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  1. Playing around with some Minor League TC 1974 Uniforms....
  2. Try this thread.... Good luck, Dennis
  3. That's an excellent idea and thank you. I've actually been compiling my portraits from mostly 1987 Topps baseball cards team-by-team and saving them as BMP files as you suggested. Using the stock portraits.BIG file would be a better source to install the portraits going forward and I will do that with one large ZIP file when I am done creating them. -DENNIS
  4. @PizzaLove: Thanks a ton, because you gave me a great idea. There was indeed something corrupted and I came to the conclusion that it was the Portrait.BIG file. So what I did was extract the total contents from my TC 1987 Portrait.BIG file. Then added a few of my newly created portraits (.fsh files) for Don Mattingly and Jay Buhner, and copied them into the extracted folder. Then I grabbed a working/non-corrupted Portrait.BIG file from another game (TC 1998 for example) and replaced it into my 1987 game. I zipped up my folder with the extracted portraits and was able to successfully install it with TiT. Now I can install new portraits all day long with no problems so far. Thanks all for everyone's input. -DENNIS Thank you also, BallFour...I ended up extracting my portrait.BIG file similar to what you suggested and it worked fine. By the way, thank you for your Phenomenal work on uniforms. Taking up the task for creating Class-A uniforms is amazing and I enjoy your work! -DENNIS
  5. Hey there guys, I wanted request MLB 2K cyberfaces of Los Angeles Dodgers Rich Hill and the Reds Michael Lorenzen. I really liked Rich Hill's tremendous season in Oakland last year but I've only seen MVP Baseball cyberfaces for him. Thank you to all the awesome cyberface modders like ScottyBilly, Jed, and Bostonnico who keep this game looking fresh and unique, time after time. -DENNIS
  6. @tomk30816: That's a good suggestion and I tried it and it didn't work. What's strange is that I can use TiT successfully to install uniforms for example; but just not the portraits. @kyleb: Thanks for your response Kyle. You know, I noticed having the same issue too in the last year. In almost all variations of Total Classics or Total Conversion mods, I CAN successfully change portraits; but this TC 1987/1988 is just not working with TiT. I also tried to import the portraits files with BigGUI and compress the file; but unfortunately my game crashes right after I "Click To Start".
  7. Hello All, I have been attempting to update portraits for my Total Classics 1987 mod (which is based upon the the base of portraits from Total Classics 1988). Each time I use TiT to install my updated portraits; I am getting this error <see screenshot>. What doesn't make sense is that I've been able to make portraits for this a few years back with no problems and this weird error is preventing me from updating the portraits. I've tried installing my portraits on 2 different Win 7 PCs and a Windows 10 laptop with no luck. Does anyone know why this is happening? I can upload my portrait.BIG file as well as some of my ZIPPED Portraits I made; if that would help. Thanks in advance, -DENNIS
  8. Yeah, I was able to overlay/cover that as shown in my version from the last 2 or 3 years. If you'd like I can send you the day and night versions of mine or if you want some different changes? -DENNIS
  9. Hello Gordo, Would you be able to post a screenshot? And which Fenway Park version is this flashing sign? I couldn't seem to find it in any of the ones I have. -DENNIS
  10. Hi there Umachines. Much thanks again to you with your uniform masterpieces. I was wondering if you had a Colorlist.txt file that includes the Phillies uniforms you made. I downloaded your 1.0 and 1.1 versions and didn't happen to see them included.
  11. I know it has been a while Kccitystar. Lol! I love the GIF. I figured I needed to help out with tips when I can and I've been super-excited following all the updates you guys post about the 2K17 project. It's gonna be beyond amazing without a doubt.
  12. Hey there Umachines. First I want to say that you are a uniform making legend and I enjoy the immense detail of each of your masterpieces. Just wanted to say first of all, a huge THANK YOU for all of your hard work. I've also included a fix for your "ghost" Mets/Rangers helmet for the uniform. I noticed that if you look at the helmet logo with the MLB2K12 editor on MIP-Map levels 1-4; it showed the Texas Rangers helmet that you used as a template. That was easilt fixed with importing that .IFF file from another one of your Mets uniforms. -DENNIS uniform_nym_cl2.zip
  13. Have you tried the 4GB patch? I posted this a while back but it seems to solve most issues like you are experiencing. Good luck!
  14. I have a question regarding the Total Classics 1915 mod.  Is there a patch, or a "trick" that I'm just missing, to get through the playoffs and into the World Series in Dynasty mode?  I've run three different seasons and always crash when going into the playoffs, which means I never get past the first season.  I love the mod since I'm an "old soul" who enjoys the feel of times long past and I tip my hat to you and those who assisted you in bringing such wonderful detail in so many aspects to life.  This is the only aspect of the mod that troubles me and I hope there is actually some resolution (although it won't stop me from playing it if there isn't one).

    Thanks so much.

  15. This roster and schedule is great. I did run into an issue when I started a Yankees season. The schedule has the Yankees playing their 1st regular season game against the Pirates and then their 2nd and 3rd games against the Rays. In real life they play the Rays for their 1st 3 games. Is there anyway this could be corrected? Thank you for all of your hard work. DENNIS