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  1. I have a 2k19 logo you can use to update that scoreboard.
  2. Pitching is easy, if it's too difficult go back to classic mode. Looking amazing and extremely good details in game. Great work!
  3. These look amazing need to reconnect my desktop so I can add these to your already amazing collection. Great job brother.
  4. Xander needs a massive update bro! I hope Jed can show you how to get him a realistic looking Face, versus the generic texture.
  5. I have no idea what you said and why is my quote also in Spanish?
  6. What am I looking at ENB, Grass mod? Not sure Details look remarkable though.
  7. Okay so now I have a glitch during editing, so after I created the Yankees, the old players are still showing in he lineup even though the roster says the new players! How do I fix this?
  8. Your details continue to be remarkable... Hope to get a V2 Update of G. Torres too with more detailed face and tattoo..
  9. Any update to this coming for he 2k19 mod, seems the files dont included the stadium textures. Or can they be inserted into the modded stadiums And a 2k19 global with the accessories too!
    Great job on the details, just shrink the head some, looks like bobble head cheat code inserted. lol Either way spot on details and great job, make head proportioned to the body and you have a winner.
  10. It's cyberface and Rougned Odor, and his face is perfect, head is just big on the model, if anything head size just needs to be lowered. Other than that it's perfect in game.
  11. Just completed 2 out of 30 teams, will starting adding CF's over the weekend and try to create portraits for them and add a little bit at a time
  12. Honestly I've never tried editing those files at all, but would love to know how myself. So far I'm trying to do this between two jobs, so it'll be a while before I can share what I'm editing! I've been it Reditor II renumbering files so far and soon, have up to date iff file numbers. Won't mess with portraits til base roster is done, I'm trying to do this without overwriting the default player models, but instead use the number gaps between them to add cyberfaces.
  13. Yeah it's an issue with adding faces passed 7999... I'm editing a fresh default roster which should fix that! Let me test a few teams first and see how things go, and we can definitely collab on batting stances, accessories etc, once I finish recreating the base 30 teams, I'll send you the file in the dm's when I'm done and let you edit all those things. I'm going to add faces one team at a time and see what it does! Also learned that any faces with iff sizes smaller than 1mb will also cause errors.
  14. Name of my YouTube Gaming Channel lol And where I will be posting updated videos of the edits and the screenshots here.
  15. Decided to start from a scratch default roster and go from there, ratings and all will have to be redone after I'm done! Also player face.iff files will be updated and some will be changed to prevent the generic face glitch all other rosters have struggled with. Also no player face.iff files will be in the 9000's anymore nor the 8500+ (This is where the glitches are originating, because you are overriding generic face numbers and it's messing up teams by duplicated them. Once the 30 team rosters are completed, I'll begin with the Minor Leagues (Also will edit audio to -1 or 0 to prevent from saying names or stats of override players that are no longer in MLB. Again this is a work in progress, I work two jobs, so it might take some time, but I hope to get them as accurate as possible. Updates will be posted here. Completed Teams - iff numbers, jersey numbers, CAPs, positions, DOB, Heights, Weights, etc. Boston Red Sox Yankees Astros Rangers Giants Cubs Marlins Mets
  16. As always top notch work....you continue to grace this game with amazing faces.
  17. I wish you would put these efforts towards current players and current rookies, your details are insane and remarkable. Like someone else stated, its not that no one likes your mods, we love your details. It's just classic baseball isn't a lot of people's thing, nostalgia teams are no longer a big thing, it's why a lot of current sports games have stopped implementing them into games. Idea was great and efforts were great! Talent can be used on current players, your faces are amazing!
  18. Love these insane details and that beard is 100 details in this are remarkable. Difficult but end result is so nice
  19. I've tried everything and you can't delete them, and editing them doesn't help either
  20. He's already done, check the download section Same to you...face is already done in download section
  21. Do you still have the DDS files so I can insert them in the 2k19 global?
  22. Great work brother, still working on a roster that will show up all the faces...in game they looking good too.
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