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  1. The last time that patch was uploaded the person who uploaded it...disappeared, if you get what I mean. The official patch which fixes the date issue is in the Downloads section for MLB2K12 if you have a legally purchased DVD version of the game.
  2. ******* WE'RE ALMOST HOME GUYS *******
  3. Download what's recent for MLB2K12. The 2K17 mod is what will bring everything together.
  4. What browser are you using to load the page? Do you have any add-ons that are enabled on your browser?
  5. No worries, I split the post into its own thread
  6. Check the first post
  7. I just noticed in a run through of all the teams (I tested every uniform I installed last night for science, don't ask, I was on caffeine), I had intentionally used different teams as a base due to the spacing of each font they use. I also noticed that with some uniforms, the button spacing doesn't quite line up with the jersey type. What I mean is that some uniforms that have text logos (think "Cleveland" across the chest, or "Astros") don't have the right button spacing to fit the text logo and instead have button spacing to accommodate a much larger logo across the chest like Tampa's uniform set, or St. Louis' uniform set. It happens to all of us who make uniforms, don't worry If I could just merge everything I got all together with your set then that would be the definitive source we can collectively deviate from
  8. Completely vaporware: Totally dead.
  9. It will never come out. This mod is dead. For you.
  10. Unfortunately that's how it is with these older games. The SafeDisc encryption is embedded onto the disc itself
  11. If you have a genuine physical disk 2 it will run normally.
  12. I'm seeing a ghost right now, dennisjames71....
  13. Give me 20 bucks and I'll release the mod tomorrow, dead and everything
  14. The mod is dead though man what are we doing