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  1. 1. You are correct. But there's really no "fix" per se. It just stretches the image. 2. I don't know. Maybe someone else will. I had nothing but problems with controllers on 7 and newer, which is why I got the XP machine. 3. Go into Bios to set up the boot order. If you want to boot to the 7 drive, go in there and manually select it. Depends on the motherboard you have, but most will have an option to select your boot drive each time you restart. Otherwise, if you're on 10, watch this:
  2. I think that's where you missed my point. I already had 7 installed--I'm not reinstalling 7. Once 7 was installed, I got a brand new ssd and used the 7 key to install 10 during the free upgrade period (they allow a fresh install on an upgrade). The logic behind that was to make sure I had a windows 10 key for this machine for when I was ready to switch to 10 full time. You don't actually use keys to install 10 anymore. Once your motherboard gets registered, you never need to have a key. The thing is, even though Microsoft said that the free upgrade period was over, they still allow you to use 7 keys to install 10. But honestly, having a separate xp machine is by far the best option as far as I'm concerned. They are so cheap, and you can get a small one that takes up very little space. MVP just runs smoother on XP.
  3. I don't know if this will help. but I had a Windows 7 install on my computer. I removed the ssd from the computer and replaced it with a brand new one to install Windows 10. I did this because I wanted to get that key registered to Windows 10 before the expiration date Microsoft originally had on upgrading to Windows 10 for free. Of course after the fact, I've learned that you can still use a Windows 7 key to install Windows 10. But what it left me with was my original Windows 7 install on a separate ssd than my Windows 10 install. I did a fresh install of Windows 10 on my new ssd using the Windows 7 key. They both have worked just fine as I change out my ssds. I still use the Windows 7 ssd and I have my Windows 10 ssd sitting by. I'm just not fully ready to use it full time yet for this computer, but will occasionally switch them out to make any changes I want to make on my install. I use a quick switch docking station like this one to change them out quickly so I can make changes to each: https://www.amazon.com/Inateck-Dual-Bay-Function-Tool-Free-FD2002/dp/B00N1KXE9K/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1503720520&sr=8-3&keywords=drive+cloner The point is I have both OS installs on separate drives and they work just fine for now. I can't promise that will be forever, as I intend to switch to Windows 10 full time at some point.
  4. Sounds like the seller probably put the patches on disc. Hopefully you got the original discs and not copies. If they're not legit copies, I'd contact Amazon and get a refund. But as far as crashing goes, it's an issue with not having the proper cyberfaces. Unfortunately there isn't an easy fix because no one makes a compatible cyberface pack anymore. No one has really collaborated on rosters and cyberfaces in a while, so it's difficult to keep up. The last facepack I made was in 2014, which you can find here: You might want to start there and piece together other faces you're missing as you go along. The only other options you have are to see if Gordo has a compatible facepack, or get the latest total conversion mod and extract the faces from there.
  5. You can totally do it without stealing the game. Just make a backup image file of cd2 and mount it with daemon tools lite. The real issue you're going to run into is getting it to run on a newer OS, and choppy graphics if your laptop only has onboard graphics.
  6. It really depends on how old the machine is. When this game first came out, some of the laptops weren't quite powerful enough so there was some slight choppiness. It was minimal but was there. If you had a higher end pentium 4 chip with decent onboard graphics, you were good. If you want to run it strictly for MVP, do as Jim says. I'd really advise to get one with XP. If you're not set on getting a laptop, you can pretty much get any xp machine and add a cheap video card. You can get a really cheap machine like an old dell optiplex with something liked an E8400 in it for less than $50. Add a video card and it will run smooth as silk.
  7. one thing you should consider doing is organizing your portraits the way I do it. I have all of my portraits as bmp files and saved in a folder. whenever i make changes to portraits, i replace my portraits.big file with a stock one. I've noticed it minimizes the frequency that it gets corrupted. Tit works great on xp, so it's all done on the xp machine.
  8. You need disc 2. If you already have disc 2, it could be a good deal.
  9. There is a ton that is different. A lot of work went into the 2016 mod. Edit: Blast, I just realized it's not 2006 so yeah...
  10. I've never had issues using the image, which is why my discs are still mint. You should find the disc first to see if it works. The image files can become corrupted.
  11. Copy the entire mvp folder to another location first, like a jump drive. Uninstall mvp, and then reinstall.
  12. That tutorial works good for player audios and most audios. But stadium audios have always been a mystery. I ran into the same problems you found, and it seems it's a very complex thing to actually do. Someone once told me that you need to have the audios the exact same length, while others told me you need to hex edit it. It was never something I figured out.
  13. Yeah I was just about to suggest that. Looks like a texture hasn't been installed in that skin spot.
  14. What red and green texture? A screenshot might help. You can't really remove sleeves. You can only change their colors.
  15. I got a message saying, "You want to go home, and rethink your life."