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  1. good god that is the glory days right there
  2. link couple links i found in a search that can start to lead you in the right direction for modded xbox http://www.mvpmods.com/forums/topic/56757-how-do-you-ftp-files-into-the-xbox-version-of-mvp-05/#comment-655052
  3. thats what im saying... with the range we cover, we are bound to run into some sort of matching gamepieces
  4. if you mod your xbox with a mod chip or softmod it, you can fttp some of the files on this site to your xbox game
  5. why i waste my time with you? wow thats a pretty fucked up thing. Especially for a lonely old parrot like yourself. If i remember correctly i have ranted about the yankees once in my life on this site back when i first started. that one rant i made got me banned by you for a week till i pleaded my case to another admin. so before you play all high and mighty, shut the fuck up and sit down with your "I criticize my team" the hate rants you spew about anything new england is nothing on the equivalence of i rant about my own teams
  6. your biased is ridiculous. The Pats did not "find" this judge and if you bother to read his points on why the case was thrown out, It is actually rather clear that Goodell was playing the "Its my ball my court rule" and just throwing out punishments that were never outlined in the CBA. The same crime was performed by other teams in other games and no one got a levy of a fine and no one got a suspension in prior cases. Seriously, go read the judges reasons and you won't be able to poke a hole in any of them. BTW, he is from New York so I doubt a New England sports team could persuade a judg
  7. This just won the internet for me today, thank you
  8. i doubt they would invest the money to hire lawyers to shut down a site for a game thats 10 years old and they have no interest what so ever anymore for. Its not like they gain anything from shutting us down, just wasted money on something they no longer invest in (baseball in general).. or we make money off of this.. or we are giving the game out. hell we dont even post original game files on the side for that exact reason of piracy.. but tech arent we infringing copyright by just modifying game files? they would of came down on us long ago and def after the grantland article if they actua
  9. ive talked about snes emulators and n64 emulator mods before.. i dont believe it was ever flagged but for all i know it could of been overlooked
  10. only reason i care is because you are supposed to help people. not troll them. i would think you should know this considering you "used" to be an administrator a billion years ago. maybe thats the reason half of the population and some great modders left long ago
  11. or against the yankees.. because ya know, they suck too
  12. because that is totally helpful
  13. ya im not sure... i would probably go along the same route as what homer said
  14. either go into mvpedit and global edit your rosters so players have 10 years added to age, or try to get the updater to work... only two options you have
  15. ages are set 10 years younger then real life.. schedule updater fixes this i believe
  16. i dont believe the styles can change because they are hard-coded... only the textures for said hats that are already in the game
  17. the 4gb patch i believe was posted in the mvp15 support thread
  18. Run the explodeme file as an admin your better off uninstalling the game and then reinstalling the game to your desktop or you c/ drive and not in the programs folder, you will have less issues when modding the game
  19. is it a windows 7 or 8 computer? are you running the game as an admin and installing the mods as an admin?
  20. BigRog

    Wall Climb

    you need to time everything perfect im certain
  21. um? what are you trying to say/ask?
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