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  1. Hi, what an amazing job you're doing ... When are you going to post the logo and the background? I can not wait to try Thank you for not letting the game die ... you're brilliant.
  2. Hey, how are you? I'm an NCAA game lover, I saw the mod you're making, I found it incredible, since 2012 I was looking for a mod of ncaa, when I saw I did not believe, I know you're still doing, And I'm nuts to test it.

    So if you want to share to test, you can count on me.

    I can not wait to play this mod when it's ready

    must be doing a huge job, but I know it was perfect.

    Congratulations on the initiative, and thank you for making this mod

    See you later, I will follow your work closely.

    1. bctrackboi11


      Awesome. Are you any good at modding yourself?

    2. jacksonctgsq


      I've never done a mod in my life, but if I can help with something,

  3. Thanks for the attention of everyone, I found the solution, it was a problem of overlapping
  4. Help. The ball is gone. She disappeared out of nowhere, I can not play as a pitcher anymore.
  5. Obrigado pelo seu trabalho duro. Qual lista você está usando atualmente?
  6. How do I change the camera on my player? thank you
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