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  1. I use a Logitech cordless Rumblepad I got about 6 years ago. It works great, especially if you go in and edit the config. Not quite as many buttons as some of the others, but has always worked great for me.
    Great, great stuff. Every year it feels like playing a brand new game, even though its the same old game. Thanks to the crew for all you do, this game gets me through lots of down time in the middle of nowhere. It allows the baseball season to never end!
  2. Incredibly detailed and fantastic and thorough. After several full season Sims the Phillies won the Series several times, maybe MVP knows something we don't? Thanks for all the work!
  3. Awesome and awesome, thanks a ton!
  4. I just started using this datafile again, and I must say it really does feel more like being in the game. Being so zoomed in while batting really enhances my enjoyment, and the game results seem a lot more realistic. I'm not sure how much the game physics actually change between datafiles, but it really seems like the ball moves more perfectly in this file. The only qualm/question I have is with the size of the pitcher. My eyes don't work so well. I've been trying to research a way to combine two datafiles, but not to much avail. What I am wondering is how to combine the batting view from one
  5. When it asks you whether to change the age of all players, say no. That should solve it.
  6. Thanks for your work! The rosters look good so far, one thing to note is that Carlos Gonzalez is still a LF, there was talk before the season of moving him to CF but he never made the move. A small thing, but wanted to mention. Starting outfield ended up as: Cargo LF Charlie Blackmon CF Cuddyer RF, Dickerson is there but never really ended up as main starter. Either way, they're great so far! Red
  7. Fantastic rosters! Of course, they're so accurate that the Rockies are truly terrible. Though the only one that can be blamed upon is the brilliant drunk GM continuing to run the team into the ground. But at least they removed 10000 seats from our stadium to install a beer deck, World Series here we come!
  8. Thanks for all the hard work on this mod. I love the 1984 season, go Cubs! r
  9. I saw the story about the guy suing the rescuers. The incident occurred in the midst of the beginning of the floods out here that resulted from many days of nonstop rain onto already saturated soil. We got about 2-3 years worth of rain over 3-4 days. The area he was in was totally destroyed by the flood. Up here about 20 miles west of there, we were cutoff from all major routes out of town for 2 months. Apparently the mans friends were rescued, but the recsuers didn't check his car and assumed the guy in the car was already dead and didn't bother to check. Then two other cars rear ended him an
  10. When you mention moving the schedule to different folders, are you talking about the schedule.big or the schedule updater? Schedule.big goes into your data folder, the schedule updater is the program I mentioned pacing on the desktop. Once I started running it from the desktop, it worked for me. Admin mode never affected anything for me, the only thing that worked for me was doing the clean install, etc. to a folder on the desktop, due to issues with Win7. If you want to have the schedule display any year but 2005, you will need to use schedule updater to get there. There is no way to alte
  11. This was discussed last spring, you can search for the thread. I ended up putting a shortcut to the updater on the desktop, so when I tab out of the game I can just click on the shortcut and run it. I cannot recall if this was one of the issues that was resolved by installing MVP to the desktop instead of the Programs folder, but that proved to be the solution to a number of issues I was having with MVP on Windows 7. It was quite a long thread last year, so you will probably find a solution in there somewhere.
  12. Just curious, when you run MVP 13 do you click an icon on the desktop or go into the folder and run the mvp2005.exe file itself? In the past this has been a problem for me, I was never sure why, but when I would open the .exe file itself the game would run fine. Also, you are not using the installer (TIT) to install the mod, right? Looking at your initial post, you said it pops up with an error during or after extraction, what is the error? That right there is why it won't work, because if there is an error with extraction, then it won't function properly.
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