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  1. Good to see a Franchise presentation pop up again. Looks good so far, good luck rc!
  2. Box Score Cubs
  3. I believe I've finally got it. I've tweaked every slider available, with tons of frustration over the last month, but the last two adjustments seemed to have nailed it. The pitch counts are there (Hammel - 75 pitches through 4.2 IP), walks, and strikeouts. Base hit totals, extra base hits, and scoring seem to be all in place. Line Score Box Score Reds
  4. Just to appease my own curiosity, what batting view is everyone using? This is my personal custom view.
  5. I am still playing around a bit. I lowered the Pitch Speed Slider one notch -- was late on the fastball way too often -- it helped immensely, adding 2-4 hits per game. Was also noticing a drop off in the opponent's base hit totals, so I raised the CPU Hitting Contact slider one notch. So far so good. Base hits and run totals are up where they should be. I'll post line scores and box scores in the next few days.
  6. ​Hiya, Carlos! Hope all is well, mi amigo!
  7. Good to be around again, Y4L. We'll all have to meet up in a chat room together at some point. What a year, lol. Anyway, for those interested in the sliders, I may lower the Pitch Speed Slider one notch, see if I can up the batting averages a bit.
  8. Yeah, I'm getting lots of diversity -- close games, blowouts, decent numbers in total. I'm loving the game too, the sliders are extremely tight this year. 1 click either way can make a solid difference, getting them all aligned was the hard part. Let me know how it works, and what all you might adjust.
  9. Hey, Gary! Good to see you, young man.
  10. Slider Set Dynamic Difficult Sensitivity Set To Default (5)
  11. After nearly a solid month of tweaking and adjusting (30-40 games played), here is the slider set I've come up with to get the game playing to my personal taste. I've included my game settings, which in my opinion, are somewhat relative to the sliders. For example, I turn off the strike zone to make hitting a little more difficult, which I believe can be used in conjunction with the Human Hitting Sliders. And so on. And along with applying simple logic, personal skill level, in this case obviously my own, has been taken into account as well. All this being said, we all play the game differently with different personal skill levels -- what works for me may not work for someone else. Game Settings
  12. Get em, Rick! Good to see this back.
  13. Great job, zz. I play The Show now, but these are awesome. Thanks!
  14. This is cool stuff, Y4L. Would be fun to follow something like this too.