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  1. i prefer the show over mlb 2k and sometimes honestly I enjoy it better then mvp... mvp never had road to the show and that honestly made me fell in love with the first show game i played
  2. BigRog

    base stealing

    thats not stealing.. thats just advancing the runner. and im almost certain its not an instantaneous thing if you dont hit the button to advance as he is running and you wait till he is standing on the base
  3. you have to do that with the fact the game is set in the year 05 and not 2015. the modders know of this age thing
  4. you shouldn't bump... and also this isn't a request thread. its just to show off KC's work for patch 2 and for the modders of the second patch to collaborate. if you make a thread more then likely someone would love to help you
  5. either run it as admin or the easiest option is to install mvp 05 directly into your C:\ drive, not into the programs folder then install the explodeme folder into that c drive folder mvp is in
  6. but see you still have one, hence my suggestion of getting an external.... you kind of reinforced it that sometimes you need the cd drive still
  7. you could get an external usb cd drive. i dont understand not installing a cd drive on a gaming rig... i understand everything these days is usually downloaded over the internet, but still..... you never know when you buy something and the software they give you is a disc and not downloadable online. Ran into this problem one time with hauppage. if i download from their website i need to pay for the software again. if i install from the disc its free
  8. but we are talking about the world series... so your saying all seven games in one location
  9. he has got it posted for 75 on ebay so i assume that is not a reasonable offer
  10. honestly go back to the best record winning home field. make zero point to the all star game other then a fan thing...its not like any sport has an all star game thats worth a damn anymore... no one cares about the nhl all star game and their captains pick teams philosophy, only thing in the nba people care about is the slam dunk contest, and barely anyone worth a damn shows up for the pro bowl other then the free ticket to hawaii... hell they don't even check or tackle each other in hockey or football at the allstar game and no one plays defense in the nba all star game anyone see the trend
  11. in no way was i trying to mod and complain about the hijack. was just suggesting a new thread is easier to see for help instead of using someone elses and it possibly getting missed. just want to clarify
  12. BigRog

    My player

    i dont think he has ever played a baseball game guys
  13. i would make a new thread versus hijacking this one. you will get an answer quicker then people not seeing this because the thread title is about something else, i promise
  14. you can search the download files for a cyberface it is probably in there. Audio Portrait and his player are definitely in one of the total classic mods, you can extract him with mvpedit
  15. oh wow i totally didnt see he said thnx inside my quote. i just figured he didn't know what he was doing. hahahaha now i feel dumb
  16. the schedule updater is the only way to fix this issue at all.. go the the 15 support thread. i think one of the modders was helping people out and giving sav files with updates schedule for teams you were trying to play a franchise with
  17. Bryce is Ron Howards Daughter... she has been in a whole bunch of movies including apollo 13 when she was litte which you have probably seen and with the hope solo arrest, i could of sworn it was self defense against her nephew who is 6'9 and the judge threw it out because of lack of cooperation from the two victims in the case (which makes me question if they where actual telling the truth and backs up the self defense story)
  18. what did you need to know, its pretty straight forward Injury days left are how many days until he is ready to play (he can play before he is completely healed) and dl days left is how many days he has on the 15 day dl or 60 day dl
  19. your os won't matter.... whats the graphics card
  20. in mvpedit you can extract players from an earlier roster (you need a roster mbe with him in it) and import them into your current roster.
  21. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0611/596179/details-on-dusty-rhodes-death/ Rip to the american dream
  22. ​but ps4 is like any other plug and play controller and will work with the game and pc ​xbox 360 controllers have the same problem as the ps4 because you need to map it. i remember there was a config file a ways back i had for the 360 to map properly but ive lost it at this point. try this video if ​u download the third party software, you should be able to map the buttons out for pc use
  23. tell me how their "shrimp on the barbie" is even though they call its prongs down there
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