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  1. And then what happened?

    I got a message saying, "You want to go home, and rethink your life."
  2. Homer's Classics

    I know, right? It's insane how smooth a clean xp is. Have you tried installing it on an SSD? I never imagined XP running so smoothly until I did that. I ended up getting a KVM switch so I can switch between machines really easy.
  3. 1994 TC Mod models.big problem

    If his face is the problem, you will want to fix that. Moving him to AAA will just be a temporary solution but it will cause crashing. You want a stable models.big file. You will want to check to see if it's the cyberface file itself that is corrupt or if it's an issue with the face assignment.
  4. Change username?

    You had a perfect chance to assign a random name
  5. There's a goldmine of pictures all over getty images. unfortunately they cost an arm and a leg to get the full resolution pictures, which is what you need to make a decent pic of these old guys.
  6. if you look in the classic mods, sandberg has been done. I've got a version of him in my classic facepack. none of them are great, because it's hard to find a decent picture of him. Langston is a longshot. there are no good pictures of him to use and he has a very plain looking face that makes it really difficult to get the resemblance. he's on my to do list if i ever find a decent headshot.
  7. Default CF's have no eyes in portraits.

    When you are playing, hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard. It's usually over at the top right by the number pad. Exit the game and paste it into an image file through something like photoshop or paint.
  8. Windows just DELETED MY ENTIRE GAME

    well you should still back it up since you lost your discs. it's a relatively small backup, but it's well worth having a backup of the fresh install on a jump drive or external hdd.
  9. Windows just DELETED MY ENTIRE GAME

    so how many times does this happen before you start backing it up? Have you tried changing the settings so it skips that folder when it scans?
  10. How do I install game if my laptop doesn't have a DVD ROM?

    cd drives are useless anyhow. i can't remember the last time i even needed one on a laptop. but to fix the issue, you can use the external cd drive if you want. but like Y4L said, you can also use a jump drive. the game is portable. all you need is to create image files of disc 2, and use daemon tools lite to mount them on your laptop. you can transfer the game from your computer to a jump drive and play directly from there.
  11. FacesPack_MOD-16

  12. Share Your Game Images!

    Pretty neat to see all these images. Games have improved so much since MVP, but yet cyberfaces in MVP are still the best.
  13. Bryce Harper face 2016

    spot on
  14. Homer's Classics

    it was worth every penny to play mvp as it was meant to. everything just works.
  15. Homer's Classics

    Really wanted to update this one. I think the nose looks more accurate now. download is updated so you can get the new version now.