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Top 5 Teams You Love To See Lose


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Just like the title reads, which Top 5 Teams in any sport do you love to see lose? This thread is intended to be in good fun, so if you see your team, try to read with 'thick skin'. Post your top 5, and if you so desire, post any reason or reason's you love to see them lose.

Being an avid Indiana Hoosier fan my whole life, and since they're one of our biggest rivals, my number 1 team goes to:

1. Kentucky Wildcats (NCAA Basketball)

2. Duke Blue Devils (NCAA Basketball)

3. Los Angeles Lakers (NBA Basketball)

4. Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

5. Purdue Boilermakers (NCAA Basketball)

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Ok, thanks.  I'm assuming that Yankee4Life would have the same list as I do except that he would replace the LA Lakers with the Boston Red Sox.....   :)

Speaking of which, I like seeing the Red Sox (and Yankees for that matter) lose as well.  But coming from Indiana (basketball country), I just seem to celebrate more watching Kentucky and Duke lose at anytime, anyplace.  I'll even go so far as to record it so I can watch Coach K's face cringe in pain over and over again.  Sick, eh?   :drinks:

When all is said and done, there are so many more important things in life than winning and losing a sporting event, I just thought it would make for a fun thread to see who everyone on the board really dislikes.  It's all in fun.

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Here goes ... my personal love to hate 5 ...

[1] Green Bay Packers

[2] Detroit Red Wings

[3] New York Yankees*

[4] Philly teams

[5] Chicago Cubs

I do occassionaly find myself rooting for Aaron Rogers, because I think this dude is playing his butt off in an impossible situation.

The more I root against the Red Wings, the better they do. They "own" me.

The Yanks have every natural resource advantage possible, and still manager to screw it up once in awhile. I'd just like to see how they'd do if forced to operate in a more balanced system. Prove to me you're btter than the rest due to intelligence and not just being the biggest kid in grade school. The asterisk is in regards to their fans ... they do seem to have some really loyal, informed, yet be completely oblivious as to how everyone in the world doesn't see how the Yankees are sliced bread. They can be really enjoyable and yet completely annoying all at once. But, when your team has multiple times more winning history than everyone else, you have to give respect where its due ... and its due.

Philly fans seem to be mad/upset even when they win ... so I figure if you're gonna be mad you might as well just be pissed off, so I find some enjoyment in their defeats ... if for no other reason than their fans seem to love misery. This used to apply to Boston teams, but since they've won so often most of their fans have dropped the "End of the World" mentality.

The Cubs are my lone source of enjoyment on this list. Everyone else wins pretty much despite my rooting against them. Even when the Cubs win, they eventually lose in heart-breaking fashion. The enjoyment operates like clockwork. Their misery is the stable force in the sports world.

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5 Dallas Cowboys

4 Los Angeles Lakes

3 New Jersey Devils

2 Philidelphia Phillies

1 Boston Red Sox

I could think of plenty more, but the title said five. lol

How about teams you enjoy seeing win? And we can bump that list up to 10. I think someone people may surprise some others.

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