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  1. Uni Mods coming

    Let's do a livestream! I'm thinking tomorrow at around 6pm Eastern time. I've got the night off, and after a solid week of 12 hour shifts, my weekend is starting and I'm ready to do some more uni modding. I'll go right on down the line and finally get to the New Orleans Baby Cakes this time around. You can follow the stream by clicking here.
  2. Uni Mods coming

    Hey all. I've got a bit of a busy work week ahead of me starting up on Friday night and continuing throughout the week (lots of 12 hour shifts), but I'm going to be back to work on a few more of the newer Minor League unis. I know that right now I've got the following New Orleans Baby Cakes (formerly Zephyrs) Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp (formerly Suns) Florida Fire Frogs (formerly BC Manatees) Buies Creek Astros (formerly Bakersfield Blaze) Down East Wood Ducks (formerly High Desert Mavericks) Lynchburg Hillcats A few of these teams haven't debuted their new duds or logos yet, but once they do, I'll be working on them.
  3. Jacobs Field scoreboard error

    Yeah, man. This is actually a pretty common error in some stadiums. I think Shea, Tropicana, and a few others have this same issue. If you open up the jacoday.big file, you'll see a few .csv files. The one i think you want is tanim.csv. I'm not positive because I'm at work and I don't have a stadium file in front of me. But anyway, if you open this, it'll have things like HOMEHITSONES and AWAYHITSONES or something like that. Just match up the away values to the home values and the problem should be solved.
  4. 2005 Rosters on 1988 TC Mod???

    If all else fails, you should be able to find working versions of the affected stadiums in the Downloads section. *shrug*
  5. 2K HD Textures

    Looks great! Makes me wish I had 2K!
  6. Uni Mods coming

    Much appreciated, but through much trial and error, I've been going with models.big through it all. Appreciate the concern though!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This file is a uniform update for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, the new name of the Mets' AA Eastern League affiliate. Attached are the home and road uniforms. As a note, it's tough to get these perfect due to the limitations of the game. The home uniform has names on back and a front left chest, but the game file doesn't contain an option for that. The road uniform does have numbers on the left chest, but no name on back. So, damned if you do and damned if you don't. To install, simply use TiT or import the .fsh files into your models.big directory. As always, remember to back up your files. Enjoy!
  8. Uni Mods coming

    New livestream up at this link. Today we tackled the Binghamton Rumble Ponies uniforms, and I must say that the road uni turned out better than I had thought.
  9. Uni Mods coming

    Will do!
  10. Uni Mods coming

    Hmm... after doing a little bit of research, the front of the road jersey is looking a little weak. I'm having the BallFour girlfriend be a real trooper and help double check things while at work. Keep an eye out for a 2.0 version early tomorrow morning.
  11. Uni Mods coming

    Finally finished the rest of the grunt work on the D-Backs inaugural uniforms. Ice cream man hats are back!
  12. Version 2.0.0


    This is a 2X uni mod featuring the uniforms worn by the Arizona Diamondbacks in their first year of existence. There were quite a few uni combos, and I've accommodated as many as I can, including proper coloring on the road uniform. Also added was the 1998 inaugural season patch. This file includes uniform and font files, as well as files for your uniforms.big directory, so installation with TiT is recommended. As always, remember to back up your files. Enjoy!
  13. Uni Mods coming

    Hey all! Just a friendly reminder that I'll be livestreaming this coming Wednesday at 5pm EST. You can follow along by clicking here. On the docket is the new uni set for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies. Here's what to anticipate.
  14. Uni Mods coming

    Yeah, it is a total lifesaver for me. I'm not sure where to find it in the newer editions of Photoshop, but it's right there in my toolbar in 7.0. I believe I learned about that when I took a media editing course in college. Who knew that college classes would actually help in the real world! Anyway, I'm already looking forward to my next stream after the new year.
  15. Site Issues

    Thanks. I'm at my parents' house for the rest of the week (late Christmas, woo), but I'll be back on my home IP on Friday, so I'll give it another go then.