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  1. Classic Yankee Stadium for High Heat 2003

    This is Paulw's version of Classic Yankee stadium for High Heat 2003. The readme for this mod is as follows:
    Version 3.0
    by PaulW
    New features include "real" grass, much improved left field background, more realistic crowd
    and many new signs.  Enjoy.
    Paulw, for those of you who do not know, was probably the best stadium maker around when this website first started. And that's saying something because we've had many good ones. You may not know his name but if you have played Ebbets Field in Total Classics for example you will have already been familiar with his work. It's one of the most beautiful stadiums ever made for Mvp '05 and it is all thanks to him and his modding skills.
    This stadium here for High Heat 2003 shows his earlier work before he got into Mvp baseball. If you still have this game you will enjoy playing in it.
    Absolutely no credit for this mod goes to me unless you want to tell me thank you just for saving it to disk all those years ago.


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  2. Ebbets Field 1953 for High Heat 2003

    Another one of Paulw's early work before Mvp and it is beautiful.

    From the readme:

    Ebbets Field circa 1953

    by PaulW (from original by Vince)

    All credit for the signs and the great looking scoreboard go to Vince and his version of Ebbets
    for High Heat 2002.

    Changes in this version include...

    Lots of work on the background behind the right field wall. Trying for a more photo-real look.

    Added textures to the right field wall and scoreboard.

    Updated press boxes

    Added flag in right field

    Some subtle color changes and new night textures


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  3. 1961 Yankee Stadium for High Heat 2003

    This stadium for High Heat 2003 was made Paulw - the same Paulw that created many of the classic ballparks for Mvp 2005. So you know if he made this it is going to look good.

    From the readme:

    CLASSIC YANKEE STADIUM (Formerly 1961 Yankee Stadium)

    by PaulW

    Wanted to make the stadium a little bit more "generic" timewise so changed some of the signs
    (removed the MM and BOAC signs). Signs are now more from the era 1950 to 1965. Made a slight
    change to the left backdrop image adding the white apartment building. Also made some changes to
    the nightime lighting effects. Enjoy and please feel free to send me any comments or suggestions.

    Please be sure to copy the new jumbotron images into your ../art/stadium/yankee folder. I added some
    nice pics of Gehrig, DiMaggio, Ruth and Mantle.


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