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  1. To help with the overalls of the players you should use MLB The Show 19 player database. Here's a link to there live series players, https://www.daddyleagues.com/dd/19/players?name=&position=all&secondary=0&bat=0&throw=0&tier=&team=all&series=live Use this link to help with the ratings of players, https://www.daddyleagues.com/dd/19/players?name=&position=all&secondary=0&bat=0&throw=0&tier=&team=all&series=live
  2. Is this the same for MLB 2K12? I am having this issue with Voit having Gleyber's face.
  3. Great job. any chance you could upload MLB the show 19 soundtrack?
  4. saldibzz

    May 2019- 8-Cyberfaces

    Thank you, I wasn't able to find the managers ID but I found the rest. Also, could you make DJ LeMahieu, Luke Voit, and James Paxton cyberface's?
  5. saldibzz

    May 2019- 8-Cyberfaces

    Is there a way I could find out which players are attached to which ID's?
  6. saldibzz

    May 2019- 8-Cyberfaces

    Do you have a updated roster that you could upload on here so I could match the cyberfaces correctly?
  7. saldibzz

    May 2019- 8-Cyberfaces

    I used other IFF files some worked for some players and others did not. Do you know why that is happening? For example, Didi Gleyber Andujar cyberfaces did not update but Stanton Judge and Sanchez's did.
  8. saldibzz

    May 2019- 8-Cyberfaces

    How do I update the cyberfaces? Do I just place the IFF files in the 2K folder?
  9. I'm kinda new to all this...where would I put the portrait files? UPDATE: Figured it out.
    Any chance you could update the Yankees roster? For example, remove Greg Bird and Troy Tulo and add Gio Urshella and Didi. Also, I found a few mistakes on the Yankees. For instance, Voit's jersey number, Clint Fraizer's name is spelled wrong and he has the wrong jersey number. Besides that great job!
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