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  1. What am i doing wrong guys, I click download and it goes to another page with a ton of compressed data on it and freezes.. Its not my laptop either, so dont even bother saying it.. My laptop is brand new and I download tons of stuff from other sites without issue... Tried to download 15 after and the same thing happened.. No download box, just compressed data on a new page and freezing.... Its has to do with your site (mvpCaribe), not my laptop, as I just downloaded mvpedit without issue.. You think it could be a windows 10 issue?
  2. Rocking the new updated dynasty.. a long way to go before I get back to where I was, but it looks pretty good I think.

  3. when mine was on auto it wouldnt run the game at all, because that was the default install from microsoft update, I suggest setting it 3 to where it is manual
  4. Thank you guys so much!!! I feared that microsoft would put my dynasty out of service.. Im going to do this, see if it works for me.. I have windows 8.1 Ok I did the check, changed the number from 4 to 3 and restarted.. I started mvp and got a notice that some features were not permitted or something, and I simply clicked allow access.. The game is loaded, it seems to work fine.. Im off to continue my dynasty... You guys are awesome, thanks again for this update, Im sure there are some who havnt noticed the microsoft update has shut the game down, and will come looking.
    Been looking for the BSE for ages, thanks for the upload
    I dont understand why so many minor league teams are undermanned.. The Isotopes and other teams dont have a complete pitching staff.. Are these rosters just updated MLB teams? Were the Minors overlooked? I was going to go back and locate all the pitchers and players for the minor leagues and put them how they are in real life, but this is just to big of an ordeal.. Sorry Gordo, the MLB rosters are great, and very appreciated, but nobody can play a minor league team as they are all screwed up. I have the end of season rosters by itself, no cpu v cpu or hr pct... Is there a difference in the 3, or are they all the same personnel-wise?
  5. I downloaded the one from MVPCaribe... I just need the logos for it.. One of the guys said something about they were located in downloads somewhere during the 2008 time period.. I will have to look and see.. I need them if I am going to make this work.
  6. I have to say, these cyber faces are so life-like its crazy.. Fantastic job by all who do them!!!
  7. Oh wow, I was just looking for the extractor.. sad to know it no longer is available
  8. We might have a Lindor soon.. I was asking for this before season started.. I said he would be playing by the AS Break, and should have been playing at the start of the season, but who am I... just a Cleveland Fan who knows nothing He looks great.. Needs a little work, but you have the makings of a nice looking cyber Anthony500
  9. Were you able to fix it? I have the same thing on windows 8.1 when I install something with TiT.. Edit** Nevermind, if you have this problem with 8.1, just set compatibility mode for xp srv pack 3, it works fine.. expert doesnt work, but the basic does.
  10. I know that, but I was looking quickly and saw that it said TCM, so i thought that was where questions for it went, and my apologies, I was wrong.. Please accept my apology and feel free to remove my posts..
  11. Sorry Y4L it does say Total Conversion Mod... my mistake, you dont have to be a jerk
  12. I dont know if this goes here or not, but I need to ask a question about the TCM.. 1. Has anyone ran it on windows 8.1 and had it work normal without crashes? 2. If so, which files contain just the uniform files and things associated with equipment? Reason I am asking is I will just go ahead and play from 2005, but install the unis and stadiums, so I dont have to add the patches.. Because with patch 2, the game just go crazy, and runs so fast it is unplayable.. Id rather just install the unis and stadiums and play a vanilla game instead of not being able to play at all.. I think I was able to play 2007 without issue, but that was on XP, not windows 8.1, and I tried to install it, it just ran way to fast. I know its a bit of a stretch, but I wish there was a way to create mods without using the patch because as windows gets newer and newer, its going to get very hard for us to play the game with mods it seems.

  13. Started the dynasty back up in left field.. changed it up a lot.. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am creating it!