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  1. As a Yankees fan, you know I'm loving this.
  2. Preview images are way to small to see anything
  3. These two CF's are pure perfection and love the details hands down!
  4. Looking Good but a few more tweaks, stronger wider jaw structure and way more beard in his 2019 look!
  5. Xander looking good, is there a way to fix the highlight on his skin and make it one tone, details are remarkable.
  6. Are you capturing these images in low resolution, because I'm loving the details. But all your previews look washed out....
  7. Not yet, don't want to share anything until I have more teams edited, been so busy haven't put much time into it..but I got free time Thursday and will figure something out.
  8. That's what I said, I edited it in Reditor. But in game the old players are still showing in rosters. Only The Redsox Show correct roster, all the other edited teams show the old players.
  9. Didnt know there was a limit, thought that was only on the console version of 2k13. 2k12 should let you create like the NBA Games no limits. I haven't even edited 75 players and 2 teams still showing old players in game, but in Reditor I had them removed.
  10. This roster is a headache maybe I'm doing something wrong in reditor, but trying to remove retired players and replace them with caps, seems fine but don't show in game.
  11. Looks amazing, can't wait to add to my game... you should add the logos to a few of the previous scoreboards too FOX, MLB, ETC.
  12. Just sent it to you to add to game
  13. Edited 6/6/19 V4 Final with slimmer border, sending now to use in the menus, scoreboards, and stadium files V4 OR V3 with Border?
  14. Here is Version 2 with a more metallic look and over shadow, plus resized MLB logo, still using the official 2k fonts for words and 2K mark.
  15. Let me edit a few things and make MLB Logo Smaller and I'll send the final version.
  16. Just created a 2k19 logo for the menus using 2K's current fonts they use for NBA2K19.
  17. Looks great and more authentic...thanks for using it.
  18. You have my permission and I'll send it right now...Love your work so far and would love to contribute.
  19. I've been begging for a perfect Xander Bogerts!!! I hope he makes him .
  20. I made this logo, if you'd rather use it in your title page. Using the official 2ksports Font
  21. Once the serial key is used, you can't reuse it....
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