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  1. That is a beautiful screenshot...textbook excellence!
    Yanks fan! Thank You! Hope version 2 you fix the nose, other than that....Keep up the great work and faces.
  2. I never knew you could actually update them too, Reditor is a nice editing tool.
  3. Yeah I was wondering how he was going to get that fat face done.. Stop quoting old post to continue to be relevant! It's annoying man, stop posting in this thread unless you are to support Jed and nothing more! I've been nice so far, but you act like a child, and we've been trying to speak to you like an adult! It's very disrespectful what you're doing and you know it. Cut it out, stay in your own thread and focus on your craft, you keep claiming trying to help, 100% of the people here have pointed out your faces aren't for 2K12 period!
  4. Are these not saved to the correct format to install in game?
  5. You've requested him in numerous post already! He's already been done!
  6. You are the man....thanks so much for that!
  7. Keep it up...these just get better by the second...
  8. This is amazing news...I'm so ready to get this roster, so I can start adding the proper faces to each team...
  9. This is like super HD, I love this..
  10. Even has the nose sculpture this is nice..
  11. Seriously man stop posting in JED's thread, how many times you have to be asked that, and even posted in Picklebread thread. I'm glad your trying to do faces and all, and I'm glad you're getting better at it, but they aren't for 2k12 and you need to really stop trolling others threads. It's really immature and disrespectful. This is amazing, and your details remain 1000% amazing.
  12. Doesn't matter his face is amazing
  13. Thanks for all your hard work, once the roster is released I have a lot of faces to download
    Will you do a update for 2K20 mod of songs that won't get copyright strikes on YouTube...great job and thanks again.
    Thanks brother, can't wait for the stadiums..
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