

The Curve worked their way back in the 6th though and made it tight as Travis Chapman, Ray Sadler and Adam Boeve singled to load the bases with one out. Jeremy King started throwing in the Thunder bullpen as Borrell's stamina lowered. Borrell then pitched carefully to Paul Chiaffredo to induce a short fly ball that was fielded by Shelley Duncan for the second out. However, the runs scored on the next play as Vic Buttler grounded a ball to Thunder shortstop Felix Escalona who tried, and failed, to play the ball cleanly twice before finally grabbing it. A run scored on the play, and it was scored, bizarrely, as an RBI single for Buttler. Yurendell DeCaster then singled to score the second run before Chaves flew out to end the inning.

At 3-2, James Brent Cox replaced Borrell in the top of the 7th and immediately gave up a double to Craig Stansberry down the right field line. Travis Chapman then stepped to the plate and attempted to bunt Stansberry to third base, but fouled the first one off. Cox then tried to get a pop-up and ran the count to 2-1 as Chapman pulled back twice. Cox then fired a sharp slider high in the zone and Chapman popped it straight back to Cox, who then threw a bullet to Gabe Lopez at second base for the 1-4 double-play to get Cox out of a jam.

Trenton had a chance to increase their lead in the bottom of the 7th, but somehow failed. Omir Santos led off the inning with a single and was pinch-run for by Vince Faison. Gabe Lopez then drew a bunt single to put men on 1st and 2nd with no outs. And this is where it got strange yet again. Bronson Sardinha, Randy Ruiz and Shelley Duncan all flew out on fastballs, all of which were hit on the screws, but simply didn't travel. Randy Ruiz hit a bomb to left field, which somehow died at 300 feet and was turned into an average fly ball for left-fielder Vic Buttler.

In the top of the 8th inning, Thunder manager Bill Masse had to replace Vince Faison with a catcher, as he had pinch-run for Santos in the previous frame. Instead, he replaced Gabe Lopez, a major-league ready second baseman with the glove, with catcher Jason Brown. Then, realising his mistake, he moved Faison to second base and Brown to catcher and replaced Faison with utility man J.T. Stotts at second base. The inning went quietly, but it was the managerial moves that made this one stand out.

The Curve kept their biggest threat until the top of the 9th. Closer Justin Pope replaced James Brent Cox and allowed a single before inducing a weak fly ball from Brandon Chaves. The Curve manager then joined in the festivites as he pinch-hit Craig Stansberry for Simon Pond, who singled, then replaced Pond with pinch-runner Mike Edwards and pinch-hit Chris Richard for Travis Chapman. Richard flied out and DeCaster took third base before leadoff batter Rajai Davis grounded out to shortstop J.T. Stotts to end the game and give Pope a save.


Very strange game. I worked Youman hard in that first inning through necessity as I wasn't picking up much from his over-the-top delivery and when he was throwing balls, I figured why bother swinging at them?

Those foul balls from Shelley Duncan were evil - he tattoed them. I wish the play would record longer, as whenever I go to replay on those things, the ball is just skied and you have no idea where it went because the replay is too short.

I came very close to replacing Escalona after that 6th inning for no other reason that punishment. :lol: And the fact that it was scored a single is baffling. It was an easy play, he took a bad angle, it his his leg and rolled toward left field, then he couldn't even pick it up! Killed Borrell's shutout, too.

I was impressed with that double play from Cox. I'll need to remember the slider for future reference.

Yes, I messed up on the defensive changes. I wasn't paying full attention and ended up swapping Jason Brown in for Gabe Lopez by mistake and had to screw around to correct it. If J.T. Stotts had made an error at second base, I think I'd have went insane. Luckily, Stotts is a good utility man and can play third, short and second base. Very luckily. ;)


Brandon Chaves watches the ball go through his legs and roll to the outfield in the 4th.


Center fielder Rajai Davis eventually grabs the ball 3 feet short of the wall.


Shelley Duncan hammers 2 balls foul before grounding out in the bottom of the 5th.


Gabe Lopez makes a leaping grab as he steals a hit from Rajai Davis in the 6th.


Felix Escalona is responsible for the 2 runs Altoona scored as he takes a horrible angle on the grounder and the ball bounces off his leg...


...he wonders how it got in front of him...


...then he fails to pick it up...


...before finally grabbing it.


Then, ironically enough, he made a diving stop on the next play, but couldn't prevent a single by Yurendell DeCaster.


Bronson Sardinha makes the final out of the top of the 6th.


The start of J.B. Cox's great double play... (spot the ball! ;))


...and the end.


Gabe Lopez gets a bunt single in the bottom of the 7th.


J.T. Stotts makes the final out of the game.


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Nashville Sounds @ Columbus Clippers (Click link for boxscore)

The Clippers hosted the Brewers AAA affiliate at Cooper Stadium in a pitching-dominated game with only a few short and defining outbursts of offense.

Clippers starter and ex-Yankee Ramiro Mendoza held the Sounds to just 1 hit through 6 innings of work before running into trouble in the 7th. Vincent Rottino looped a bloop single in the 1st inning and was the only baserunner that Mendoza would allow for a while. The Clippers started slowly as well, getting their only hit in the 1st inning as well before a Carlos Pena home run to right field elevated the Clippers to a 3-0 lead in the 4th. Kevin Reese singled to lead off the inning and advanced to second on Melky Cabrera's groundout. Mitch Jones then slapped a single before Pena stepped to the plate and crushed a hanging splitter from Sounds starter Dennis Sarfate over the right field fence.

In a quiet game, the next burst of offense came in the top of the 7th as Ramiro Mendoza led off the inning with a walk to Dave Krynzel, who then stole second base. Vincent Rottino then singled to score Krynzel as Mendoza tired quickly before he made his last good pitch of the day - a hard sinker to Mike Rivera to induce a comebacker and start a 1-4-3 double play to end the inning.

Matt Smith entered the game in the top of the 8th and ran into trouble immediately. Brent Abernathy doubled to start the inning, followed by another double by Brad Nelson to bring the Sounds to within a run. Dusty Bergman got up in the bullpen, but Smith managed to compose himself and induced weak pop-up's behind the plate from Enrique Cruz and Tony Gwynn Jr. before surprising Dave Krynzel with a changeup for a ground out.

The Clippers attempted to increase the lead for a little insurance in the bottom of the 8th, but despite 2 singles from Kevin Thompson and Kevin Reese, they couldn't capitalise as Thompson was picked off of first base before Melky Cabrera struck out and Mitch Jones grounded out weakly.

Jose Veras entered the game in the top of the 9th at 3-2 and incuded 2 ground outs and a strikeout to record a save and leave the Clippers with a 3-2 win.


Very boring game, for some reason. The highlight was the 3-run homer, but finishing it almost seemed like a chore. Sounds starter Sarfate had an annoying delivery and I was having some lag, which I couldn't figure out.


Sounds left-fielder Dave Krynzel robs Melky Cabrera of a hit in the 1st inning.


Kevin Reese sneaks into first base before his arm is crushed...and he completes the game.


Carlos Pena tracks the ball that ended up 387ft away from home plate to Give the Clippers the lead.


Ramiro Mendoza starts the double play that ensured him a win.


Jose Veras celebrates his save.


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