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  1. What ever happened to wumchan? Not the way to do it anymore?
  2. Right. That's exactly what I wanna do to the menu options. But obviously the updates in the mod are dependent on teams and stadiums being named certain things and you can't mess with that. It really is only the menus of Dynasty Mode and the Main Menus that I want to change.
  3. There are some crazy resources on this site for stock elements of the game. Is there any chance someone has a list of the entire contents of IGENG and FEENG? I want to take a bunch of menu options in MVP15 back to the more generic phrasing of the stock game. But LocLook won't open two versions and going back and forth from the game to Windows is a pain.
  4. Ok, so I assume replacing a walkup song or intro song is the same process?
  5. Ahh.. I figured IG meant in game. Ok. Maybe I'll just open up the stock one and then the MVP2015 one side by side and go through one by one. Thank you!!
  6. Thanks Jim that's extremely helpful. It's not up but rather down that I want to turn the music. And I really need to get rid of the pop music at the start of the game in the menus. I'd rather have the music from your 40s mods.
  7. What about if I want to leave the music as is but just get in and edit the volume of each song? Leave it high enough to hear in game SFX and the music is too loud, turn it down for music and you don't hear the bat and other sounds.
  8. What does IGENG do? Does that not also need to be edited? Am I better off just using what was in MVP15 and editing back the menu options to default? The thing is I've noticed that a LOT of stadiums, leagues, etc were changed for the MVP2015 mod. Are there photos or a list somewhere of what the text was in the stock game in every menu?
  9. A lot of those tutorials either features links that are dead or for programs that aren't around anymore. I've tried more than one and hit dead ends. But I'll try. Thanks.
  10. Editing audio isn't the problem. I do it professionally. It's accessing the parts of the game that have audio and knowing how to modify those game files that I need to learn.
  11. Not without also affecting sound effects in the game. That's the problem. I wanna keep the bat and ball noises where they are but I can't because at the volume where you can hear them the music is too loud and all those sound effects are on one slider.
  12. If this entire mod is going to ONLY be in Spanish, the title needs to reflect that. Perhaps you could ask here to see if anyone would be interested in helping translate the text throughout the game?
  13. I've got MVP 2015 installed but I'm really not liking all the rewording of the menu options. I get it, they're less boring than the originals but I need things to be more clear. Can someone explain to me how I get back the originals or what I need to look for to install something like what I want? Thanks!
  14. I'm essentially playing the 2015 mod with roster and graphics addons but I'm finding the walkup music in the game way too loud. The problem is that it's considered a sound effect by the game so lowering it also causes you to lose good in-game effects. Is there any way to modify the volume of the walk up music? Or even just to delete the files the game references? To be honest, since they're not individual per player anyway they repeat a bit too often for my liking and get a bit annoying. I can edit audio so doing volume tweaks isn't difficult I just don't know where to begin. Thanks for any help, guys.
  15. It is recognised, but at first it sees F710 and then it disconnects and when it reconnects it becomes a wireless rumblepad. And no matter what I do, I always have to exit the game, reload it for it to recognise it at ALL, with ANY name. I'll try installing that driver software and see what happens.