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  1. when I try to install a file with the total installer thingy , I get this I have already uninstalled the total installer thingy again and again and it does not work please help.
  2. Are you using the 2015 mod?, it looks like I'll have to download it
  3. I need a favor from you fellas, I want you to install and see if this portrait of Ervin Santana works for you. Because for some reason, for me the portrait doesn't work When you guys install the portrait please send a capture to see if works Ervin Santana.rar This a preview with Edit Player section (The portrait works good) This a preview with Starting Pitcher Selector (The portrait still works good) NOW YOU SEE THE REAL PROBLEM????, MY PORTRAIT DOESN'T SHOW IN GAME
  4. I'm still here fellas Portraits.rar
  5. I am very sorry, but for reasons of mental health Issues i must move away from making portraits for a time I will be back soon.
  6. Kevin Siegrist Kevin Siegrist - PHI.rar Could you give me your opinion of which of these 2 of portrait styles is much better? The first or the second?
  7. Este tema no se trata para hacer faces.
  8. Still nothing
  9. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits
  10. I have a problem with the MVPedit For some reason I cant see the the players portraits and the previews of the faces I have already done the following: I uninstalled the MVPedit and restarted my pc I installed the MVPedit and I have reconfigured it and I still do not see the images of the players and faces Any help would be much appreciated, please
  11. I will wait a few days to see if it is already updated
  12. Still no portrait for Siegrist Aoki & Candelario.rar
  13. Recent moves portraits.rar
  14. Done. Mahle-Chacin -Espinosa-Davis.rar
  15. This is a good tutorial for portraits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F2EDSe6Z-U