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  1. ​im f#cked then.. if im lazy and dont feel like cooking food (which is a lot) when im sitting around at home.... ill nook 2 or 3 dogs and go down town leroy brown on them
  2. any suggestions on keeping them clean, home brew cleaning solutions, etc.. obviously buying used vs new i want some of the older stuff to last
  3. So recently I received a vinyl player for my birthday this past weekend. When we originally moved into this house, we found a lot of old records laying around specifically from the 60's and 70's... a lot of obscure stuff I have never heard of with the crown jewel in the collection being the Beatles Red Album of hits from 62-66. I went out recently to some local shops and found some great used buys around my area. will probably post some pictures in a while when i get them uploaded to my computer. Now i know we have a lot of older users in here (at least older then me at 26) who have probab
  4. ​sika or afa? lol as we totally hijack another thread with wrestling bahahaha
  5. ​this is a beautiful pic. thank you for uploading this sexiness.
  6. ​spike lives here in Lincoln where i live... or atleast used to. when i was younger i met him once or twice, he used to be a teacher around here. Also, Tim White who was a former WWE Ref... he was in the Mankind/Undertaker HiaC match where mick flew off the top.... Used to own a bar in Cumberland where i grew up called the friendly tap. i believe he sold it a couple years ago
  7. ​they are littered everywhere here in RI... Only time i get mustard and onions on my dog... also wiener meat sauce is bomb here in RI
  8. i literally feel like the good ole JR's barbecue needs to be an option
  9. ​ but when you put them together on a sandwich or a burger you get the
  10. dont forget good ole JR's Bar B Q...... as it enters this Ketchup/Mustard war
  11. oh sh^t...... ​your computer is becoming self aware... its learning...
  12. ​you should create a new topic asking for this over hijacking another thread im almost positive there was a breast cancer mod for uniforms and bats made a while back in the download section
  13. I think the internet just blew up after that post
  14. the joys i would get out of listening to a playlist like that
  15. KC just sent me this. Sums up the build up frustration with Cena perfectly
  16. ​i doubt you have a humorous bone in your body to even know whats funny. and for the record, i was being nice before this post, before you attempted to throw out a low blow edit: all i was originally saying to you is that if you had no idea what he was talking about and you weren't going to bother to guess or help him or throw stuff out.... then why post what you posted in the first place. it doesnt take a lot of energy to post out a bunch of links that could lead to what he is talking about like me and raiders did to try to get at what he is looking for
  17. then why post in the first place if you "aren't going to spend any time guessing" thats really counter productive.... its not like the search functioning is even working so how can you blame him for asking a question. for all he knows we only support one game and not multiple btw if its 2k12 then download these rosters any other mods like faces and stadiums and portraits you can pick and choose.. just follow the readme included with it
  18. ​usually each mod has its own readme file explaining how to install it. if you meant mvp baseball then go to this link to install so you dont run into issues ​ if your game is mvp and it is crashing then check out this if crashing is related to the mvp 2015 mod then check out this link Y4L, bare with him for a second. He is obviously new and doesnt know how the site works. Not everyone comes out of the womb with the knowledge of how things work. We all need a guiding, helping hand once in a while
  19. http://www1.play.it/audio/wooooo-nation-with-ric-flair/ flair's podcast
  20. rumor has it that they aren't interested in anyone other then possibly aj styles.... i think vince and haitch are pretty content with developing this young talent on NXT which honestly, i can't blame them one bit
  21. ​rumor has it they have been missing employee payments for a while now... lets be honest though, they have never really been much of a promotion... they tape impact on a sound stage at universal for christ sakes which cant even compare with the tickets WWF sells... hell even ROH gets their product around more then Impact.....I blame Dixie Carter
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