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does anybody collect baseball cards


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hello all, i just found out about upperdecks new card set for 2005.

its called sweet spot classic and its loaded with old school ball players

looks really good,but exspensive(bout 10 bucks a pack,american)

here is some picks,some of them have authentic jerseys and bats

thought you guys would be interested :)





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yeah ten bucks is a little much for a pack of cards(i think you only get 4 or 5 per pack)

but these cards are the hobby edition so they are limited in number, plusy you have a chance at getting a babe ruth game worn jersy card(it will be worth a crap load of money)

but the hobby just aint what it used to be :(

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I have every topps complete set since 1975

That's great. :p I wonder how much that little collection would be worth?

Oh, kind of off topic here, but one of the main reasons why I got out of this card collecting hobby is the price you get for the cards. Kraw, do you remember about ten years ago when Frank Thomas of the White Sox was hot? His cards were on fire. You couldn't touch his cards for under ten dollars. Well, I had a few of his cards and his rookie card from one company was worth 25 dollars. I had four of them. So, I had $100 worth in four cards. I went to sell them and this dealer grabs his Beckett price guide and says "yeah, they book for twenty-five dollars, but we usually pay 65% of the book price". To make a long story short, he didn't even want to pay 65%. So I told him to forget it and I left. A lot of dealers I found out were shady.

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i dont collect baseball cards. i do basketball alot. prolly have 50,000 plus.

EBAY :D . I do have a ton of baseball auto's from spring training games and such.

i got

Randy Johnson

Jason Giambi

Tim Hudson

Miguel Tejada

Eric Chavez

Richie Sexson

those are the biggest names i have . but i have bout 50-70 total.

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I never dealt much with dealers My parent were in charge of getting the cards until around 1987. Hell in 1987 you could pickup complete sets in toys-r-us

but I remember when Eric Davis's rookie card was throught the roof like $35 now you can pick them up for a buck.

Hell yeah, I remember that! I used to go to Toys-R-Us a lot to get the cards. They were sealed up really nice and I got the Fleers, Donruss and Topps from that place.

As for Eric Davis, I have a friend who's a Reds fan and he loved Davis. This guy's got thousands of his cards. I would trade him Davis for Mattingly. He's another one who got hurt and the card price went way down.

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well i just bought a box of sweet spot classic(cost me $170 CDN)

got lucky and got a rare joe morgan autographed card(1 of 40 made) :)

plus a cal ripken jr game used jersey card


a robin roberts game used jersey card


a not so rare david cone autograph card


and a roberto clemente oversized wingfield collection card


sry no pic for the joe morgan card. upperdeck doesnt have a pic for it online

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i collect rookie cards........i have RJ, ken griffey Sr-Jr, Al Lieter, Carlos Beltran, Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, Albert Pujols, Carlos Delgado, Derek jeter, Arod, Kerry Wood, Tom Glavine, Mike Piazza, John Franco and a lot more.....yes i have all of them rookie.....mostly because my fridns dad works at a card shop....so he buys rookie packs all the times and gives the cards he already has to me....

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Yea I've got a bunch of MLB Showdown cards, Don't play it anymore though. I got a sweet Randy Johnson card for it in 2000, its probably worth a wopping cent.

I stopped collecting them when they changed everything with the On-Base Numbers.

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I collected them when I was a kid, but stopped when I got into my teenage years. I'm not sure whatever happened to the cards, but I'll bet those late 60's / early 70's cards would be worth something today! Living in Connecticut, I remember how big a deal it was to find a Rico Petrocelli or Carl Yazstremski card in your pack.

Back then, you paid 25 cents for a pack of cards and you'd get a flat piece of bubble gum included with the cards (I'm guessing that's where the term "bubble gum" cards came from). As I recall, the gum was hard and tasted like cardboard, but we ate it anyway. :lol: Anyone know when they stopped including gum with cards?

A few years ago, I was in a nostalgic mood and over the course of a few months bought every one of Fran Tarkenton's football cards. He was my favorite player growing up, so I have every card from '62 (his rookie year) to '79. I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with them, but I won't throw them away this time. :D

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