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  1. Roster 2017

    i believe this is the last copy .... ill double check might be one later ! V61008.ROS
  2. Roster 2017

    i believe that facebook site is down now ..... maybe a new one ? anyone have a site to share ?
  3. Roster 2017

    anyone planning on coming out with a roster this year ?
  4. MLB2K16

    cant wait been waiting all cool
  5. MLB2K16

    I done many rosters in the past ...... it takes time ! I Don't think I can do it again to be honest ... I appreciate time and work ! thanks
  6. MLB2K16

    thanks everyone cant wait ! another season of great modding thanks
  7. MLB2K16

    Looking forward to the mod ... thanks
  8. 2016 and beyond

    I been around along time myself and i think things are fine ... just need a new game out there is the problem kids these days just dont play/like sports like they did in the past .... My idea is to get this into the Teamspeak/vent a little bit .... more into a gaming group ! push it to all sports or maybe just keep it baseball i would be cool with that , but i believe if you do that you can grow the member count again from recruiting in the games ... VOICE coms is a must in my opinion . Keep this is mind you have to have some kinda freedom of speech or people will think your a joke .... i been doing the Group/Guild/clan thing for 15-20 years so i can tell ya all about what works and what not works .. still remember when i tried to argue a bit about sport here on the forums and i was threaten to be banned years ago so i kinda stayed away from the forums ever since ... i guess that admin been removed THANK god but still those are some of the things that damages a group ... makes people not wanna post or come on vent/TS/foums and after a while they find a new home .You have to Stay away from the BIG SHOT admin crap as much as possible , not saying people do it here anymore but if people do that is a major major problem that can slowly kill something like this ... like i said we should start with VOICE coms it will also help clear up what people mean more on forums and save people from getting mad and going away .... maybe meeting online and talk about all this with the old school/new school members would be a start .... Trust me on this one gentleman ! i believe it might be the only option thanks mike ps. I will never stop coming to this website , im too big of a baseball fan for that
  9. Major League Baseball 2K15 Total Mod

    thank you thanks you thank you .... i play this game every day and this is the biggest thing to happen since 2k12 was released .. This is a great game ! and to all of you 2k12 modders i cant thank you enough for this and all the mods for 2k12 ... ill never stop playing this game until another PC game comes out that has the many features this game and your mods have .... gREAT GREAT JOB !! wow (CLAP)(CLAP)(CLAP()CLAP()CLAP()CLAP()CLAP()CLAp()CLAP()CLAP()
  10. 2015 MLB 2K upgrade

    wow going to check this out thanks for keeping this game going ! still play this game everyday pretty much since 2012 crazy huh
  11. file env_amb.bin

    looking for someone to upload it if possible to me . or here my file is corrupted ... hope someone can help me out env_amb.bin file