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  1. I guess i won't be able to pay my mortgage this month. Lol Guys i am not doing this to profit in anyway, I have been working weeks on this type of stuff, ever since I spent 3 weekends downloading every face ever made. No, I mean every patch and mod ever made. Then came the sorting, So, it seems like a go then? Update: The 1993 Mod i am @ 103 faces now Should be finished with these in a couple of days, Thanks
  2. This all fine. I did these for my personal use anyway.
  3. Not sure what the rules are on sharing this kind of stuff? If i should or even can? If not, that is fine, just as always trying to share what i been spending so much time on. Not sure if i can just upload or just email them directly to people, because none of this is my original work. 1. (Less controversial) I categorized all of Homers 492 faces from his last upload. What i mean is i separated them by decade pre-1970, 70's, (70's-80's), 80's, (80's-90's), 90's & 2000's. This makes it easier to use, find, add or start a new mod with.
  4. All look like junk. I don't have windows 10, but those games look more like small app-based games you would play on your phone. Check to see what you have to do to get MLB 2k games or MVP 2005 to run on windows 10. These are real PC games
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a classic cyberface of pitcher Bret Saberhagen, who played parts of 16 seasons in the Majors for 4 different teams. From 1984 to 2001 He is a 2-time Cy Young Award winner with the Kansas City Royals (1985 & 1989) I can't believe his face had never been created before. His long career spans 8 different total classics mods. (Screenshots are from the 1993 TC mod) I also included a portrait of him in a Royals uniform; he could use one, and if you are interested in his player audio, that can be pulled from the total classic 10 mod.
  6. Good stuff. Especially the embroidery effect one. You definitely have some skill!
    Good stuff! Especially Tapia
  7. Those crashes can only be a few different reasons causing them? Try to learn why, you will be good, and everyone can have the Bananas. Lol Just do a search and read or ask some of the specialist. I think some reasons could be: Compression Hex editing Size of the files The format of image Even the tool you are using to insert it into the .fsh or .big file
  8. I play MVP on a 32" curved monitor. Decent video card and i do have everything maxed out (whatever that means for a 17yr old game) I never used this program, possibly it was done automatically? I don't believe it true widescreen, but it looks just fine as it always has to me
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a complete mod for Detroit Tigers/Toledo Mud Hens 2019 #5 overall pick Riley Greene. This patch includes his cyberface, portrait & player Audio. Riley was on pace to be the starting Centerfielder out of spring training this year, after having a monster spring. Where Greene hit .429 (9-for-21) with three doubles, two triples, two home runs, four RBIs, three walks and six strikeouts in 11 games this spring, with a .500 on-base percentage and 1.048 slugging percentage Then he got hurt a week before opening day! He will return, expec
    Beautifully done! Blue Jays players and all the hair, can' be easy. Tapia from the Blue Jays nice new addition.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This is nothing special. it took 5 min to make, but since I am using it, i figured i would share it with the community, incase others would like to use it? It's just a MiLB replacement logo that can be used in place of a portrait for Minor league players who don't have one or are using a generic, none (Blank black space) or a MLB replacement portrait. It looks decent in game and makes it easy to recognize minor league players in MVPedit. All you have to do is change the player or player(s) you want to use this portrait to ID #2 in MVPedit.
  11. For me: Its the Total classic mods 40+ of them Legends of the Booth The MiLB stadiums Several other Total conversion mods from all over the world I really don't mind the lack of eye candy stuff that much, but I do wish the crowd in MVP were better done and animated even a little bit.
  12. Like i said I don't have the game. But this is the sentiment i continue to read over and over. So, let me get this straight, "nobody" has been able to play a franchise/dynasty/season, because it will crash? Since when and for how long now? This problem has never been fixed, or can be? Just exhibition? If so, then the game is broke, in my opinion not even worth the time and effort to keep it updated after 10 years. Like a beautiful car, looks good on the outside and inside, but the engine is bad, and you can't take it on the highway. Tel
  13. Donations are one thing, but donate to download will probably not be received well. Not here, not NLSC not anywhere community patches are created and distributed freely. You had to know this? Rosters are not easy to make, time consuming and pretty much takes most of your days off and leisure hours to do. So, what you are saying is you have a roster with all 3 levels of MiLB already done? Or you plan to work on it? If i had the game, i would send you a one time donation, like i have to so many in the past. The game looks great, your work looks
  14. Great! Thank you
  15. Hi, Where can i find this? (Screenshot) It is being used to showcase the screenshots for the 1994 Mashup total classics mod. But its not included in the mod or the original TC94 by Hory. I have looked all around for it, i have found Fox, ESPN, Yes network, NESN, FSN, NBC and even the WB overlays, I can't seem to find it. Anyone have it, anyone know where i can download it? Thank you,
  16. I was @ Fenway yesterday afternoon. I saw all these kids wearing these Yellow jerseys with the 617 on the sleeve. I didn't know what they were? I ended up buying my Son one, I remember reading the tag and then after reading this and putting two and 2 together, those are the City Connect jerseys you are referring to. Kind of cool and different, now i have to check out the Red Sox yellow in game. Nice Work!
  17. Its working, no crashes or anything like that? Nice!
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a classic cyberface of Steve Yeager, Los Angeles Dodgers Catcher for 14 seasons. From 1972 to 1985, played one season for Seattle in 1986. World Series MVP in 1981 His career spans 7 different total classics mods. Use MVPedit to re-number him to your liking, so as to not overwrite another player in the mod, I gave him #468 which in TC1974 is an open slot, I am not sure what is open in the other classic mods? Before installing do a check first? Also always back up your models.big first before installing. Use EAgraph,
  19. Add! Top 5 is perfect, I love the MiLB I love AAA-A ballers. The more the merrier
  20. Dirtdog


    You will be lucky to make it thru a game without encountering one crash or another. Recommendation: Downloading the 2022 Mod
  21. Dirtdog

    Jake Diekman

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is a cyberface of new Boston Red Sox hard throwing lefty specialist/set up man and possible closer moving forward? Don't forget to back up your files before installing. Use TIT, EaGraph or BigGui
  22. Version 2.0.0


    Here is a classic cyberface of Vince Coleman, he played 12 seasons in the Majors. Most notably for the St. Louis Cardinals & the NY Mets, From 1985 to 1996 Known for his blazing speed, he stole 326 bases in just his first 3 seasons, won Rookie of the Year in 1985. His career spans 5 different total classics mods. Use MVPedit to re-number him to your liking, so as to not overwrite another player in the mod, I gave him #509 which in TC1993 is an open slot, I am not sure what is open in the other 4 mods? Screenshot is from TC 1993 Befo
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