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  1. It really depends on how old the machine is. When this game first came out, some of the laptops weren't quite powerful enough so there was some slight choppiness. It was minimal but was there. If you had a higher end pentium 4 chip with decent onboard graphics, you were good. If you want to run it strictly for MVP, do as Jim says. I'd really advise to get one with XP. If you're not set on getting a laptop, you can pretty much get any xp machine and add a cheap video card. You can get a really cheap machine like an old dell optiplex with something liked an E8400 in it for less than $50. Add a video card and it will run smooth as silk.
  2. one thing you should consider doing is organizing your portraits the way I do it. I have all of my portraits as bmp files and saved in a folder. whenever i make changes to portraits, i replace my portraits.big file with a stock one. I've noticed it minimizes the frequency that it gets corrupted. Tit works great on xp, so it's all done on the xp machine.
  3. You need disc 2. If you already have disc 2, it could be a good deal.
  4. There is a ton that is different. A lot of work went into the 2016 mod. Edit: Blast, I just realized it's not 2006 so yeah...
  5. I've never had issues using the image, which is why my discs are still mint. You should find the disc first to see if it works. The image files can become corrupted.
  6. Copy the entire mvp folder to another location first, like a jump drive. Uninstall mvp, and then reinstall.
  7. That tutorial works good for player audios and most audios. But stadium audios have always been a mystery. I ran into the same problems you found, and it seems it's a very complex thing to actually do. Someone once told me that you need to have the audios the exact same length, while others told me you need to hex edit it. It was never something I figured out.
  8. Yeah I was just about to suggest that. Looks like a texture hasn't been installed in that skin spot.
  9. What red and green texture? A screenshot might help. You can't really remove sleeves. You can only change their colors.
  10. I got a message saying, "You want to go home, and rethink your life."
  11. I know, right? It's insane how smooth a clean xp is. Have you tried installing it on an SSD? I never imagined XP running so smoothly until I did that. I ended up getting a KVM switch so I can switch between machines really easy.
  12. If his face is the problem, you will want to fix that. Moving him to AAA will just be a temporary solution but it will cause crashing. You want a stable models.big file. You will want to check to see if it's the cyberface file itself that is corrupt or if it's an issue with the face assignment.
  13. You had a perfect chance to assign a random name
  14. There's a goldmine of pictures all over getty images. unfortunately they cost an arm and a leg to get the full resolution pictures, which is what you need to make a decent pic of these old guys.
  15. if you look in the classic mods, sandberg has been done. I've got a version of him in my classic facepack. none of them are great, because it's hard to find a decent picture of him. Langston is a longshot. there are no good pictures of him to use and he has a very plain looking face that makes it really difficult to get the resemblance. he's on my to do list if i ever find a decent headshot.