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World Baseball Classic

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Deadball fan, this looks fantastic. I can tell just by the screenshots alone the amount of work you put into this. This site never stops amazing me because of the creative people here.

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hey I´m from Venezuela...and I can Help you to the realistic line-up..but the President of the Venezuelan league is going to say the 30 man Roster in March 2nd.....ANNDDD a suggestions that I have to you ...ALL the players that are going to play for Venezuela are Big Leaguers ..less 1 the name is " Alex Cabrera" that plays to the Japananese League and is the Leader of all of times in Home Run in that league.. and made a home run contest against Barry Bonds..

Just look in some finder in the net about him...

this are some WEB information about him..




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Thanks for the heads up, alvaron.

Most of the information out on the Classic so far is quite biased toward filling rosters with MLB and MLB affiliated players. Alex Cabrera will be a great fit to a Venezuelan squad that lacks a true 1B from picks available here in the States. I'll start working on him and I'll need to figure out a numbering system for the portraits to be added. Another Venezuelan with good numbers in Japan is Alex Ramirez from the Yakult Swallows (.282, 32 HR, 104 RBI)

So far, there are 11 pitchers

Victor Martinez and Ramon Hernandez are at Catcher

OF (CF play): Abreu (not since 02, athletic enough to play it), Miguel Cabrera (0 career games), Hidalgo (3 games in 05, 361 career), Ordonez (not since 03) & Juan Rivera (4 games in 05, 13 in 2004)

IF: Guillen (3B/SS), Vizquel (SS), Alfonzo (3B/IF), Cesar Izturis (SS/2B), Tomas Perez (2B/IF)

UTIL rating: Melvin Mora, Miguel Cairo

2 questions for those who know much about either of the Alex's in Japan:

Which position player gets left off a 25 man roster with Alex Cabrera on it?

Does Alex Ramirez displace someone, and if so, maintain enough depth at all positions?

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Which position player gets left off a 25 man roster with Alex Cabrera on it?

Does Alex Ramirez displace someone, and if so, maintain enough depth at all positions?


1) In the MVP baseball game i put Alex Cabrera and released Miguel Cairo..

But in the World Cup they are going to be 30 players with ALEX CABRERA including.

2) AND in the Game i Put Alex Ramirez and released Richard Hidalgo.

and here some WEB whit information about ALEX RAMIREZ




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Very nice Job :wtg:

but can you add Mexico plz? Thanks

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looks good bro...I need to redo those unis...I'll try and work on that for you. You might want to ask Umachines about the Venezuela unis - I think he has some

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Thanks everyone for the kind words, helpful suggestions, and offers of help with mods.

ncaapitcher, a beta version with just rosters and logos can be downloaded here.

OK, Team Mexico. Here's what I'm looking at right now:

Note: Players that aren't in Ultimate Rosters are italicized.

Pitchers: Oliver Perez, E. Loaiza, Elmer Dessens, Rodrigo Lopez, Ismael Valdez, J. De La Rosa, Rigo Beltran, Luis Ayala, R. Rincon, D. Reyes, Antonio Osuna

Catchers - 2 or 3 of these choices: Miguel Ojeda, Rod Barajas (i think he's a dual citizen), Humberto Cota, Geronimo Gil

Infield: Guillermo Velasquez (can he still play OF?), Jorge Cantu, Vinny Castilla, A. Amezaga, E. Durazo, Juan Castro, Adrian Gonzalez (dual citizen, can play RF as well)

Outfield: Mario Valenzuela, Luis Garcia (one with Balt in 2002, not the one in Norfolk earlier this year & in UR), Karim Garcia

Some other possibilities: Oscar Robles (LA), Francisco Campos, Javier Robles, Jorge Campillo, David Cortes, Edgar Gonzalez (P)

I guess start suggesting changes to the preliminary 25 (particularly any additional players in Mexico or Japan that would make the team) and adjustments can be made closer to tourney time.

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The last I heard, Alex Rodriguez has decided to play for the Dominican team, despite being born in New York City and growing up here. That's some great loyalty, Alex.

I'm looking forward to downloading this as it progresses, and once they announce a final list of stadiums, I may work on getting those up in the game. If nothing else, i'd love to have Koshien in MVP.


Apparently, the Japanese games will take place at the Tokyo Dome, while the South American ones will take place at Hiram Birthorn, so we will probably have every stadium but the Japanese one.

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For the team Mexico:

Definitly Barajas and Adrian Gonzalez are nopt being considered for the team.

Right now the Mexican League had announced that manager Francisco "Paquin" Estrada is the favorite for being the manager for Mexico.

Francisco Campos has been selected as Mexican League Pitcher of the year and I'm pretty sure he's going to be on the team. He has over 1000 strikeouts in his career. Here are his stats for the last season


Javier Robles is th Mexican League Player of the Year. Hes a veteran SS, last season he hity for .392 avg. His stats:


In the same page are the statics of Guillermo Velazquez (he only plays at 1B now) and Matias Carrillo, a veteran RF and fan favorite that is very probable that hes going to the tournament.

karim Garcia played last year in Japan, so you can fin his stats on the japanese league page

Rigo Beltran has been struggling for the last years, I dont think hes going to be on the team.

Victor Alvarez is mexican and hes on the UR 3.14 on the FA, same as Benji Gil and Juan Acevedo.

Oscar Villareal (arizona) is a good young pitcher and may be on the team.

I also found this article (in spanish), its an interview with Jose Contreras and he says he wants to play for the Cuban team (if they decide to go)


Roberto Kelly is the Manager for the Panama team. Tony Peña is the manager for the Dominican team, he already has a face in MVP. Luis Sojo is going to be in charge of the Venezuela team.

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I found this about Taiwan team:

60 man roster announced!!!

In preparation for the World Classic, Team Taiwan's preliminary roster was announced today. The list consists of 25 pitchers, 8 catchers, 17 infielders, and 10 outfielders.


1)Chien-Ming Wang 3/31/80 NY Yankees

2)Hong-Chih Kuo 7/23/81 LA Dodgers

3)Chien-Ming Chiang 5/27/85 Yomiuri Giants

4)Wei-Yin Chen 7/21/85 Chunichi Dragons

5)Yao-Hsun Yang 1/22/83 Fukuoka Daiei Hawks

6)Chin-Hui Tsao 6/2/81 Colorado Rockies

7)Ching-Lung Lo 8/20/85 Colorado Rockies

8)Po-Hsuan keng 10/15/84 Toronto Blue Jays

9)Chi-Hung Cheng 6/20/85 Toronto Blue Jays

10)Chia-An Huang 11/11/85 Seattle Mariners

11)Chih-Chia Chang 5/6/80 Seibu Lions

12)Ming-Chieh Hsu 12/1/76 Seibu Lions

13)En-Yu Lin 3/25/81 Macoto Cobras

14)Ying-Chieh Lin 5/1/81 Macoto Cobras

15)Chu-Jien Hsu 1/25/81 Macoto Cobras

16)Wen-Hsiung Hsu 12/5/78 LA New Bears

17)Wei-Lun Pan 3/5/82 President Lions

18)Bao-Hsien Wu 2/6/80 Brother Elephants

19)Chien-Fu Yang 4/22/79 Sinon Bulls

20)Wei-Ming Chu 8/2/81 Chinatrust Whales

21)Ying-Feng Tsai 5/26/83 Amateur

22)Min-Ching Kao 7/12/84 Amateur

23)Sung-Wei Tseng 12/28/84 Amateur

24)Yi-Che Huang 2/14/83 Amateur

25)Chun-Chung Huang 4/25/82 No Affiliation - former Boston Red Sox


26)Chih-Kang Kao 2/7/81 President Lions

27)Chun-Chang Yeh 10/25/72 Sinon Bulls

28)Feng-Min Chen 10/29/77 LA New Bears

29)Chin-Shou Shi 9/26/74 Chinatrust Whales

30)Chih-Hong Chen 12/11/78 Amateur

31)Yi-Wei Lee 8/18/83 Amateur

32)Cheng-Hua Kao 7/1/77 President Lions

33)Kuan-Yi Yang 2/17/85 Amateur


34)Chin-Lung Hu 2/2/84 LA Dodgers

35)Yung-Chi Chen 7/13/83 Seattle Mariners

36)Chung-Shou Yang 1/17/87 Nippon Ham Fighters

37)Chia-Hsien Hsieh 4/8/76 Macoto Cobras

38)Chao-Kuan Wu 5/25/84 Seattle Mariners

39)Chih-Sheng Lin 1/1/82 LA New Bears

40)Sen Yang 3/25/81 President Lions

41)Kuo-Ching Kao 10/6/78 President Lions

42)Chang-Ming Cheng 1/28/78 Chinatrust Whales

43)Chia-Hung Chen 10/3/80 Chinatrust Whales

44)Tai-Shan Chang 10/31/76 Sinon Bulls

45)Chia-Hao Chang 10/31/76 Sinon Bulls

46)Shih-Yang Deng 7/24/79 Macoto Cobras

47) Yi-Chuan Lin 11/11/85 Amateur

48)Sheng-Wei Wang 4/1/84 Amateur

49)Chiang-Ho Chen 1/15/82 Amateur

50)Tsung-Han Yu 8/24/85 Amateur


51)Chin-Feng Chen 10/28/77 LA Dodgers

52)Wei-Tsu Lin 1/22/79 Hanshin Tigers

53)Kuo-Hui Lo 9/26/85 Seattle Mariners

54)Cheng-Min Peng 8/6/78 Brother Elephants

55)Chih-Yuan Chen 10/27/76 Brother Elephants

56)Long-Yi Huang 2/20/79 LA New Bears

57)Ying-Chieh Liao 9/17/84 Amateur

58)Ying-Chieh Chung 1/31/85 Amateur

59)Chih-Yao Chan 1/2/83 Amateur

60)Chun-Yu Kuo 4/20/84 Amateur

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The Australian team is going to look something like this, half of these guys aren't in the major league system.


SP - Chris Oxspring, Craig Anderson, Travis Blackley, Damian Moss, John Stephens

RP - Ryan Rowland-Smith, PJ Bevis, Phil Stockman, Adrian Burnside (SU), Grant Balfour (CP)

C - Justin Huber, 1B - Brendan Kingman, 2B - Trent Durrington, SS - Rodney van Buizen, 3B - Glenn Williams, LF - Chris Snelling, CF - Trent Oeltjen, RF - Brett Roneberg

C/1B - Ben Risinger, SS/Util - Andrew Utting, 2B/SS - Gavin Fingelson, LF/OF - Thomas Brice, 3B - Adam Morrissey, C - Trent D’Antonio, 2B - Luke Hughes

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