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    Mike Greenwell

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is a classic cyberface of Boston Red Sox star from the late 80’s and into the mid 90’s Mike Greenwell. Finished 2nd in MVP voting for 1988. 2 Versions included, Works best in the 1987, 88, 93, 94 or 95 total classics mods. Use MVPedit to re-number to your liking, so as to not overwrite another player in the mod. Use EAgraph, BigGui or TIT to install.
  2. Hi, Jim825 I am currently getting ready to start a dynasty with your 1974 Classic Mod. I am updating it with everything I could find in the download section that pertains to 1974 and dated after 12-31-2013 the release date of the mod. Are you able to direct me to a cluster of unused face ID #'s within the models.big that I can use for this mod and possibly for the other great classic mods you and others have created? I have done some looking and I can't really figure out how you went about the adding of faces to the game, either community created or generic
    These are some of the best faces I have ever seen in-game. Incredible realism!
  3. Hi, Still waiting for my face ID #'s?
  4. Boston’s skyline has changed dramatically the past 2 decades, especially since the Big Dig. Have you guys seen Southie and Seaport lately? But the Back Bay has got themselves a new beauty as well, One Dalton right next door to the Pru, which is now the 3rd largest building in Boston. Since it’s so close to the Pru, which is featured (especially the Night version, Beautiful!) In the far right field skyline of the two Fenway park versions for MVP 2005. My question, Is it possible to add this new building to the game? Would it be able to show up in the Fenway stadium.big f
  5. I will keep this in mind. Thank you,
  6. Thanks for the replies, Just not how I do business I don't want to start a firestorm or raise the market value for other people's future purchases. I will let people reach out to me first, hopefully they will? I plan to buy more than one. Or else I will just have to keep searching, Yankee4Life, Have you purchased a home in the past couple of years? NFT or a one of a kind sports card or other memorabilia? Maybe even a new dream car since the chip shortage started? I don't think I am special, its the way
  7. I acquired an app that combs thru and checks 453 different cities and/or metro areas of the United States of the above aforementioned websites, classified ads, internet or social media posts for these keywords: MLB 2k12 PC One week not a single listing. I would say it’s close to impossible to find! I am not used to not being able to acquire something I want. So did I mention I am buying? Message me if you are sick of the game, moving on to something else or taking a break from gaming entirely. You would be surprised just how much I am p
  8. This is a beautiful update. Looks great in the game! Thanks Muller_11 But be careful when installing it. If you use TIT to install this, you will get an error, and then you won't be able to use TIT again. You will continue to get that FIFAFS error. Unless you go back and put in a back-up of your Logos.big file (which you should have backed up in the first place before installing) and then try again and install it manually using BigGui or EAGraph. Works fine afterwards if you if you install it manually with these other two programs. Looks great and works g
  9. Wow! I didn't show the Miscellaneous section enough download attention. There is some real good stuff inside that section, especially going back to the earlier days of the game. Thanks Gordo as usual
  10. Hi, can someone direct me to the location of these first two screens from this screenshot of the TC15 mod. I can't find these two Thank you,
  11. Corrected a few things, pretty much done with him. Wasn't as easy as I thought. Just need his player ID#
  12. Hi, here is my 3rd cyberface for MVP 2005, I hope you like it? Mike Greenwell of the Boston Red Sox. He played 10 years for the Sox; from 85/86-1996. Two versions will be available one with Eye Black and one without. Different topic: Probably not the section for it? But since I am previewing a face, I thought I would talk about my face and how I got to this point of making them. Since I don’t like to take and not give back, and since I needed to fix the problem I was having with TIT not working for me and also the multiple crashes I was having because my roster (and
  13. Yes and thank you for the review. New: Headshape Lighter skin tone Fixing the Nose, Eyes and eyebrows All coming soon I am waiting to be given a player ID #
  14. I need to fix the nose and eyes on this one
  15. Riley Greene cyberface Detroit Tigers preview: Need an ID # Active?
  16. Hi, I was going to post this in the Cyberfaces For Beginners thread, but I noticed nobody has posted in that thread in over 3 years. If that is the proper place for this or if there is another location? Then please move it and sorry. Not sure where I am supposed to post any other work I plan to do? This is my first Cyberface in 17 years and my first for MVP 2005. It still needs some touching up, but I wanted to post my progress and hopefully get an ID # for him. Darwinson Hernandez (BOS) I said in another post I wasn't the best @ this, but I gave it my be
  17. Hi, it is absolutely impossible to find this game for purchase anywhere! I have looked High and low, checked every site, Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and Gamestop for 3 weeks now. Never even seen one for sale. smh Pretty much have given up, I guess that would make it rare? I never played it or never even thought about buying it 10 years ago. I would like to give it a try and see how it stacks up to MVP2005 and High Heat 2002-03 If you want to sell yours? Or have an extra for sale, I am buying for a pretty penny; just message me. All I ask is th
  18. Hi, I am interested in that Fifth Third Minor league park you created over 10 years ago.

    By the way great work!


    I tried downloading it. Something is wrong because the .rar file comes back 0kb's with no files.


    Do you have a updated fresh link with the stadium files inside?



    Thank you

    1. KiwiLifter


      I've had the same issue with the Portland, Durham, and Drillers stadiums. 


      They look great in the previews, and I'd love to try them out. Thank you!

  19. Does anyone know where this is located? a .Big file i assume, but I haven't been able to find it
  20. Hi, I am requesting two ID #'s for some players I am working on. Darwinson Hernandez (BOS) Riley Greene (Det) Not sure how good they will come out? But either way I would like to share them with the community. I have done faces in the past for NBA Live 01-05, actually several for my NCAA mod way back some 17 years ago. Very similar method, I haven't read up yet on how to add these ID numbers to the roster yet? I am yet to open up MVPedit or MVP2005 editor, so I may need help doing that? But the face creation thing I have pretty much down, I am not the great
  21. BallFour, Thank you for all your hard work. Love your all your uniforms! The love for the Minor league teams is greatly appreciated. Couple of quick questions: I don't use or should i say i am unable to use TiT because of that Fifafs (Something like that) error. So instead, I install everything the old fashion hard way, using the multiple tools on this site. Now when I am installing your uniforms, i have no problem, it's the jersey preview. The.fsh files for these are giving me a problem. I get crashes every time and then go back to my previous uniforms.big file
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