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  1. Attach a screenshot, I'll try my best to help
  2. THIS is the history I like to read about. Thanks man!
  3. All, Please review/download the fix for Oakland's stadium below. netwniteday.rar
  4. PM me that file. I'll upload a fix.
  5. There is documentation for this in most updated uniform packs
  6. How do you convert the faces on a 64-bit system? That's always been the mindgame I can't solve
  7. This pitch motion is not in the game.
  8. Have you checked the downloads section?
  9. Unlocked. If the community wants to know, they can ask. They've waited for a long time to see this project come to fruition, and I feel that they deserve an honest answer rather than have this community turn them away for even asking in the first place
  10. Man, I should have quit my real life job that pays me real life money to sustain myself so that I can fully commit 9 to 5 to mod a 5-year-old game for free especially when my real life job asked me to commit more time towards their IT projects, with financial compensation for my time and effort.
  11. VGS Network, I think it's important to note, is the work in this mod comprised of previously released work? I personally doesn't have an issue with using anyone's previously released work for your project, as long as you understand that if you're modifying previously released work as a base, credit the modder who released it. Not doing this looks bad upon the community and the modders who actively work on this game over the course of a year. At the end of the day, all I'd like to see is that your team doesn't call it their work unless it's directly modified from the stock vanilla version of MLB2K12. That said, I think the trailer video is pretty rad with some exceptions (D'Backs never wear pinstripes), and although it makes sense to combine the efforts of what we've made so far with the MLB 2K17 project with this one, I know everyone runs their own race.
  12. Yeah. I'm out.
  13. It may be a texture that isn't loading with the model
  14. People have donated to me when I was actively modding, but many times I'd pivot the donation to the site itself instead for making the mod available to everyone.
  15. The last time that patch was uploaded the person who uploaded it...disappeared, if you get what I mean. The official patch which fixes the date issue is in the Downloads section for MLB2K12 if you have a legally purchased DVD version of the game.