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  1. I wrote a question for you the other day about a "Run-time Error 48, Error in loading DLL).  Well, I renamed my old 1971 Season game folder and started right from scratch with a "new" 1971 season MVP 2005 game.  I'm doing the same as I mentioned when I was doing the 1976 one, and so far so good, I'm NOT having any problems with importing team members from Lahman's DB 5.3.


    I don't know if the problem stemmed from this or not, but I've noticed that my Norton Security program goes into different folders like for example mods or utilities I get here and pulls out files and puts them thankfully into the quaranteen section.  Do you know how I can try to prevent this from happening?  I've restored the files but I don't want it to happen at all.




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