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Modding Mlb 2K12 Faq

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This is an update of our 2k11 thread. If anyone catches anything else, let me know and we can keep everything in this first post.

Hopefully this will consolidate a lot of the questions about this years version. As of now, I have a list below and could write a few tutorials about anything specific if there is an interest. Again If anyone would like to add to this, please let me know!

Big thanks to DetroitStyle and darth_mickrig for the help compiling this list!!

Tools to get started:

MLB 2k MOD tool - Opens most IFF files for updating textures, can't thank Ariel and the rest of his crew @ modding way enough for this. You can export / import player head models AND stadium models with this as well. Make sure you have Java installed! (Thanks Micropterus58)

A STEP BY STEP WALK-THROUGH CAN BE FOUND HERE! - Thanks Darth for writing this!! [doc file is attached below]

NBA 3DM MOD tool- Another texture importing tool that finds 3d models / Please read that thread for support, it works just as the instructions state.

To open DDS textures you will need a plugin: Photoshop, GIMP are the most common. Paint.net will work as well

Roster Editors:

Ty Wiggins Roster Editor - Ty's Editor for 2k12 for FREE! [thanks again man!!] There are a few bugs but otherwise a a tool where you can edit just about everything with your games save files

REDeditor II - This links back to 2k11 for now but will update if Vlad makes this happen this year

IFF Files:

dds slot number in JAVA MODtool [#:# means it is a subfile] - description

Global.iff: [Running list as of now]

Batting gloves

  • style 1 - 87,316,451
  • style 2 - 103, 301, 473
  • style 3 - 109, 304, 477
  • style 4 - 90, 322, 460
  • style 5 - 80, 324, 443


  • style 1 - 455, 815
  • style 2 - 463, 811
  • style 3 - 472, 812
  • style 4 - 488, 832
  • style 5 - 448, 825
  • style 6 - 480, 806

Fielding glove

  • open - 36, 378, 768
  • closed - 116, 615, 692
  • first - 106, 309, 481
  • catchers - 285, 628, 678

Catchers Gear

  • vest 1 - 89, 317, 817
  • vest 2 - 77, 323, 827
  • leg 1 - 110, 303, 809
  • leg 2 - 101, 312, 813


Logo - 543:1

Wood grain - 543:0

Pine tar - 543:2-3

bat models - 543 : after 3


  • 33 - red/black
  • 52 - Dark yellow
  • 57 - dk Red/black
  • 102 - black/red
  • 313 -blue
  • 315 - natural
  • 343- brown/natural
  • 398 - black
  • 452 - brown
  • 468 - black/natural
  • 841 - brown/black
  • 848 - black

football - 227, 232

Reg Baseball - 265, 714

WS basbeall - 264

Dirt Marks - 427

gold/silver chain - 60, 341 [no word if you can pop it though]

rope necklace - 235

twisted necklace - 544, 756

eye black - 497


gray - 28

blue - 50

green - 135

hazel - 605

amber -105

brown - 522

eyeball - 623

Sweat - 82

bat tape - 640, 694

Umpires model - 138

Shirt blue - 766

Shirt black- 776

232:38 - Scrolling image in game mode select screen

232:83 - Small logo (bottom left corner) in game mode select screen as well as during gameplay

232:84 - Small logo (bottom left corner) in game mode select screen as well as during gameplay


keyboard buttons

xbox buttons

generic controller buttons


game logos during load


54 SubFile 32 - Pitch selection texture

54 SubFile 43 - Score overlay backdrop

54 SubFile 44 - Score overlay logo button

54 SubFile 46 & 47 - Score overlay logo

54 SubFile 49 & 50 - Score overlay baserunner map


23 - Logo used in loading background when changing lineups before game

40 SubFile 5 - Logo used in loading background


0 SubFile 1 - Score overlay logo between innings

Player heads_XXXX.iff:

0 - skin texture

3 - head model

*player head files can be assigned with tywiggins roster editor


List of portraits, as of now I don't think there is as corresponding list...


Usually 12 slots with most signs located under the last section. 3d model located at the end of the last slot

Title page.iff:

0:0 Background seats/stadium

0:1 Floodlights

0:2, 0:3, 0:4 probably lightning on screen

0:5 Cloud surrounding player

0:6 Circle around player

0:7 title screen player

0:8 title screen player blur effect

0:9 4th bottom logo [sTATS]

0:10 3rd bottom logo [MLB LOGO]

0:11 2nd bottom logo [PLAYER'S CHOICE]

0:12 1st bottom logo [2K SPORTS]

0:13 big left side logo [MLB 2k12]


0 - Letters Colors [note that any changes should correspond with RED- main color, BLUE - border 1, GREEN - border 2| Per tywiggins Roster Editor]

1 - Hat green screen

2 - Letters green screen

5 - Jersey

6 - Jersey green screen

8- Hat logo green screen

11 - Hat color

12 - Hat/ helmet logo

13 - chest logo color

14 - Numbers green screen

16 - Number Colors [sEE LETTER COLORS NOTE]

18 - chest logo green screen

19 - Hockey mask layout

*Not all uniform files will be the same but will follow a similar layout.


Team crowd clothes


Other FAQ

Save files are located in your main HD [make sure you can see hidden files]

in something similiar to this:


Most mods will be installed in whatever location you saved the game:

program files> 2k sports> mlb 2k12>

steam: [can someon confirm this?]

steam> steamapps> common> mlb 2k12>


Detroit Styles' Cyberface Walkthrough

MLB 2k12 modding.doc

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Thanks for this pena. All of you modding guys are the best, and you make this game so much better with your generous efforts.

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one note on unis #12 is just the hat logo, the helmet logo is on the #16 bottom right hand corner

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Has anyone tried to figure out how to change the base coaches names/numbers to reflect the actual team coaches yet? I haven't seen anything on this subject.

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I 'm trying to apply the Pena accessories pack, like the cleats and the catchers gear, etc. No one responded to my post on the download page, but I've never modded a 2k game before, and the directions apply to a title page, not this. I would really like to enable the brands and different style of catching gear. I tried just dropping the global.iff file in the root folder, and nothing happened. I know I sound like an idiot because I can't figure it out, but please help.


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Steve, all you do is replace the global.iff with the download. Back up your original. That's it. NOw you can go in the game and assign a certain cleat, or glove to a certain player.

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Alright. Trying again now. I was trying to assign them to a player I was creating, that may or may not have been the case. But I'm sure I did something wrong the first time. Will update. And thanks for the reply.

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ok so I did it, and nothing has changed. Only the same options for styles are there. is there something i'm missing?

Edited by steveocaster

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I'm not gonna lie. I have no idea what the heck to do to edit the dds files for equipment logos. The tutorial only shows how to edit titlepage.iff, which only has 2 slots, or whatever they are called. I'm really trying to understand this but I'm new at it. What are the dds files that were included in the Pena download, and how to I 'apply' them?

Edited by steveocaster

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Ooooooooooo Myyyyyy Goooood. I would not be offended at all if I were to be called a dumbass for this one. I had an installation of MLB 2k11 on my pc, and in my haste, I never paid attention to the fact that I was dropping all of the files into this folder, and not the 2k12 folder under steam/steamapps/common. I feel extra stupid, but I finally figured it out.

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lol thats ok steve i almost have done that as well but glad u figured it out

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Guys.....a little help.

I am trying to make some mods, starting off small.

I am using GIMP, opened global.iff with NBAmod. All ok. located the ball (265.dds). opened it up in GIMP, make some changes and went to save it....what name do I save it under? I tried 265.DDS and when I went to ExportRes it says "Import DDS is not same as resource, Import continue? Resource: DXT1, 512, 512 Import:_____512, 512???

any suggestions?

Do I need to change the save option?

I new to this....obviously.


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well, I think I may have figured it out.

Still do not know how to add photos yet?


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