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  1. I usually like the works you do brother, but you did my Yankees wrong!!! Both players look like CAPS instead of Cyberfaces. Neither face looks anything like the actual players! Sorry just being honest and not being rude, because on page 1 all your other players at least look like the real guys!
  2. Judge looking very nice, love the jaw structure too..
  3. My brother did you ever release your stadiums and that ENB with the perfect white jerseys?
  4. Faces on many players not matching the ones downloaded from site, especially new faces by JED, R4Z0R and a few more. Yankees, Red Sox, etc...faces are still generic or wrong all together. But roster is legit on everything else. Thanks
  5. It's very blue....too much blue tint...but everything else solid brother!
  6. Bro you don't start something, get everyone hopes up and just quit...lol At least pass what you did to someone with a history of Reshade mods and let them continue to tweak, or just check the files on steam and reinstall, there is no reason to just give up. Its a PC game, crashes happen.
  7. Dang I play in 2160p or 1080p so I'll have to lower it...cool.
    When these rosters are done, does it include the face changes and jersey colors to the most recently released files?
    excellent work
  8. Sorry to hear that, yeah I get this error sometimes when trying to add colors to jerseys...run all your programs as admin and see if it works.
  9. Continuing to do great work and thanks for working on my Yankees players....I'm loving it...
  10. I think what makes your faces so amazing, is that they're more detailed and less cartoon like from the default game engine. You're giving players faces with more life-like detail, and not that 2k default create-a-player look. This is what is impressive, you get nose, eyes, and facial shapes as accurate as possible. For that I say you are making a 2k19 game mod, look more promising and more fresh than previous seasons. I hope the guys who do stadiums and jerseys can implement similar details, into every other detail of the game. Everyone on these forums that have created over the years, leading into now, continue to impress me with such talent and passion, for a game that's been dead for almost 6 years. This is why MVPMods remains another home for me. Love you guys works, keep it up...and Jed you are continuing to be amazing brother!
  11. Incredible update on him, so damn amazing, loving these new HD Faces
  12. Following this project, hopefully all your new stadiums etc are included?
  13. Much better can't wait to see the final results, love you HD Faces..
  14. This is the best so far, details are remarkable and spot on....continuing to love your work.
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