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  1. Love your work brother, continuing to do great things...I got tired of waiting on the complete mod, went and picked up the Show 17 for $20....I would love to post images and compare, but 17 implemented similar pitching and batting mechanics of 2k's game...and I'm loving it. I was hoping this mod would be my fix but it never released. I hope you continue models leading to possibly a 2k18 mod...
  2. Maybe he just wanted one with the more updated HD Look, there are a lot of faces that are done. But there isn't anything wrong with making updated ones with this new look of visuals. Helps show the games has true progression. This find is great and shows the game will now have better looking stadiums with HD Skies, Higher rendered Jerseys and Gears. And now with updated faces that look more 2k17 2k18ish, gives the game more polish. I'm appreciating all the work that has gone into this game and mods in the past two years, it's why I return to playing it again. You guys are keeping it feeling and looking fresh!
  3. I'm appreciating your work more and more with each face. Eliminates that generic CAP look and looks more authentic. Keep it up, I'll be using all your content in the future released mod.
  4. Absolutely stunning....
  5. I am continuing to love your faces broham, keep it up
  6. Good video cyberfaces are solid, didn't see any generics and love the park.
  7. Thanks brother, your work is incredible...don't know how many times I can repeat that.
  8. Those accessories are amazing and I'm loving this look on so many levels. Are you still going to do a button layout for the Xbox Windows controller and not PS4.
  9. Loving the new HD Faces brother, will make this game look so great and more progressed going forward. And CF's look less generic and more authentic.
  10. With all these faces with different skintones, someone might have to re-edit the skintones and textures files originally on the global to match. I agree with everyone that face is incredible and the details are rivaling the nba titles.
  11. Damn I was just manually doing this and your beating me to it...lol Looks great, minus the Playstation Icons...lol I prefer the traditional Xbox PC layout...but everything else is beast mode...love your work brother. Hope to see the Yankees Players get some love this season, they got a lot of generics...lol
  12. This new way of doing faces is incredible, this will look like a totally different game when done. Are you guys going to agree on doing individual teams, or just 1 player sprinkled here and there with HD appearances.
    Gracias por la corrección, estoy a punto de hacer algunas ediciones a las caras y le permiten saber cómo va ....
  13. And that's what I've been hoping for, getting rid of 2k's generic look....you guys have succeeded! There is so much talent on this site and this 2k team has even surpassed Visual Concepts in efforts!!!
  14. This new HD Method of faces is going to be incredible, makes the game look new and fresh....compliments all the details being put into Stadiums, Jerseys, Accessories, etc....Amazing job guys....
    This is absolutely amazing, can't wait to see more like this.
  15. Wow!!! That's the most legit face I've seen in a while, textures and all are perfect....love the nose shape, etc. This is great...
    Downright creepy...lol.. Great job!!!
    Continuing to knock them out the park....great job again..
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