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  1. Mandows ​twitchy antics like Macho Man Big E totally dancing with them sonic shakes Big Show all serious and need to try all their sonic shakes stuff is pure comedy gold
  2. ​your constant ability to help people
  3. ​google searched lol http://www.operationsports.com/forums/mlb-2k/544655-classic-stadiums-mlb-2k12.html in ​a nutshell, only polo grounds in the stock game edit: marlins beat me to it lol
  4. They totally mind screwed everyone.... I half expected some attitude era reversal to go down on raw tomorrow..... but no need for that when the refs make the crappiest decision in the ring. i mean any other time a ref gets knocked out and another ref comes in to make a count. they have usually kept the decision... at least till the next tv taping
  5. im not sure but i dont think he was posting it here as a download, as i reread his initial post... i think he was mainly saying here is a preview in this youtube video.. i could be wrong. from what it seems, KC's stance is to allow it so whatever happens, happens it seems at this point
  6. ​next time take out that http:// and the image should display lol and scottbilly, me too... even though with KO going full time onto the main roster, it means Joe will probably win the belt from KO down the road once he works out all of his Independent contracts and can go full time with NXT
  7. ​ im just curious who he feuds with for MitB and another Owens Cena fight..... they better not go down the same road as Rusev where Cena beats him four times to make up for one lose against KO
  8. I have never had anything against cena and his ability to wrestle... maybe his 5-7 move repertoire needs to grow......my only big issue is how invincible he is and how he never loses... I mean you have 5 matches vs Rusev who was UNSTOPPABLE and you only have him win the first one and have cena repeatedly beating him 4 matches in a row... Putting people up against cena just ruins momentum so much... look at bray wyatt, he still hasnt recovered. if it wasnt for his awesome promo's. no one would care the guy gets pushed like he is Hogan 2.0 and im still waiting for his heel turn because his char
  9. ​Delete everything including the period after the 7z. Then put a period where the "_" is and you're good to go to unzip the file. That's what has worked for me. Have no clue where the garbage on the end comes from, either.
  10. there is no real way to stop this though, other then just banning everyone from korea from joining the site or pay walling i assume? edit: and no shape or form am i trying to promote those ideas at all
  11. ​in their defense, they have won a world series putting them in the hall for that accomplishment alone making them somewhat eligible for legends
  12. BigRog

    ID Face....

    i think the reason he is asking you what roster is to help you out not call you out on taking anything.. just a heads up
  13. ​to be honest... i think the whole taking our mods and compiling them and posting it elsewhere is what angers people around here. just my opinion
  14. ​Just Bolieve in what KC says.... drink the kool-aid
  15. yes please. we can keep this thread bumpin all the time que Jack's Music.... that opening guitar riffs gets me going everytime
  16. ​thats even all the more reason for them to share and contribute it here... its no like we have a pay thing set up and they can "ace" freely contribute here for all to enjoy
  17. ​i actually kind of agree with that total viewpoint. if your gonna use our stuff share it with us as well instead of taking our ball and bringing it to your home
  18. I totally agree with you 100 and 10 percent. I just think we need to get that ask first mentality like the old days... a common courtesy thing like hey your mods awesome i want to do this compilation do you mind heads up kind of thing... ya know I totally am not trying to have that mine mine mentality and i agree in the sharing aspect. Just the ask first thing needs to come back, ya know crap though, take my opinion with a grain of salt.. all ive modded before are cts screens and portraits and some uni's for mvp and i think those uni's were based off your template anyways
  19. 2:30 in when he is rocking just the boxers and the robes dancing with the nursetalk about stylin and profilin ​
  20. ​I believe it states in da rules that you need to ask permission from the creator of a mod to use their original mod in your mod... be it as a base mod that you changed or and part of a mod package you are releasing. its just a kind of understood good sportsmanship type thing i guess is the best way to describe it. say i go and paint a hat on the mona lisa... i can turn around and show off my painting to people because its not mine. all i did was paint a hat on an already established painting and it would be total copyright and stuff. Here, if you use a modders work without asking them,
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