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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a retro uniform mod for the Charlotte Rangers, the former Single-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. It will replace the Inland Empire 66ers in a default install of MVP Baseball 2005. Please note that this mod will add four new uni slots. Install Instructions _____________________ To install, simply use TiT. As always, please remember to back up your files. Enjoy!
  2. New stuff on the docket. Check the first post of this thread for more info. As always, I'm happy to entertain any uni requests you'd like. Send me suggestions here!
  3. Sure. Go into MVP Baseball 2005 - data - frontend - logos. The teams are listed in the same order you can find on the pinned topics. Find the team you want to edit, and then extract the .fsh file. Open the .fsh file and you'll see 6 pictures. One is a location name "for the Yankees, it'll be the NEW YORK you see on their road jersey". There will be a large (128x128) picture for the actual logo you want to use on the main screen, a 64x64 smaller logo that's skewed and is shown in the start of a new game, and there is another 64x64 that's the cap logo. You can see that when you pause the game. Finally, there's a small 64x32 file - that's what you'll see if you go into Rosters or Player Editor or whatever, it'll be right at the top of the menu screen. Once you're done getting everything right, make sure you create alphas of the logo. Basically, what you do is you just black out a background and make the logo totally white and then compress it as a grayscale 8-bit and save it as 0000-a.bmp or whatever it is for the logo you're uploading. Then just double click on the index file to get FSHed to zip things back up, and then import the file back into your logos.big. Hope this helps.
  4. Will do. I'll just take A-Rod696's numbers and reupload.
  5. I wasn't sure how to go about doing it, so I just did the basic manager faces from MVP Baseball 2005. Please adjust as needed. I see A-Rod696 just adjusted a bunch.
  6. Callaway - 498 Kapler - 499 Lovullo - 475 Martinez - 493 Servais - 497 Snitker - 467 Green - 477
  7. So I'm basically world-building for my 1998 Yankees dynasty that I'm planning. I've got a bunch of different ideas, and a few of those ideas involve some custom minor league teams and uniforms. I've got custom unis for the Buffalo Bisons (as if they were a Blue Jays affiliate in 98), the Columbus Clippers (if they were Cleveland's affiliate in 98), the Syracuse Chiefs (Yankees), and *maybe* transferring the Binghamton Mets over to the Yankees if I can find someone to mod the team audio.
  8. Alas. Gave it a try, and no luck there.
  9. Hey all. I'm not at home right now, so I was hoping someone could do a test for me. I was wondering if the Legends and Heroes teams can be added to the American and National leagues in order to be used as expansion teams. If MLB does indeed expand to 32 teams, it would obsolete MVP05, but I was thinking that might be a decent workaround. I'm currently at work, but if someone with the know-how can try that out, I'd love to know if you can play a dynasty mode with the Heroes or Legends in the AL/NL. For those that want to try but don't know how, basically it'd be changing the league and division for the Heroes and Legends. They might not have a minor league system, but if it works, it'll at least be a workaround.
  10. Oh, thank Jebus.
  11. Hmm.. it looks like I'll have to correct the manager face ID numbers for Roberts, Counsell, and Cora.
  12. Of course!
  13. Do I create cyberfaces now? Yes I do... ish. Here's some manager face mods that I just finished. As I said in the manager face post, I'm not really happy with the way Torey Lovullo came out, but upon further inspection, it could be a dead ringer for Mike Morgan in a TC90s game. Also, the Scott Servais mod can be used in TC90s games, since he was a catcher around that time. Just be sure to renumber the cyberface to something unobtrusive.
  14. Version 3.0.0


    This is a cyberface pack for 2018 MLB managers. It includes Dave Roberts, Mickey Callaway, Brian Snitker, Torey Lovullo, Scott Servais, and Andy Green. All cyberfaces have been uploaded to the same face ID number for the particular team's manager in a default install of MVP Baseball 2005. Therefore, Torey Lovullo will replace Bob Melvin, Mickey Callaway will replace Willie Randolph, etc. The Gabe Kapler cyberface is the amazing work of jogar84, and I just edited it to replace Charlie Manuel. Install Instructions _____________________ To install, simply use TiT. As always, please remember to back up your files. Enjoy!
  15. Okay, I'm not particularly pleased with the Torey Lovullo mod, but I've got managers done.