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What I Should Have Done...


Two months into the season, what do you see as the Giants biggest need?  

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    • There is no pressing need
    • Another power bat
    • Veteran reliever
    • Everyday third baseman

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For Current League Information, click here.

To fast-foward to the end of April 2007, click here.

To fast-foward to the end of May 2007, click here.

As a Giants fan, this off-season has been an up and down for me. If Sabean actually follows through

with the plan I think he’s setting up – one that involves using the slew of first round picks we have in

2007 to draft hitters and only keeping the 30-something players through the end of their 2-3 year

contracts – then I think the Giants are on the right track. But it’s questionable right now.

And that doesn’t help the young guys like Todd Linden, Kevin Frandsen, Travis Ishikawa, and Fred

Lewis to develop – and to prove that they can play at the big league level.

So what’s one to do for the young guys? Start a dynasty, of course!

MVP 07 mod w/URP

All-Star with my own sliders

Assisted fielding

CPU trades OFF

Been asked for what sliders I use - here they are. If not listed, they're at 0:

Pitch Speed: -5

CPU Pitcher Ball Rate: 5

CPU Pitcher Fatigue: 6

User Pitch Control: -10

User Batting Contact: 5

CPU Batting Contact: 10

User Batting Power: -5

CPU Batting Power: -3

User Bunting Ability: 5

CPU Bunting Ability: -5

User and CPU Foul Ball Frequency: 50

CPU Swing Frequency: -25

User and CPU OF Speed: 2

CPU Throw Accuracy: -18

User Catch Error: 15

CPU Catch: -15

CPU Runner Aggression: -7

User Runner Aggression: 2

User and CPU Runner Steal Speed: 2

User and CPU Runner Steal Delay: -3

CPU Steal Rate: 7

I will play every game. Anyone not selected for my 25-man roster will be sent down to the minors and

will be treated like they don’t exist; only players within the system will be called up in cases of injury.

Special thanks to tywiggins for his box score program, the MVP 07 team, Totte for the rosters,

kgbaseball for help with the title, and to the one or two of you that will be following… :D


A good portion of TCM was played when I was on a month-long vacation from work - so there were a

couple of games a day usually. Now though, M-F is pretty busy...go to work, eat dinner, work out - by

then it's about bedtime (especially on Monday nights when 24 is on) :D

In a nutshell, the dynasty will get finished as kg alluded too...but you gotta be a tad patient with me

and just keep checking in :wtg:

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First, we’ll start with the moves I’m not changing:

Moises Alou – signs with NYM

Steve Finley – not resigned

Todd Greene – signed with SD

Shea Hillenbrand – signed with ANA

Steve Kline – resigned

Chad Santos – resigned

Jason Schmidt – signed with LA

Mike Stanton – signed with CIN

Jamey Wright – signed with TEX

Pedro Feliz - resigned, but will split time with Aurilia. He pisses me off more often than not – my confidence in his ability to be an everyday player is gone.

Barry Bonds – this one is a tough decision. Without Bonds, there’s not a single player that is a solid choice in the clean-up position. The closest is Feliz; but nothing good can come from having a #4 hitter who hits .244. So, I’ve accepted Bonds’ one-year deal. He won’t play in day games after night games, and Fred Lewis will come in for pinch-running and defense in the later innings.

Barry Zito – signed. Love the idea – not the money. Using Zito as the #1 this season will help Cain develop for one more year before being handed the reins.

Rich Aurilia – signed. There isn’t a third base prospect available to step-up, and Aurilia can’t handle a full-time job. So he and Feliz will split time at third and as bench options.

Bengie Molina – Eliezer Alfonzo isn’t good enough to handle a full-time job as a ML catcher. And with Matheny retired now due to his problems with concussions, a catcher needed to be signed.

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Now, we’ll look at the moves that were made and how I’m changing them – if at all. (if they aren’t resigned, I’m just throwing them down in the minors).

Ray Durham – not resigned. In “real life,†I like the signing as I think allowing Frandsen and Durham to platoon will help Frandsen develop. But in this dynasty, Frandsen is being thrown into the fire.

Dave Roberts – not signed. Not really a bad signing, but it just takes time away from young’uns – the central focus of this here dynasty.

Ryan Klesko – not signed. We already have a Klesko – his name is Mark Sweeney.

Russ Ortiz – not signed. He's worthless...what a ridiculous move.

Armando Benitez – not a free agent, but he’s gone. Since there hasn’t been a trade yet, I can only throw him down in the minors. Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson will compete for the closers role.

There were a few minor league signings, but none that effect the MLB roster.

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So, without further ado, here are your 2007 San Francisco Giants:


Barry Zito (SP)

Matt Cain (SP)

Noah Lowry (SP)

Matt Morris (SP)

Jonathan Sanchez (SP)

Brad Hennessey (LRP)

Kevin Correia (MRP)

Scott Munter (MRP)

Vinnie Chulk (MRP)

Steve Kline (SU)

Brian Wilson (SU)

Tim Lincecum (CL)


Bengie Molina

Eliezer Alfonzo


Travis Ishikawa

Lance Niekro

Kevin Frandsen

Omar Vizquel

Pedro Feliz

Rich Aurilia

Mark Sweeney


Barry Bonds

Randy Winn

Todd Linden

Fred Lewis

Lineup (v R)

Winn – CF

Vizquel – SS

Aurilia – 3B

Bonds – LF

Linden – RF

Frandsen – 2B

Ishikawa – 1B

Molina – C


Lineup (v L)

Winn – CF

Vizquel – SS

Niekro – 1B

Bonds – LF

Feliz – 3B

Frandsen – 2B

Linden – RF

Molina – C


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Opening Night 2007

New York Mets @ St. Louis Cardinals


On Opening Night 2007, the New York Mets became the first team to win a game this season as they

defeated the defending champion St. Louis Cardinals 6-4.

2005 Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter was pulled after just 1.1 innings, having allowed four runs on

four hits. Jose Valentin was the star for the Mets, going 2-4 with a double and two RBI. Carlos Delgado

and Jim Edmonds each homered.


For boxscore, click here

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looks good, hope you post pics of games with the recaps and etc etc...

recaps will be almost exactly like they were in TCM - with the exception of these having a short recap added in.

I thought Linceum was a starter?

Anyway good luck with this.

he is.

I'm handling him like I think the Giants should - basically the way Boston used Papelbon last season. Give him a chance to close this season (he was used both ways in college) to give him a chance to get acclimated to big league hitting; then work him into a starter's role next season.

I'm done with Blownitez - and there is a logjam in the starting pitching department. I don't see holding Lincecum back doing any good if he has a solid spring training.

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he is.

I'm handling him like I think the Giants should - basically the way Boston used Papelbon last season. Give him a chance to close this season (he was used both ways in college) to give him a chance to get acclimated to big league hitting; then work him into a starter's role next season.

I'm done with Blownitez - and there is a logjam in the starting pitching department. I don't see holding Lincecum back doing any good if he has a solid spring training.

Got it.

(he was used both ways in college)

Sorry, I can't help it....That's what she said.

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You did a hell of a job with your Total Classics Tournament - very entertaining. Hope this dynasty is in par with it. Take care.

thank you very much. I doubt any other dynasties I do will go over as well as TCM did, but I hope that this one - and future ones - will be entertaining enough in their own right :D

i might try to play the first game in a little bit - if not, tomorrow will be opening day for the 2007 "coulda-been" Giants...

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OPENING DAY: April 3, 2007

Starting Pitchers:


Starting Lineup:


SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. - For the second straight season the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants

face off to begin a new year. This time, however, new Giants manager Bruce Bochy will be seeing it

from the other side of the diamond.

Bochy was signed to a three-year deal by San Francisco this offseason and replaces Felipe Alou as the

new Giants skipper. Alou went 342-304 (.529) with the Giants, but was under .500 in each of his last

two years with the team. Giants fans hope that Bochy will shake up the squad and bring San Francisco

back into the hunt in the NL West.

The hiring of a new manager wasn't the only change made on the shores of McCovey Cove this off-

season though as a familiar Bay Area face will be wearing a new uniform today when Barry Zito starts

his first game as a Giant.

"I'm very excited," said Zito before taking the field for his pregame ritual. "The Bay Area is home. When

it came down to it, I just couldn't leave. Hopefully I - along with the young guys we have here this sea-

son - can give the fans [of San Francisco] something to cheer about in 2007."

Zito will face the undeniable ace of San Diego, Jake Peavy, as both teams begin their 2007 campaign.

Peavy is 8-6 against the Giants in his career with a 3.62 ERA in 114.1 IP. He's 6-4 with a 4.14 ERA in

63 IP in ten career starts at AT&T Park.

Zito has started just two games against the Padres in his career, going 0-1 with a 3.97 ERA in 11.1 IP.

At AT&T Park, he's 1-1 in three career starts, with a 4.05 ERA in 20 IP.

First pitch of the Giants home opener is scheduled for 1:05pm PST.

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Opening Day 2007 - April 3, 2007

Zito Pitches, Hits, Scores His Way To Victory On Opening Day


SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. - Barry Zito started his Giants career off on the right foot, defeating the San Diego

Padres 4-2 at AT&T Park today.

The first batter Zito faced as a Giant, Terrmel Sledge, struck out looking at Zito's signature curveball,

eliciting a deafening roar from the soldout crowd. Things wouldn't go perfectly for Zito on the mound

as he struggled with his control early; but his first at-bat as a National League pitcher drew another

roar from the home crowd when he singled up the middle against Padres ace Jake Peavy.

"It felt good today," said Zito. "I'm not happy with my pitching performance, but the guys backed me

up and we were able to get a win. I have to admit though - that single felt pretty good."

The Giants and Padres face off again tomorrow with the first pitch scheduled for 7:15pm PST.


Barry Zito singled in his first at bat as a Giant (left) and would later score (right) on a single by Omar

Vizquel in the third inning.


After a single by Omar Vizquel scored Barry Zito in the third inning, Rich Aurilia lined a shot up the mid-

dle that deflected off Jake Peavy's leg (left). Second baseman Marcus Giles fielded the deflection, but

threw wildly to first (right) allowing Aurilia to reach safely and Omar Vizquel to score the second Giants

run of the contest.


(Left) Randy Winn hit the first Giants home run of the season, a solo shot in the fifth inning. (Right) Not

to be outdone, Todd Linden added a solo shot of his own in the sixth.


Giants prospect Tim Lincecum got the first major league batter he faced (Kevin Kouzmanoff) to ground

out before allowing a hit to Josh Bard with one out in the ninth. Lincecum showed great composure

though, inducing a double play ball from pinch-hitter Russell Branyan to end the game, giving Barry Zito

his first victory as a Giant and Lincecum his first career save.


B3: Vizquel single scores Zito; Aurilia reaches on an error by the second baseman, Vizquel scores

B5: Winn solo HR

B6: Linden solo HR

T7: Kouzmanoff solo HR; Sledge single scores Walker

W - Zito (1-0) L - Peavy (0-1) S - Lincecum (1)

Player of the Game:

Randy Winn 2-3, HR, RBI

For Boxscore, click here

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