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The Return of the Big Red.......


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Welcome (again) to a Lual Productions Dynasty. Now some of you may remember me from such Dynastys as 'Bases Loaded 0 Outs...', this time im back with a new focus, new settings, a temporary internet connection and a huge bag of motivation not to let MVP screw me over... ;)

Anyway, enough of the Drivel, let me open things up with the traditional:

Game Settings:-

Version:	 PC using EA Patch #3

Difficulty:  All-Star

Sliders:	 Jistic All-Star V3 (Tweaked for Personal Lack of Ability)

Datafile:	Kumala Mix V6

Rosters:	 Ultimate Rosters V2.35

Progression: Bills Progression Fix V2

Other:	   StrikeZone ON / Hot Colds OFF / Pitch Cursor FADE / Fielding MANUAL

In-House Rules:

Dynasty Mode is pretty tight on trades anyway, but im not going to take advantage of any CPU glitches. Im looking to develop talent and build a team through the Reds Minor System. Off-Season FAs will be sought after, though im not going to stack up on positions.

All MLB Games played until completion, all Minors will be simmed.

Writers Note:

Just a quick note from myself to say thanks to those who enjoyed my Mets Dynasty. Its a shame that it 'wasnt to be' with the Mets, but i have a hunger to succeed with this game, and the Reds....well lets just say its time for them to make the MLB theirs again :)

Enjoy ;)

Cheers Lual

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I loved bases loaded, 0 out :lol:

Welcome back. Just a note: I played a Cinci dynasty and find it impossible to go to the playoffs until the 3rd season after some big FA signing(I have winning record the first 2 season, but still 6 games back of wild card)

Hope you do better

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Cincinnati Reds Roster Breakdown:

Depth Chart:

LF - Adam Dunn

25 year old Adam Dunn, will be looking to enhance his growing reputation as a power hitting outfielder. Dunn has 1 year left on his current deal earning $4,400,000 so the Reds will need to stump up the cash to keep Dunn on their books.

CF - Ken Griffey Jr

Junior may be 35, injury-plagued and coming to the end of his career. BUT, he has 501 Home Runs to his name, so dont expect him to retire before reaching the 600 mark. Griffey has a 4 year deal with the Reds, earning $13,300,000 per year.

RF - Austin Kearns

The Reds are blessed in the Outfield, and Kearns is just another star on their books. This 24 year old has all the makings of a 500 home run machine. Expect Kearns to produce big this year, as he is in the final year of a $700,000 contract, if the Reds are to keep hold of their man, he will be looking to get the money he deserves.

RF - Willy Mo Pena

One Word = Talent. This sums up 'Mo perfectly, he is a real talent and has the tools to really become a star in the MLB. Whether Willy will stay with the Reds is another question, as 4 players dont fit into 3.... Pena has 1 year left on his $200,000 deal.

SS - Felipe Lopez

Felipe could be a top player for the Reds if he can stay focused. The 24 year old should start as the Reds SS, but he needs to perform with the experienced Aurilia looking to step in. Lopez has 1 year left on his Reds deal @ $300,000.

SS - Rich Aurilia

Rich is coming to the back end of a useful career in baseball. The 33 year old is a reliable utility player for the Reds, and can fill in at either SS or 3B for the team. Rich will be playing to earn a new deal as he becomes a free agent in the summer. Currently earning $300,000.

2B - D'Angelo Jimenez

A likeable player for the Reds. D'Angelo has a bit of pace, some pop and good nouse on the bases. This season could see Jimenez blossom into a key player in the Bigs, if it does, expect him to be looking for a bigger pay deal at the end of the year. Current Salary: $2,700,000.

2B - Ryan Freel

Backups are needed in the Majors, and Ryan gives the Reds someone to call upon when needed. Freel wont start many games, but will hope to impress when he gets the chance, as he is fighting for a new deal come the summer, he currently earns $200,000.

3B - Joe Randa

'Pops', well dont call him that to his face. Randa is 35 and should have another few years left in him in the sport. Joes everything you want in the Clubhouse, hes been around the block, bought the T-Shirt and now sells them on his own stall.... Joe is in his final year of his current deal, earning $1,900,000.

1B - Sean Casey

The 'Case' as hes known or not as the case maybe. Sean is a player that should achieve alot more, but sometimes comes up short. The Reds need and expect alot from their 1st Baseman, he has 2 years left with the Reds, with a hefty $7,900,000 salary.

C - Jason LaRue

Jason is no 'Piazza' (thank god), but he is a solid Catcher and should be good for some outs. The Reds will hope to get consistent offence, rather than big numbers. Jason will look to impress to make sure the Reds offer him a new deal in the summer. Currently earning $2,900,000.

C - Javier Valentin

31 year old Javier is a backup Catcher. I could go on about how he 'may do this' or 'might do that', but in all honesty, the Reds dont expect anything from Valentin, as long as he makes the effort when called upon. Javier earns $300,000 in what is likely to be his final year as a Red.

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Cincinnati Red Roster Breakdown (Part II):

Pitching Staff:

SP - Ramon Ortiz

31 year old Ramon needs to show his stuff for the Reds this year, as he could find himself on the scrapheap, scrambling around for a contract with whoever fancies him. Ortiz is likely to be the Number 3 Starter for the Reds. Currently earning $3,300,000 with 1 year left on his deal.

SP - Paul Wilson

This veteran is handy to have around the staff, as he can pass on his knowledge to the younger lads in the team. Wilson may not have the respect on the mound that he deserves, but he is a honest pitcher. Paul has 2 years on his current deal @ $3,900,000 p/a.

SP - Eric Milton

The Ace in the Reds deck. Milton has to, no make that MUST be a big time player for the Reds. Expect alot of pressure on Milton, as the Reds will need a huge season from their highest earning pitcher. Eric has 3 years to make himself a hero in Cinci, he earns a cool $8,300,000.

SP - Aaron Harang

Wheres theres hope...theres Harang. This 26 year old should now start to flourish as a Big League pitcher, as the Reds will hope he can come into bloom this season. Aaron also needs to prove himself worthy of a MLB Team, as he will become a Free Agent in the summer, he earns $200,000.

SP - Brandon Claussen

You cant expect too much from your Number 5, so the Reds will just be looking for Brandon to keep games close, and develop himself mentally as a Pitcher in the Majors. Whether he can keep the 5 slot for the whole season is another issue, but Brandon will be given a fair shot as a Starter. He has a 1 year deal @ $300,000.

SP/RP - Josh Hancock

Josh is likely to start in the Pen as a Long Reliever, but will be a handy option to spot start in place of Brandon, should the latter not have enough stuff to dominate on the mound. Josh is now entering a crucial stage of his career, and will hope he can win a new deal with the Reds. Salary $300,000.

CP - Danny Graves

'Old Heart Attack' has an apt name in 'Grave..'. If Danny starts slowly as the Reds Closer, expect him to lose this role and potentially be made available as Trade Bait. Graves has a huge role to fill, and is under alot of pressure, as he earns a whopping $6,100,000. This could be his last year as a Red unless he can perform....

RP - Ryan Wagner

Ryan is likely to be the future Closer for the Reds. This 22 year old has all the tools to frighten batters, and this is whats needed to become a big time player. Ryan is likely to be sought after come the summer, as his contract runs out. The Reds will need to offer him more than the $300,000 he currently makes.

RP - Dave Weathers

35 year old Dave gives the Reds a reliable veteran arm in the Pen. He should come in handy in clutch situations and is likely to end his career in Cincinnati. Dave has 2 years left, with a $1,100,000 salary.

RP - Kent Mercker

Kent is now entering his last days as a big league player. This 37 year old will be useful in patches for the Reds. He is likely to be used to get the Reds through the middle innings, should a Starter struggle. Kent has a 2 year deal earning $1,100,000.

RP - Ben Weber

Another veteran in the Pen for the Reds, but this 35 year old could well be optioned down to AAA Louisville as the Reds will look to blood some of their up and coming talent. Ben is in his final year as a Red, and is unlikely to be rewarded with a new deal. Salary: $400,000.

RP - Ricky Stone

Ricky is handy to have in the Pen. He may not win games or close them out, but he is a decent enough pitcher to make sure he comes through his innings clean. Ricky is in his final year, earning $400,000.

RP - Joe Valentine

Joe has been called up from AAA Louisville, as the Reds optioned RF Jacob Cruz back down. Joe is 25 and now has to make his mark in the game. The Reds will hope that Joe can come through and develop into a reliable arm in the Bullpen. He has 1 year left on his current deal, earning $300,000.

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@ hongfu chen / gobucs 2000 / tribetime26

Thanks for the comments, im really looking forward to this dynasty, and have learned from the mistakes i made with the Mets :)

@ Apr4488

tbh im burnt out with the Orioles, using them in MVP 2004, and in the Online League - its just nice to play with a different team in different staidums. PLUS, im in love with the thought of bringing back the 'Big Red' ;) Cheers for checking in.

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The Reds confirm their Lineups / Rotation for the Upcoming Season!

Batting Lineup:

2B - D'Angelo Jimenez

CF - Ken Griffey Jr.

1B - Sean Casey

RF - Austin Kearns

LF - Adam Dunn

3B - Joe Randa

C - Jason LaRue

SS - Felip Lopez

P - (Starting Pitcher) / DH - Willy Mo Pena

Note: When using DH, 'Mo will bat 6th, moving Randa, LaRue and Lopez down the order.


2B - Ryan Freel

SS - Rich Aurilia

RF - Willy Mo Pena

C - Javier Valentin

Pitching Rotation:

1 - Eric Milton

2 - Paul Wilson

3 - Ramon Ortiz

4 - Aaron Harang

5 - Brandon Claussen


LRP - Josh Hancock

LRP - Dave Weathers

MRP - Kent Mercker

MRP - Ricky Stone

MRP - Joe Valentine

MRP - Ben Weber

SU - Ryan Wagner

CP - Danny Graves

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Upcoming Series - 3 Games, Home vs New York Mets

Game 1: New York Mets @ Cincinnati Reds

Reds Freeze On Opening Night!


Above: The Reds play hard to turn a Double Play & Eric Milton is disappointed with a below par performance on the mound.

The Reds came into opening night with alot of optimism, alas it was torn apart by Pedro and his Mets, as the New York club, kept the Reds to just 1 hit all game in a 3-0 win.

Nothing the Reds tried, seemed to work for them, as their only hit came in the 4th inning through a Griffey single to right. The Mets on the other hand, casually put 9 hits and 3 runs on the board making sure they clinched a solid road win.

Milton had pitched 5 shut out innings, before giving up 3 runs in the next 2 as the Mets turned up the heat on the struggling Reds offence.

Alot will now ride on Game 2, as losing your opening home series is not a good omen for the rest of the campaign.

Reds Talk:

Griffey: "Bad game all round for us today, getting 1 hit is always a bad sign, its a let down for the Club and Fans - especially on opening night"

Milton: "I felt good out there, things seemed to be running smoothly on the mound. I just let a couple of balls get away from me, and thats all it takes"

Miley: "Not the start we planned for, alot of preparation has gone into making things right at this club, but it seems as if we didnt take it onboard today"

Reds Notables:


Griffey - 1/4


Milton - 7I 9H 3R 3ER 1BB 4K 3.86ERA L(0-1)

Mercker - 2I 0H 0R 0ER 1BB 0K 0.00ERA


	  R   H   E

NYM   3   9   0

CIN   0   1   0

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Game 2: New York Mets @ Cincinnati Reds

Errors Cost Reds!


Above: Wilson threw 5K's in 7 innings, but errors like Lopez' cost the Reds, allowing the Mets to score crucial runs.

Game 2 and the Reds became the casualty of their own poor play, as 2 errors at key stages of the game cost them dearly, as the Mets put 2 runs on the board in the 8th to seal a 4-2 win, after the Reds had worked hard to comeback.

The game had appeared to be heading towards a Mets win as they led 2-0 after 2 innings. But the Reds earned their way back into the game, and managed to tie it thanks to a Lopez single in the 6th (He went 4/4 in the game) which drove in the tying run.

The game should of swung in the Reds favor, but they failed to convert men on base into runs. Eventually this cost them the game, as an error by Lopez and then 3B Randa, allowed the Mets to get 3 men on base, 2 of which came home on a Beltran single giving the Mets a 4-2 win.

The Reds will now have to work hard in tomorrows game, to avoid a humiliating opening series sweep at home.

Reds Talk:

Lopez: "Going 4/4 means nothing to me, when i give up a game losing error"

Weber: "Of course errors dont help, but i still failed to control the game from the mound, i gave up the winning runs, its that simple"

Miley: "Better than yesterday, but still another loss at home. Its still early, we can and will turn things around"

Reds Notables:


Lopez - 4/4, 1RBI, 1 Double

Jimenez - 1/3, 1RBI


Wilson - 7I 4H 2R 2ER 0BB 5K 1HR 2.57ERA

Weber - 1I 2H 2R 1ER 0BB 0K 0HR 9.00ERA L(0-1)

Wagner - 1I 0H 0R 0ER 0BB 0K 0HR 0.00ERA


	  R   H   E

NYM   4   6   1

CIN   2   9   2

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Game 3: New York Mets @ Cincinnati Reds

Extra Innings Despair!


Above: The Reds bench celebrate too soon, as joy soon turns to despair after a 9th inning blown save.

Sweep it up! The Mets finish off their visit to Cincinnati with a comeback win in 10 innings, as the Reds blow a golden chance to get their first win. The Reds should have sealed the game, as after Jimenez had driven the Reds score in the 5th. The hosts had numerous chances to put more runs on the board, but failed to do so.

With the game going into the final inning, the Reds called upon experienced Closer Danny Graves to get the 3 outs required. Unfortunately he failed to do so, and put 2 men on base for free, before allowing Floyd to drive home Beltran to tie the game 1-1.

Extra innings proved a cake walk for the Mets as both Wright and Cameron hit 2 run homers, putting the Mets in control at 5-1, something the Reds would not recover from.

A woeful start for the Reds, 0-3 from their home series is not the way to open things up. Cincinnati fans will hope for better things from the teams visit to Houston.

Reds Talk:

Graves: "**** happens, it happened to us tonight, its a team game - 1 person cant be blamed"

Ortiz: "I pitched well tonight, the team backed me up, we just couldnt get the extra runs across the plate"

Kearns: "I am slumping right now, i would of liked to start the season with a few more hits and runs"

Reds Notables:


Jimenez - 3/5, 1RBI, 1 Double

Dunn - 2/4


Ortiz - 7I 6H 0R 0ER 0BB 4K 0HR 0.00ERA

Wagner - 1I 0H 0R 0ER 0BB 0K 0HR 0.00ERA

Graves - 1I 1H 1R 1ER 2BB 0K 0HR 9.00ERA

Stone - 1I 5H 4R 4ER 0BB 0K 2HR 36.00ERA L(0-1)


	  R   H   E

NYM   5  12   1

CIN   1   9   1

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