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  1. Made an edit to the main post, please read it.
  2. I'm editing that right now to see if that helps Yeah there has to be a solution somewhere.
  3. Agreed because some of the faces were working at first, and then I kept adding Cyberfaces and then they stopped working. I'll have to start with a fresh install and see what caused the issue.
  4. Of course I'm no rookie at roster editing, I've been doing mods for 9 years. I know how to change the CF ID's. I'm not just dropping CF's in the folder, I do go through and edit them one by one to assure the right photos and CF's Id match the Player Faces ID numbers etc. Fact is a lot of them are still showing generic faces on the field, but in the menus, in roster management, the faces show up fine. But once on the field it's a generic model, they don't show up in game.
  5. I wish you would put these efforts towards current players and current rookies, your details are insane and remarkable. Like someone else stated, its not that no one likes your mods, we love your details. It's just classic baseball isn't a lot of people's thing, nostalgia teams are no longer a big thing, it's why a lot of current sports games have stopped implementing them into games. Idea was great and efforts were great! Talent can be used on current players, your faces are amazing!
  6. Okay I give up trying to make Cyberfaces show up properly in rosters. I used Roster Tool 1.1 and nothing changes, faces are still generic. Used Reditor II still same results! Not sure what's going on. I have went through 30Plus Pages and redownloaded every cyberface available and still the majority of the teams still show generic faces. Decided to do a from scratch roster with accurate lineups and current lineups as of 5/3/19 Full 25 Man Rosters - with all minor leagues accurate too when done! I'll do a google drive for all the faces that are to be in the game, and will renumber them to show up properly with all future photo files.
  7. Love these insane details and that beard is 100 details in this are remarkable. Difficult but end result is so nice
  8. I've tried everything and you can't delete them, and editing them doesn't help either
  9. He's already done, check the download section Same to you...face is already done in download section
  10. Do you still have the DDS files so I can insert them in the 2k19 global?
  11. Great work brother, still working on a roster that will show up all the faces...in game they looking good too.
  12. He just trolls images from EA Gameface App, it's annoying, don't think he has one iff file period.
  13. Jed I seriously need your help buddy!!! Torres is seriously messed up, don't know if the file size is too large or what. Because majority of all your other faces show up no problem. Shows up in the menus perfectly, but in game he's always generic model.
  14. Same models you can create in EA's Gameface website...why not show what they look like in 2k12's game, instead of always spamming peoples threads with the fake images.
  15. Yeah I've seen you do amazing details on other models and Devers looks like a generic cap! I believe in you broham, and you're a Red Sox fan....none of that team should have generic faces (hint hint) lol... Thanks again for all your hard work brother!
  16. When's the release on those players already previews Voit, Pearce etc...been waiting broham. Also great damn job on details Hopefully Danvers gets a facelift too, still looks like a generic model.
  17. Yeah if faces are already available I wouldn't worry about them...I went back 22 pages and downloaded all those old packs and been adding them into my roster. I only care about the ones missing. When I get time next week, I'll make a mega pack with all that is already available, along with a text file with accurate face numbers with roster, so people will stop asking! Thanks again for all your hard work!
  18. I just noticed through all the facepack, back to 2012, no one has ever did Drew Smyly Logan Forsythe, Isiah Kiner, and a lot of others that have been in MLB for a long time. Not even Wudle, Howington, MLB, Scottbilly, etc.... that's just strange a lot of players who been here for a while still have generics.
    Thank you for these trying them out now!
  19. Jed do you plan on doing the Rookies for this year, for the 2K19 project.
  20. Will you do an update with the modded and updated Stadiums by DaSteelerz and the other guys, that have the moved lights, walls, etc. You're still using the generic Giants Stadium and Steelerz already made an authentic Coco Cola one. Also amazing work on the logos.
    Great roster I had to manually changed about 50 players faces because you still had them at 0 The Cyberfaces are available in forum, but you're not changing the numbers. Hopefully on final roster you'll have them added properly.
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