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    The faces are soo good, but the ID is not compatible with the Kccitystar list
    Look so good man, thanks for your work
    As a roster is good, but some teams crash when you played with them
    In the attributes is a grat MLB only roster, bu is not compatible with the new Kccitystar ID list and there are players on the MLB team who shouldn't be (like Cano and Syndergaard on the Mets) and other players with rookie problems (who come out as rookies when they are no longer rookies like Ronald Acuña Jr for example)
    Great MLB Roster!, but is not compatible with the Kccitystar list
    Oh yes!, great man, lets go Braves!
    basically no need to say because it's obvious, but, great work!
    Great! all 30 teams, Thanks for your work man
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