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  1. I tried to export the schedule tab and reimport it into another roster I'm using and Reditor II wouldn't let me. Some kind of error. How else can I do this if I really want to keep my own roster?
  2. Sorry, but another crash straight to the desktop with your roster. Any chance of looking into that?
  3. I've been reading a lot about the development of 2K12 that has happened in the last couple of years. A couple of things are unclear to me, if anyone can shed some light, I'd appreciate it. First - When we say, rosters crash in Franchise mode, what do we mean exactly? When? In using the Franchise mode over several years? With regular settings active? I never play more than one season of any sports game and stop at the end of the year. I control all teams and also never play with transactions or injuries on and pay no attention whatsoever to draft issues. I just realised most people do play with all those features though, except maybe they don't control all teams. So, is this likely to crash for me? Or is it only when you start messing with roster numbers and going into off-season drafts? Second - Is there anyone who lives, eats, and breathes 2K on PC in this community that can simply tell all of us what the smoothest route to a 2K update involves? Clearly it's not as simple as pick a roster, pick some portraits, pick some cybers, etc. Would it be ok to get the 2K15 mod and try different updates to that from the downloads section? If someone who knows the game well can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.
  4. No se si entiendo... este es un update para tu 2.0 de febrero? Y ninguno de los dos funciona en franchise? Yo puedo traducir a ingles si queres.
  5. Hey, looks good. Does this crash? Tiene algun problema esto cuando uno trata de jugar una temporada?
  6. So what exactly do I avoid doing to not cause a crash in Franchise? Is it as simple as just using Ty's or Reditor instead of the ingame tools for transactions? I'd love to just set up and play some Playoffs. Maybe a single Franchise season. Also, what does it mean that this roster has a schedule? It's a roster file, how can it have a schedule? Thanks!
  7. Ahh, ok. Nope hadn't seen it. Sounds like it crashes too. Somebody's gotta figure out what causes this crashing. EDIT: ...oh, wait! I was talking about 2K. Not MVP. That's why I hadn't seen that one.
  8. That's perfect man. Sounds fantastic. I haven't seen that MVP17 mod but I'm sure I can find it. How do you know it won't crash in franchise though? Just good reviews? And as long as the replacing of those files is that straightforward, I'd love to try that too. It sounds like those replace in-game text? I don't know what they are.
  9. So, basically, do you have to get the 2K15 mod and then grab bits here and there to update properly to 2017? Or is it better to avoid the 2K15 mod altogether and just get whatever new bits are available and a roster that is known not to crash? Just wanna play around with the latest updates. Thanks!
  10. Shame. But nice score on the free controller. I'm serious, get the Logitech. It's great. Solid like all Logitech hardware.
  11. Well, I got the 710 today and it works like a charm. Every game that demands a direct-input controller for properly having buttons mapped works perfectly. It's not just that direct input games don't know what to do with the x-input commands from the left and right triggers, but the face buttons are totally remapped in default which can cause problems if a game doesn't give you options to change mapping. Microsoft basically wanted everyone using the 360 controller and nothing else on their OS. It's a fantastic little controller, I don't understand the gripes about it at all.
  12. And that's exactly why I got the 710. It's exactly the same but wireless. I had a 310. In fact, I think I had two. But at some point I thought I'd never use them again as I fell for the sports games on consoles like every other sucker. Oh well.
  13. Cool, thanks! If anyone's interested, I'll do the same when I get the Logitech Wireless F710 I ordered last night. I would have done more research for a more intricate controller but A) I don't need anything better because I never play any game that requires a million buttons, and B ) All these sports games pretty much refer to Logitech as their base and are most compatible with them. Yes, I know that's because of business partnerships and what have you but even then, it's still the least likely ten years on, to cause problems. Also, I may be getting somewhere with NHL 09 on other forums which could also end up being helpful for PES6 and other games that require Direct Input instead of X-input. people have suggested a couple of options to me that I'll try out.
  14. Yeah, I thought about that but I need it to be wireless. Just because of how I have my PC setup. Although honestly, with all the older games I'm playing that just work better with an older controller, it might just make more sense to have the wireless version of that Logitech. Drivers are finnicky and they leave data behind that can be hard to fix. I thought if I saved the controller config file for MVP (which I already have backed up) as long as I can revert to a previous driver or reinstall the default, I should be fine. But even then I dont know that these drivers will work. Maybe I need to double check that the wireless Logitech has good range. Cause the 360 is pretty good in that regard. Thanks, guys.
  15. I've got a question for those of you that might be better versed in this than me. So there is a certain config file that makes the 360 controller work for MVP 2005. Now it turns out that NHL 09 on PC requires a different variation of the 360 controller driver. Something to do with XBCD and then there's another possibility that it needs a specific japanese driver for the controller that for some reason works. My concern is that by installing either one of them, it's going to mess with what is currently letting the controller work for MVP which would be really annoying. Can anyone help me figure out what I can do to try this out?